Similac sensitive vs. Similac advance

Similac Sensitive Vs. Similac Advance

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Choosing the perfect formula for your baby is important. It is vital you know the best formula that’ll suit your baby perfectly. Formulas act as supplements for your baby, and they contain several nutrients that’ll increase rapid growth and development.  But how do you know the suitable formula for your baby if there are so many brands?  The numerous brands of baby formula can be confusing; hence, the reason for Similac Sensitive vs. Similac Advance.

Both Similac Sensitive and  Similac Advance are from the brand “Similac,” and they’re suitable for your baby’s diet. However, which of these two Similac products will you choose? Both of them are meant for babies, but you need to know the features peculiar to each formula so that you’ll get to make the right decision on the best formula for your baby. This article will contain all you should know about Similac Sensitive and Advance, so you don’t have to fret. Thus, see Similac Sensitive vs. Similac Advance below.

Similac Sensitive

Similac Sensitive is a Similac product specially made for babies with lactose intolerance- that is, babies that can’t digest lactose. The formula has milk protein isolate meaning that the lactose is non-existent so that lactose intolerant babies can eat it. Babies who are suffering from fussiness and gas issues can also consume Similac Sensitive.

Pros of using Similac Sensitive

1) Lactose intolerant and fussiness

Similac Sensitive is a baby formula that suits babies suffering from fussiness and babies that are lactose intolerant. It contains milk protein isolate instead of the regular milk so that babies having issues with dairy products/ingredients can take to it.

2) Nutrients

The formula contains nutrients that encourage rapid growth and development in your baby. It contains Lutein and Vitamin E, essential to your baby’s health, so choosing the formula will encourage healthy living.

3) Iron-fortified

Similac Sensitive contains iron, which is an important element your baby mustn’t lack. The importance of iron in babies’ diet can’t be overemphasized; it’s needed to prevent your baby from developing anemia in the very first year.

4) Similarity to breast milk

This formula is made to resemble breast milk, both taste, and texture so that your baby can get familiar with it fast. It’s also designed for your baby to get the full nutrient she might need for strong and healthy living.

5) Absence of artificial growth

Similac Sensitive doesn’t contain any artificial growth hormones that might affect your baby’s development.

6) Affordable

This baby formula is affordable than Similac Advance, and this feature tends to attract parents.

7) Several forms and sizes

Similac Sensitive is in different forms, and they include; ready drink and powdered form. Thus, you can choose any of the forms that suit you. You’ll also find the formula in different sizes.

Cons of using Similac Sensitive

1) The taste of Similac Sensitive is a bit strong, and your baby might reject it at the introduction.

2) The formula is said to cause constipation in some babies.

3) It’s expensive for some parents.

4) Similac Sensitive doesn’t contain prebiotic, unlike Similac Advance.

Similac Advance

Similac Advance is another Similac baby formula that’s meant to aid your baby’s growth. It contains milk, unlike Similac Sensitive, and it’s meant for babies that can digest lactose. It’s equipped with several nutrients like Lutein and Vitamin E that are needed for your baby’s growth and development.

Pros of using Similac Advance

1) Immune boosting nutrients

Apart from the normal nutrients found in Similac Advance, it also contains an Immune-boosting nutrient that helps your baby build a strong immune system against diseases and infections. However, the immune-boosting nutrient found in this formula usually occurs naturally in breast milk.

2) Lutein and Vitamin E

Similac Advance contains lutein and Vitamin E, which are vital nutrients when it comes to your baby’s healthy living.

3) No artificial growth

The milk ingredient found in Similac Advance is gotten from cows that aren’t treated with artificial growth hormone, so your baby is safe.

4) Forms

It’s designed in two forms; powder form and ready-to-drink form. The powder form dissolves easily in water. Thus, it’s easy to prepare.

5) Taste

Similac Advance is designed to taste like breast milk; hence babies should get familiar with the taste quickly.

6) Popular

Similac Advance is a popular baby formula that you can easily get in any grocery or drug store without issues. 

Cons of using Similac Advance

1) It’s quite expensive. Thus, some parents tend to go for Similac Sensitive.

2) Since babies are different, some babies’ tummies don’t take to Similac Advance immediately.

3) The formula isn’t suitable for babies that are lactose intolerant.

4) It’s not a solution to gassiness and fussiness in babies, unlike Similac Sensitive.

Similac Sensitive vs. Similac Advance? You’ve seen the pros and cons of both formulas. Hence you should know which to choose.  From the pros & cons, you’ll get to make your decision on choosing the right formula for your baby. However, it’s only fair when you see the similarities between the formula to aid your decision in choosing the right formula for your baby. 

Similarities between Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance

1) Both baby formulas taste like breast milk.

2) Both Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance contain Lutein and Vitamin E.

3) Both of the formulas are in more than one form for flexibility.

4) Both of the formulae are Similac’s product.

5) Both of the formulas are perfect for babies’ consumption.

Bottom Line 

Baby formulas are essential for the healthy upbringing of your baby. They’re equipped with beneficial nutrients and serve as breast milk’s supplement. However, it isn’t easy to choose your baby’s perfect formula if you don’t know much about it. The fact that there are numerous formula brands in the market doesn’t make choosing the right formula easier. Thus, the reason for Similac Sensitive vs. Similac Advance.

Both these baby formulas are Similac’s products, but it’s vital to know their differences & similarities- you should know them to pick the suitable one for your baby. So, the above article has all you should know about Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance to make the right decision.

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