SMA Pro Vs Aptamil

SMA Pro Vs Aptamil: Which is better?

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Are you considering choosing between SMA Pro Vs Aptamil? Baby formula is the best for your little one when you cannot breastfeed them for one reason or the other. It has been recommended by pediatricians that breast milk should be given to a baby for the first 6 months after birth but when that is not possible, the formula should be given. The formula is designed to mimic the nutrients found in breast milk so your baby does not miss out on the essential nutrients required for healthy development.

There are so many formula choices in the market which could leave a parent worried about the right choice to make especially if that is your first time using formula. Knowing if a formula brand is suitable for your baby is important to ensure you don’t expose your little one to any reactions from the formula. SMA Pro Vs Aptamil are popular brands of formula in the market and this guide would give you an insight into the two brands of formula with their pros and cons.


The SMA Nutrition team has been dedicated to understanding the complex structure of breast milk for years and they have actively applied their learnings from nature to their range of formula products. With over 100 years of research in baby nutrition, SMA Pro was produced to suit your baby’s nutritional needs. SMA Pro is a nutritional complete formula that is an alternative to breast milk. It is enriched with Omega 3 and it contains DHA as required by the legislation for all infant formula. SMA Pro contains Vitamin A, B, K, C, and D. It provides iron for cognitive development and calcium for the healthy growth and development of bones.


  • SMA Pro is enriched with Omega 3 and can be given to your baby from birth.
  • SMA Pro is available in both powdered and liquid format
  • SMA Pro is easy to mix and comes with a spoon in the tub for easy measurement of the formula
  • SMA can be easily digested by your little one
  • SMA Pro has a more appealing smell compared to another formula


  • Some parents might not like that the consistency of SMA is a bit thick
  • SMA might not be suitable for babies who have colic or acid reflux
  • Some babies might not be able to tolerate the taste of SMA Pro


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Aptamil is designed to suit your baby’s nutritional needs from birth through to when they become a toddler. With over 40 years of research in early life science, the manufacturers of Aptamil have created a range of products to ensure your baby is healthy. Also, it caters to babies who have allergies or intolerance to milk protein. Aptamil contains vitamin D, A, and C to support the normal function of your baby’s immune system. It also contains DHA, which is required by the legislation for all infant formula. Aptamil has no artificial sweeteners or chemical additives; its sweet taste comes from the presence of lactose. The range of Aptamil formula includes The standard milk range, Profutura milk range, and the Specialist milk range.


  • Aptamil can be used right from birth till your little one becomes a toddler
  • Aptamil is designed with lots of natural ingredients and prebiotics to support the growth and development of your baby
  • The taste of Aptamil is considered to be closer to the taste of breast milk. This might be as a result of the presence of the natural prebiotics used in the formula
  • Aptamil is designed to be gentle on your baby’s fragile tummy and can be easily digested by babies 


  • Aptamil is not an organic formula
  • Aptamil is more pricey than other brands of formula
  • Some ranges of Aptamil formula is not suitable for vegetarians

Is Aptamil the best formula milk?

Some parents feel the texture, taste, and nutrients in Aptamil are the closest to breast milk. Many hospitals use Aptamil and this has made many mothers try it out first before other formula brands. Aptamil also seems to be easier tolerated in most babies than other formula brands.  Almost all Aptamil baby formula ranges are suitable for baby’s right after birth until they turn 1 year old. You can also get the Aptamil Stage 3 baby formula for babies up to 24 months in age. Hence why so many parents love Aptamil. Although, Aptamil is not an organic formula brand. It is important to know that babies are different and can react to different formula brands differently. Your neighbor’s kids or your sibling’s kids might love a particular brand of formula while your baby spits it out or has a reaction to it. It is advisable to watch your baby’s reaction to a formula brand to know if you can continue with it before switching to a different brand.

Is SMA thicker than Aptamil?

Some range of SMA formula can be thicker than Aptamil. This brand of formula is thickened with the aim of preventing reflux in your little one. It helps to control spit-ups after mealtime and ensures the symptoms stop so your child can get comfortable eating. Some parents say that the thicker range of SMA formula makes their little one full and happy for the night while some disagree and says it makes their little one fussy. If your little one is not comfortable with the thicker formula or does not have acid reflux, you can discontinue it and use a different formula brand.

SMA Pro Vs Aptamil: The Verdict

Although it has been recommended by pediatricians that a baby should be breastfed for 6 months, some moms might not be able to breastfeed their little one due to medical or personal reasons. After making the decision to give your baby formula, you might be confused about the best brand to give your little one. Highlighted above is an insight into SMA Pro and Aptamil formula. It is important to know that babies are different and you should try out a particular formula brand for about 2 weeks before trying out a different brand. Ensure you contact your pediatrician if you notice a reaction in your baby after trying more than two formula brands

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  1. I have been using Aptamil for a while and decided to use SMA for a while because I wasn’t getting Aptamil 1 to buy. I will try the SMA and see if my baby is okay with it and give my recommendation.

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