Similac formular side effects

6 Uncommon Similac Formula Side Effects

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Similac baby formula is one of the fantastic baby formulas you can find on the market. It is the favorite formula brand of many mothers in the United States and enjoys a popular buy-in even in places beyond the United States.

There is also the fact that Similac is the first infant formula brand without any artificial growth hormone, and whose effects are almost like that of breast milk. Of course, artificial growth hormones are unhelpful substances for your baby’s system, and that is why Similac is so painstaking with the production of their formulas, that they have consciously done away with it since day one.

That said, Similac formula has a number of formula versions, ranging from Alimentum to Advance, to Neosure, and a few others. These products, as much as they are fantastic, have their downsides. There is rarely a product without one or two.

In this content, we discuss the side effects of all the products of Similac as a brand. We are sure you will find them helpful.

Similac Alimentum Side Effects

There are not so many hypoallergenic formulas on the market, and this makes Alimentum one of the few special formulas available for babies with special needs. Specifically, Alimentum is made for babies who are suffering from fussiness due to indigestion or colic, in the presence of protein sensitivity.

If your baby has lactose intolerance, Alimentum works that out well, and it also has DHA and ARA for healthy development.

However, the downsides of this formula begin with the fact that it is not dairy-free. It is also not soy-based, and the milk protein is merely broken down to the end that your baby is able to easily digest.

Similac Alimentum is quite expensive a formula, too! The price tag is so high that many parents dread the thought of making a switch, and if you really are not buoyant financially, purchasing a can of formula at a price you can get three of other formulas is a thing to think about.

Of course, it does not directly affect your baby, but what about your bank account?

Similac Advance Side Effects

Similac Advance infant formula is one of the most well-known baby formulas out there. At Similac, they pride themselves on their expertise of the production of baby formulas.

This specific version of Similac formula is made to look like breast milk, as a matter of caloric density, in addition to its exceptional OptiGRO.

But while Similac Advance comes with a number of great ingredients, they do not necessarily make it entirely good for every baby. Yes, it comes with prebiotics, but there is still a possibility of gas and tummy aches with some babies.

Diaper rash is also one of the side effects of Similac Advance. Babies who started taking the formula and got diaper rash from it were made to stop for a while, and no trace of diaper rash occurred thereafter.

The smell can be a big deal, too. Your baby may not find it lovely. And the stains are mostly thick.

Similac Neosure Side Effects

Similac Neosure is definitely a fabulous baby formula. It is always of special help to babies who were either born prematurely or diagnosed as failure to thrive. It however has its own issues too.

Issues with the formula include the fact that babies tend to reflux quite terribly with this formula, loss of weight, discomfort for baby, infrequent bowel movements, constipation. Some babies tend to have terrible gas, while some parents complain of extra calories. The smell and taste are not things your baby is sure to fall in love with, too.

Similac Sensitive Side Effects

Similac Sensitive, in reality, has all the features. The first downside, however, is that it may not exactly work for all babies. Different babies have different body make-ups, so that makes sense. This formula is for babies with mild tolerance issues. If you think your baby shows severe symptoms, then this is not it.

Some babies also do have constipation with Similac Sensitive, and the unfair thing is, you will most probably not know how your baby’s system will find the formula until they actually try it out.

Bear in mind that this formula is expensive too.

Similac Isomil Side Effects

Although, a soy-based formula is a much more help for babies, relative to formulas that are not soy-based, it still has a few cons. Issues like bloating, nausea, and constipation are not all that rare when it comes to soy-based formulas. 

In cases of severe effects on bowel and gut, vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal bleeding may occur. With soy-based formula, your baby is also prone to have colic, or skin irritation.

Similac Soy Side Effects

Similac Soy formulas are primarily recommended for babies that are lactose intolerant. The only side effect here is that, while soy-based formulas are often ideal for babies, they do not entirely help in quelling allergies. If your baby already has a milk allergy, their risks of developing an allergy to a soy-based formula are even greatly increased.

So, this formula may not help with all issues.


Basically, every formula is a product of the collective expertise of many minds and thoughts. And often times, perfection is what most brands expect their products to deliver to consumers.

Every formula has something to offer to your baby, and at the same time have its side effects too. In this content, we have discussed Similac Formula – their products, and the possible side effects. They are great information to be familiar with, and we hope they help you.

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