Baby food cerelac side effects

Baby Food Cerelac Side Effects

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Does the baby food Cerelac have side effects? Cerelac is a product of instant cereal designed by Nestle. It is a cereal that is recommended for infants that are six months old or more than, as a substitution for breast milk especially when it has ceased to be the sole menu in a baby’s diet. Cerelac helps babies develop tastes for other food, such that the transition from breast milk to formula or food is smooth and enjoyable.

For every lovely mother, Cerelac is certainly the cream of the crop, when it comes to giving their babies all the very best. It comes with sophisticated cereals and all essential nutrients that are central to normal and healthy development for your little one.

Cerelac is outstanding, a perfect meal without a single added chemical or preservatives, and offers a thorough and flawless nutrition to your baby.

The praises of Cerelac are however not without a drawback or two. And calm down. Every great product has a drawback. The important thing is that the cons do not outweigh the pros. Okay, let’s go.

Baby Cerelac Side Effects


the first baby food cerelac side effect is sugar. It is the major drawback of Cerelac foods. Sugar gets into your diets through variants such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, dextrose, caramel, corn syrup, and malt. And the thing is, you cannot be sure your baby will avoid sweet things every time. They are sure to taste ice cream or another sweet thing in no time.

Obesity, tooth decay, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, among many others, are the health conditions associated with sugar. And you might even ask, considering the fact that sugar has a level of addictiveness that is comparable to heroin, is it a safe first solid food to introduce to your baby? Every can of cerelac consists of caramel – water and sucrose, and maltodextrin. Multiplying this by the recommended three-level scoops thrice a day for a baby that is six months old shows that: a large quantity of sugar is being dished out into your baby’s diet.

Apparently, your baby depends on you right now to make choices that are smart for both you and them, so their future eating habits will be determined by the choices you are helping them make now. This is why the need to be extraordinarily careful with what your baby eats cannot be overemphasized.

Does Cerelac Make Babies Gain Weight?

If you are familiar with Cerelac commercials, you must have seen the many gorgeous chubby babies that often feature there, and this may get you worried if your little one is currently lean. The fact that your baby is not chubby does not mean you are nursing them the right way, as there is no established connection between chubbiness and great health. It is okay to know that not all babies have to be chubby, and it is often a function of genetic blueprint. While the genetic information of some babies makes for chubbiness, the genetic details of others make for leanness, and there’s nothing to be worried about regarding this.

So yes, cerelac makes babies gain weight, but is still limited to your baby’s genetic blueprint. Hence, so long your baby does not have any health issue, is gaining weight considerably, and is active and energetic; there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. You also should not feed them more cerelac than is needed at the moment.

As a plus, Cerelac can be very much user-friendly when you are on a trip, or outings. The preparation is quite simple, and the food is easy to serve. You should measure and prepare the scoop according to the recommended details on it.

Does Cerelac Make Babies Constipate?

Cerelac can make babies constipate when it is not mixed properly. But beyond this, there are other possible causes. Generally, when babies start eating more solid foods, a mild constipation is not an unexpected event. And the reason is not far-fetched, cerelac, like other cereals, is low in fiber.

Weaning also increases the chances of constipation, as dehydration is sometimes a result of weaning. Only babies who are breastfed exclusively are totally free from constipation, because breast milk has a complete blend of fat and protein, and hence, makes for soft stools, regardless of the last time your baby had one.

If you find that your baby constipates on Cerelac, another thing you can do is give them liquids prior to the feeding time. Liquids such as: dal water, rice water, coconut water, and vegetable water. You could also introduce foods like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and other cereals that are fiber rich.

P fruits make sense too, fruits like peers, prunes, and peaches and even their juice versions are not bad ideas.

Ultimately, the ideal thing is to consult your doctor before setting out on a baby food adventure, because they have the best idea for your baby.

Does Cerelac Cause Green Poop?

Change in the color of poop may get parents worried because they have not seen it before. If you are a mother/parent reading this, you can finally take heart in the confidence that your baby passing green stools is a normal thing at the age they are in. The only situations where you may worry about green stools is, if your baby has low urine output, is withdrawn, or is extremely sleepy.

Does Cerelac Cause Loose Motion?

There is no exact evidence that Cerelac causes loose motion. But if you find that your baby has this issue, you may want to check the hygiene status of the utensils with which you prepare the food. Bottles can be a source of infection. What you can do in this case is, ensure the utensils are clean, leave a portion of food you have observed might be contributing to constipation out, give fruit purees, or go for fresh/homemade food. If it does not stop, you may want to continue breastfeeding.


Cerelac is an excellent baby product, which offers babies all the essential nutrients their growing bodies require in their first year and beyond. Like every other great product, Cerelac has some side effects too. Those possible baby Cerelac side effects are basically what this content revolves around. We hope the information helps you.

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