5 Bottles compatible with Medela Pump in Style

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You may decide to feed your little one pumped breast milk for a variety of reasons. Your baby would be able to take bottle-fed breast milk if you have expressed breast milk. Hence you need one of the best breast pumps.  For moms who pump multiple times per day, Medela developed the Pump in Style, which is an electric breast pump designed to make the pumping experience pleasant. Pump in Style is made to make nursing easier so you can feed your baby with your breast milk for longer. It has a trusted performance because it is from the #1 recommended breast pump company. You might have begun to search for bottles compatible with a medela pump in style. Here are some recommendations.

5 bottles compatible with medela pump in style

1.   Evenflo Feeding Classic Tinted Plastic Standard Neck Bottles for Baby

For your baby’s comfort when feeding, Evenflo features Patented Micro Air Vents that are designed to prevent nipple collapse. These distinctively formed Classic baby bottles are wonderfully simple to grip when feeding, making sure your baby is comfortable. The Classic Baby Bottles can be simply assembled and dismantled for quick, thorough cleaning between feedings and because there are only a few parts, there is nothing extra to worry about misplacing. The Evenflo bottles will fit on most standard neck breast pumps, making it easier to pump directly into your Classic Baby Bottles.   Evenflo Feeding cares deeply about the security of your child. Hence, their baby bottles are made of food-grade materials and are completely free of BPA, polycarbonates, PVC, and chemicals.

2.   Evenflo 6 Pack Classic Glass Bottle

The Evenflo Classic Glass Nursers are a fantastic plastic substitute because they are recyclable and BPA-free. It has Micro Air Vents that help produce a uniform flow of liquid and sensitive response silicone slow flow nipples. To keep your baby from swallowing air, the venting nipple sends air bubbles into the bottle. These glass bottles are simple to assemble, fill, and maintain. The maximum amount of liquid that each glass bottle can hold is four ounces. The Evenflo Classic Glass Bottles have a Twist form that is simple to grasp while feeding and are made of durable, environmentally friendly tempered glass for sustainability and hygiene. Additionally, this is one of the bottles compatible with medela pump in style as it is leak-free construction helps to avoid spills and drips while pumping.

3.   Comotomo baby bottles (use with adapter)

The majority of parents refer to Comotomo bottles as “a game changer”! as it is one of the bottles compatible with medela pump in style. The Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles have such a unique and practical design that closely resembles breastfeeding in reality. The soft, organically formed silicone nipples are perfect for babies who struggle to switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. Your little one will like holding onto the unique bottle’s skin-like, supple, and squeezable body. Additionally, the wide-neck shape of these BPA-free baby bottles allows for stress-free, brushless cleaning. They have incredibly cutting-edge vents installed that are intended to stop unpleasant leaks while also preventing colic

4.   Lifefactory glass bottles

One of the best starter bottles for babies is the Lifefactory bottle. The Lifefactory 4 oz borosilicate glass baby bottle includes a Stage 1 (0–3 months) silicone nipple, a silicone sleeve, a polypropylene cap, a ring, and a stopper. These are incredibly simple to clean because the bottle stays enclosed in the silicone sleeve and can be placed directly in the dishwasher. You can purchase a set of the Lifefactory bottle so that you always have a spare on hand for your everyday activities. Additionally, it is created with premium components and features a baby-friendly style that you and your baby will both love.

5.   Born free breeze glass / plastic bottles (use with adapter)

The unique air valve on the Bfree bottle aids in preventing ear infections as well as colic and gas. Additionally, it relieves pressure in the baby’s ears while allowing him or her to manage the flow of milk while sucking. All Bfree bottles and cups include a special air vent that grows with your kid from 0 to 3 years old. All Bfree bottles are made from durable, safe, UV-protective plastic. The safety heat sensor on the inside of the bottle turns color to warn when the feed becomes too hot. It is simple to clean and does not absorb flavors or scents. Additionally, Bfree bottles come with a special sealing disk that allows you to seal and preserve contents for later use in the freezer or refrigerator.

Can you use any breast pump with any bottle?

Although providing your little one with breast milk is a wonderful gift, managing the process isn’t always simple. You may need to pump milk for a variety of reasons, but can you use any breast pump with any bottle? Some pumps allow you to skip the transfer stage and pump directly into breastmilk storage bags, which can be convenient. If not, you’ll pump breastmilk directly into separate bottles. To avoid spills and leaks while pumping, you need to know if your bottle is compatible with the breast pump you are using.

Do Avent bottles work with Medela pump?

The most highly recommended breast pump, the Medela pump, gives moms greater comfort while pumping. The Medela Breast Pumps are made to work with the majority of breast pumps. But does it work with Avent bottles? Yes, it does; however, you will need to get the Avent Bottle Adapter to avoid leaking when attached to the medela pump. It is compatible with Avent glass and plastic bottles of all sizes.

Are Tommy Tippee bottles compatible with Medela pump?

Have you ever wondered whether the Tomme Tippee bottles you have work with the Medela pump, so you would be able to pump directly into the feeding bottle? The answer is yes, but you would need to get the Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Adapter, to use Tomme Tippee bottles with a Medela pump. This would protect your breast milk from wasting while pumping.   With no need to transfer breast milk, you can pump directly into a feeding bottle. The adapter is baby: free of chemicals and BPA


The Medela pump in style has been recommended by experts but it is also important for parents to know what bottle to use with it to prevent transferring milk from one bottle to another, spillage, and leakage while pumping. Highlighted above are bottles compatible with the medela pump in style. Ensure to get adapters for your bottle if recommended.

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