Switching from Enfamil

Switching From Enfamil: All You Need To Know

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There is no almighty formula anywhere; even the best of formulas may have an opposite testimony from different users. That is why, as a parent, you always want to keep eyes on your baby as she feeds and grows, to know what is ideal for her and what is not, and to make choices that are thus guided.

The digestive systems of babies are still under development, and there are tendencies for feeding issues. If your baby has been on Enfamil formula, and you see a need for a switch, kindly consult your doctor before moving on. However, below are what to expect from switching from Enfamil to other formulas.

Switching From Enfamil Infant to Gentleease

Enfamil Gentleease is a milk-containing infant formula specifically designed to ease your baby of fussiness, gas, and excessive crying. With an easy-to-digest milk protein blend mirrored exactly after breast milk in a whey and casein ratio of 60:40, your little one’s digestive system is treated very much gently and considerably. The proteins are partially broken down, too.

Talk of a formula that is nutritionally perfect, it is Gentlease. It comes with decosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA), the same nutrients present in breast milk, and clinically proven to enhance cognitive and visual development.

Switching from Enfamil to Similac

Although going by popular research, Enfamil trumps the Similac formula. And that is because Enfamil commits much more attention to nutrition and brain-enhancers, with the exclusion of sugars.

The choice ultimately comes down to you, your budget, your likes in a formula, and most importantly, what makes sense to your baby’s taste buds. Because, it does not matter how good a formula is, if your baby won’t take it, there really is no point.

While Enfamil and Similac agree on many features, the ones that differentiate them tilt the favor towards Enfamil. If you must leave Enfamil for Similac, be sure it is a professional advice.

Switching from Enfamil to Kirkland

The switch from Enfamil to Kirkland is an effective and great one, according to report from parents who have made the switch before. While some mamas think they need to mix the formula in certain ratios, others do it cold turkey. All in all, Kirkland is a comfortable and soft formula, designed to understand and work with your baby’s developing digestive system.

A report says that the only issue with the baby involved is that he spits up when he burps, though in a tiny bit. It is possible that this will be gone once the baby’s system gets used to the formula.

Switching from Enfamil to Good Start Formula

You don’t know, but switching from Enfamil to Good start formula is actually a good start for your dear son or daughter. It is a very lovely formula that that will give neither you nor your baby a single problem, not even one. For an additional perk, the Good start formula is very affordable.

If it happens that your baby would not take it, you could consider mixing it with an old formula that they are used to, if there is.

Switching from Enfamil to Enfagrow

Enfagrow is a formula specifically for babies within the age range of 9-18 months. It is a transitional formula from infanthood to toddler. 85% of your baby’s brain development occurs by their third year’s birthday, and Enfagrow ensures she is obtaining vital nutrients, such as omega 3 DHA for brain enhancement. Alongside iron, there are also 30 other important vitamins and minerals.

The fact is just that you do not necessarily have to go for this toddler formula, because once your little one clocks one, she can very well start on whole milk.

Switching from Enfamil to Parent’s Choice

There are a number of differences between Enfamil and Parent’s Choice, and these include the fact that: while Enfamil presents an extensive array of specialty formula, Parent’s choice is limited in its features. Enfamil does non-GMO varieties, Parent’s Choice does not.

The only edge Parent’s Choice appears to have over Enfamil is in the aspect of price, as the former is less expensive than the latter.

Of course, the two are rich in nutritional package and provide your baby every same nutrient she would get from breast milk, and will require through the first year.

Switching from Enfamil to Hipp

Hipp is an amazing formula! You might have been reading about formulas for a long time, and might have even tried a handful of them with no satisfactory result. You can be sure Hipp is not your regular formula in every way. It is an organic formula made in Germany, and is both GMO and corn free.

What makes Hipp ideal is the fact that it is corn free, and the lactose in it is processed in a manner that makes it work gently on your baby’s tummy. And just like breast milk, it contains more whey than casein.

Switching from Enfamil to Holle

Every time and anytime you are about to make a switch from one formula to another, you need to first consider what works for you and your baby, and what does not.

Of course, Enfamil and Holle are both awesome formulas in their own rights, they however do have things that differentiate them. Holle utilizes skimmed milk from organically-sourced farms and whey powder from biodynamic farming. Holle never uses chemical processing and preservatives, which is one of the wonderful perks that give it the medal as the better of the two formulas.


Enfamil is as awesome as all the formulas we have listed in this content. It is just that, when it comes to feeding your baby, the question is not just what a great formula is, but rather what makes a great formula for your own baby. So, the best of brands on the market may not give you what you want, while a less acclaimed might.

The point is to figure out your baby’s needs and decipher which formula has what she needs. In this content, we have highlighted possible formulas to switch to. Ensure you consult with your Pediatrician before making a choice. This will ensure you will use the formula that makes sense for your situation. Have a great time!

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