Why Does Similac Sensitive Foam So Much

Why Does Similac Sensitive Foam So Much : What To Do About It?

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Similac sensitive infant formula is an easily digestible, milk-based formula especially designed for tummies that are sensitive. It is actually the leading infant formula brand with zero artificial growth hormone.

All these accolades have however not been without a downside. This downside is what informs the question that many parents and caregivers have: why does Similac Sensitive Foam So Much and what to do about it?

The first important thing to know is that many parents like you have a similar complaint. The reason Similac Sensitive foams so much is that, although it is an anti-gas formula, shaking it could clump things up.

Hence, the way to get this massive foaming under control is to stop shaking the formula. What you can just opt in for, rather than shaking the formula, is rolling it back and forth in your hands. You may still get foams, but certainly far lesser than you would get when you shake it.

5 Best Alternatives To Similac Sensitive

There’s no doubt as to the fact that when it comes down to picking a baby formula, Similac will usually take the lead. It has a long-standing record of credibility in many homes and scores every essential nutrient central to the healthy development of a child.

It’s just that not everybody has to get Similac. This is not to discount it, but rather to say that there are few other great brands out there which can serve your baby nutrient as much and more than Similac can.

As much as Similac is amazing, one downside with it is that it is sort of expensive. And parents come from differing financial classes. So, really, a cost-effective formula goes a long way.

The foaming effect of Similac is another downside, and there’s also a fact that some babies get fussy or are allergic to Similac.

 So here in this content, we have highlighted the 4 top alternative brands to Similac. However, ensure you check with your Pediatrician before changing your baby’s formula. Let’s go!

Hollone Stage 1 Organic Formula

The Hollone Stage 1 Organic Formula ranks as one of the most popular European baby formulas on the market and certainly the cream of the crop! This formula is produced from great milk protein and is ideal to use from birth, or in combination with breast milk.

It can be used in a bottle or mixed with baby cereal, if need be. The same way you would do with cow milk-based formula.

You do not need to worry if your baby is switching from a standard cow milk formula, the lush taste and consistency of the formula makes the transition smoother than you can imagine.

As the name implies, the formula is made from purely organic ingredients, so there are no artificial colours, additives, and flavours.

It comes with an extended expiration date, which makes it more durable than other typical formulas. What this means for you is that you can save lots of boxes at a time, without having to bother about one getting spoilt.

Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

Enfamil Enspire includes MFGM and Lactoferrin – two legendary ingredients present in breast milk, making it a close to natural formula. You might be asking what MGFM is, MGFM is a fat-protein blend present in breast milk. And it functions to enhance brain development. It bridges the gap between infants who are fed with formula and those who are breastfed.

Lactoferrin is a nutrient that builds up the immune system, present in breast milk, and of course, in your enfamil enspire infant formula. If you’re looking for a safe infant formula, your search surely ends with enfamil enspire – which is made from ingredients that are not genetically modified in any way.

A non-GMO baby formula, enfamil enspire is designed to give your baby nothing short of complete nutrition, with omega 3 Dha, choline, and a proprietary mix of probiotics, for babies around a year of age.

Enfamil Enspire has the eligibility to be purchased with benefits that come with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and is Doctor-recommended.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula

Do you have a tight budget and want reliable baby food, all the same? Gerber infant formula takes the award. It sells at an affordable price on Amazon and therefore establishes itself as one of the few cost-effective but great infant formula on the market. Other than organic ingredients, this formula is free of genetically modified materials.

What it has instead are ingredients sourced from nature, and that are compatible with the healthy development that you want your baby to have.

Gerber infant formula comes with the right kind of ingredient mix that makes digestion both easy and smooth for your little one, and the natural ingredients from which it is made, again get the thanks!

Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder

Organic Dairy Infant Powder produced by Earth’s Best excels in all areas you will need it to. Everything about it simply adds up to help your little angel grow up normally. It comes with the same special nutrients that are found in breast milk, and that are clinically confirmed to play key roles in the mental and visual development of your baby.

If you ever want to get an infant formula, even if your intention is to supplement it with breastfeeding, you’ll be getting a major advantage if you go by getting the Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder – which ticks all the boxes of FDA requirements for infants nutrition, and with an added perk of being organic.

The Earth’s Best brand prides itself on a unique brand that is made with no prohibited synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Nutritional perfection- yes, that’s another name for Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder!

Why does Similac sensitive foam so much?

Similac Sensitive foams so much, there’s no doubting that. It is due to the fact that most people shake it in the bottle before giving it to babies. Instead of shaking it, just roll the bottle in your hand to reduce the foam. And for those who would rather subscribe to another similar brand, we have highlighted the 4 top brands similar to Similac. However, ensure you check with your pediatrician before changing your baby’s formula.

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