Is There Gluten In Baby Formula?

Is There Gluten In Baby Formula?

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Most moms are concerned about what their babies eat. This led to the question – Is There Gluten In Baby Formula? Baby formula is a healthy alternative for parents who are not able to breastfeed and babies who cannot have breast milk, probably due to unavailability on the part of the mother. Baby formula is not only a good alternative; it is also a nearly exact mirror of breast milk, both in terms of composition and nutrition.

Baby formula is made from a variety of great ingredients. Despite all these, the possibility of gluten inclusion has been a thing of worry for many parents. In a family where there is an established history of gluten intolerance, deciding on what formula to get can be such a challenging task.

But you should relax, because yes, some baby formulas contain gluten – not all do. That’s good news! Originally, most baby formulas are gluten-free, and this can be confirmed by checking the product labels. The only drawback to this is that a possibility of cross-contamination in the production process exists.

Is Similac Formula Gluten-Free?

To start with, understand that gluten is simply the name for proteins found in wheat, rye, triticale, and barley. They help foods keep their shape, and have a gluing effect that binds food together. Gluten is only dangerous if your family has a history of celiac disease. In this case, gluten elicits an immune response that hampers the lining of the small intestine.

A baby formula such as Similac is free of gluten, and passes for a gluten-free diet. Similac formulas come with essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, which culminate in a great start for your little one.

Is Cow and Gate Formula Gluten Free?

Cow and Gate formula is a beautiful substitute for breast milk and designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies. It also works for infants who have special nutritional needs or feeding problems. And it is gluten-free.

Is Enfamil Formula Gluten Free?

All baby formulas from Enfamil brand are free of gluten.

Is Alimentum Gluten Free?

All Alimentum formulas are gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Formulas

As we have pointed out earlier, most formulas do not come with gluten, and this is always evident in the details that accompany the product’s pack. In this section, we have highlighted a list of formulas that are gluten free.

  1. Kendamil Stage 2 (6+ Months) Organic Baby Formula:

Why Should You Get Kendamil Stage 2 for Your Baby?

  • It is optimal for babies between 6-12 months
  • It comes with organic prebiotics sourced from 100% natural whole milk
  • Rather than palm oil, it comes with coconut oil
  • Free of sugars, maltodextrin, wheat, gluten, soy, and other synthetic materials
  • Rather than fish oil, it comes with algae oil
  • It comes with Omega-3 and 6 LCPs (DHA and ARA) – which are instrumental to baby’s mental development.
  • Lactose is the sole carbohydrate
  • Vegan friendly
  • Free of GMO
  • 800G/ 28.22 oz

The cow’s milk from which Kendamil is completely organic, and boasts of enormous prebiotics. It is sophisticatedly rich vitamins, such as – iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C. Kendamil is a product of ingredients which are thoroughly organic, and have natural vitamin. And you can trust it to take care of your baby’s gastrointestinal health.

DHA, which supports muscle, eye, and brain development, is always present in Kendamil organic formula. At Kendamil, every one of their formulas is certified by the EU, and what this translates to is that, they are free of GMOs, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, steroids, and other inimical chemicals. And unlike other formulas which use palm oil, Kendamil uses coconut oil. That’s another healthy perk, considering the fact that palm oil is linked with diverse health conditions in children, and much harm in the environment.

Soy, which is linked with zinc deficiencies and is hazardous to brain health, is another ingredient Kendamil avoids. They want nothing but the very for your little one.

Formulas Free of Gluten

  • Hipp Bio
  • Hipp Bio Combiotik
  • Hipp HA Combiotik
  • Hipp Special Comfort
  • Hipp Anti Reflux
  • Hipp Organic Good Night Milk from 6 Months Onward

Dairy Free Formulas

  • Earth’s Best Non-GMO Plant Based Infant Formula with Iron (Soy Based Powder)
  • Enfamil ProSobee Soy Infant Formula
  • Similac Soy Isomil
  • Neocate SYNEO Infant Hypoallergenic Amino-Acid Based
  • Similac Alimentum
  • Gerber Extensive HA
  • Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Reduced Lactose Formula
  • Similac Pro-Sensitive Formula
  • HappyBaby Organic Reduced Lactose
  • Parent’s Choice Soy
  • Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Hypoallergenic Infant Formula
  • Similac for Spit Up
  • Enfamil AR Infant Formula
  • Similac Total Comfort
  • Gerber Good Start Soothe
  • Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Formula
  • Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Formula with Enflora
  • Neocate
  • Elecare
  • Nutramigen Puramino
  • SMA Alfamino Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Is Breast Milk Gluten Free?

Breast milk is originally gluten-free. But when you eat wheat, barley, or rye – which are gluten grains, the gluten protein seeps through your gastrointestinal system and mixes with your milk. It is believed that gluten mixes with breast milk to modify your baby’s immature immune system to handle it. And it works. It is just that, while some babies learn to respond well to gluten, some other babies might not.

This has the potential for allergies, and can even initiate celiac disease.


Above is the answer to the question “Is there Gluten in baby formula?. Gluten is a protein contained in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. You will find it in popular foods such as bread, pasta, pizza, and cereals – baby formulas, to be precise. Gluten really does not offer any vital nutrient. And the fact is, most formulas are free of it.

However, if you have a family history of celiac disease, then it is important to be careful with gluten, as it has the ability to trigger this disease. In this article, we have highlighted those formulas which are not only gluten-free but also dairy-free. We believe you will put the information to good use!

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