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Nutramigen Formula: All Your Questions Answered

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Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic formula that helps babies get over issues such as colic, cow’s milk protein allergy, and others, in a little time. It comes with many amazing nutrients, most of which are exactly similar with the nutrients present in breast milk.

An overall growth is what this brand gives to babies, and so it helps little ones develop well physically, and most importantly, mentally.

Nutramigen has been around for quite a while, and while some people believe the formula is great, others do not believe yet, or at least need their questions answered before venturing into the Nutramigen world.

Luckily, that is why we are here – to provide answers to every one of those questions of yours. Now, shall we move? Move we shall!

How Long Does It Take For Nutramigen To Work For Reflux?

Nutramigen is clinically proven and established to manage reflux in just 48 hours. Ideally, it takes 48 hours to work, but when it does, it works quite excellently. And that is the great thing. You should spend your money on a formula that will deliver the results you want in no time, and excellently. You have that in Nutramigen!

Do Babies Eat More Often On Nutramigen

Parents who have their little ones on Nutramigen testify to the greatness of this formula. One parent reports that their baby is on Nutramigen and has been doing fine with it ever since. The baby sometimes spits up, but not that bad, and has been taking 4oz bottles ever since they got started on the formula. The baby even goes as far as taking 2oz extra.

That is to tell you how fantastic Nutramigen is to get your baby eat more often. Of course, your little one needs energy, and that is why the place of active and sufficient feeding cannot be overstated.

How Much Nutramigen to Feed

The question of what the ideal quantity of formula to give to your baby is is as important as what to give. An infant that was recently given birth to, weighing 7 lbs should take an average of 14-21 ounces of Nutramigen in one day.

In actuality, how much you feed your baby depends on how many feeds you do daily. But normally, the quantity should border on 3oz each. 

The key thing to keep in mind is that, you will rarely have hard times recognizing when your baby is overfed or underfed.

Why can’t you Warm Nutramigen

Nutramigen is not a formula that can be warmed. This is why, when you are mixing the formula, cold tap water is usually recommended. Cool water is the ideal medium for the Nutramigen formula. The usage of warm or hot water can diminish the benefits that accompany probiotics.

But alternatively, the formula can be warmed, within a room temperature range of 75 degree Fahereint.

Using a microwave comes with severe effects. Why? Because microwaves do not heat evenly, and that causes hot spots, that could burn your baby’s mouth.

Does Nutramigen Cause Weight Gain?

Whether Nutramigen has a direct connection to weight gain or not, is presently not that clear. What is clear is that, you should always give your baby a quantity of the formula that is ideal, and works well for him or her. There is actually no reason for you to withhold your baby’s formula from them, even if they appear to be gaining weight.

Normally, your baby’s weight with Nutramigen should not be anything short of normal. But if you find your little one  is adding flesh, do not worry about it. It will go in no time.

What is Nutramigen Made of?

Enfamil Nutramigen is made with iron.

The ingredients from which Nutramigen is made are: Corn syrup solids (47%), vegetable oil, palm olein, coconut, soy and high oleic sunflower oils) (26%), casein hydrolysate (milk) (17%), modified corn starch (4%), morteriella alpina oil,  schizochytrium sp.

Does Nutramigen Cause Constipation

Nutramigen is not really a formula to give your little one constipation. What your baby can have with Nutramigen is either loose or wet stools.

But well, if your baby constipates, it could be that her body is still in the process of adjusting, in a case where you recently switched to Nutramigen. It takes 2 weeks for most babies to get used to Nutramigen.

Still, it is almost impossible that your baby will constipate on Nutramigen. You should see your pediatrician, if she does.

Why is Nutramigen so Watery?

Nutramigen is so watery due to the ingredients from which it is made. You know, it is designed to work gently on baby’s gut, and so the thin and watery texture is not insensible.

Why does Nutramigen Smell and Taste so Bad?

There is actually no hypoallergenic formula with a great taste, so to say. The smell and taste can be very much horrible, and we believe that to be as a result of certain additions in the making process, which made for such smell and taste.

Is Nutramigen Milk-Based?

Of course, Nutramigen is a milk-based formula. What we want to make clear here is that, while Nutramigen is milk-based, the milk protein has been degraded further so much that your baby’s tummy is able to sufficiently handle it.

So, of course, if your baby has allergy for milk, Nutramigen is visibly not an entirely good idea.

And yes, do not be mistaken to confuse the fact that it is lactose free, with being milk free. While Nutramigen may not contain lactose, it comes with the milk protein, casein. The good thing is that the casein has been broken down!

Does Nutramigen Help with Gas?

Gassiness is definitely not one of the things any parent wants for their kids. But there are formulas designed to help improve this issue, and Nutramigen is proudly one.

Nutramigen is uniquely made with Enflora LGG to address the issues of colic due to cow’s milk. It is ideal for acid reflux, and particularly for food allergies. It helps your baby digest cow’s milk quite easier.

Can Nutramigen Cause Upset Stomach

If your baby is on Nutramigen, and you find that in a few weeks into taking the formula, she starts having very extensive and runny poops, don’t be completely awed.

An upset stomach is one of the few disadvantages that accompany the usage of Nutramigen. And the fact is, this con is not general: some babies may not have upset stomach, and others may have. Babies have different body systems.

So, if your baby happens to have upset stomach from Nutramigen, understand that it is a possible drawback.

Does Nutramigen Make Baby More Hungry?

Does Nutramigen make a baby hungry? The answers to this are multi-faceted. The first to know, if you find your baby is becoming hungrier than she normally would be with Nutramigen is: it is a new formula, so chances are that Nutramigen is not filling them up like the previous formula they were on. Getting familiar with a new formula, for some babies, takes time.

A second factor is a growth spurt, and this can resolve itself in a matter of few days. Have you considered the possibility that your baby may even be teething? Well, that is real too!

Honestly, there is no basic evidence that your baby’s increased hunger could be linked to her consumption of Nutramigen. But considering the thinness of its texture and ease of digestion, your baby’s food may be disappearing from her system in a little time.

When Can I Stop Using Nutramigen?

The ideal time to stop feeding your baby with Nutramigen is between the ages of one to two. Most parents wean their little ones off Nutramigen formula at the age of one, though.

But you need to be strategic when weaning her off, as she may have hard times coping with whatever new food you are replacing the former with. Some parents go for soya milk, but mix the soya with Nutramigen, just so the baby can taste something relatable. If you will do this, ensure soya takes a larger portion of the mixture.

Can I Mix Nutramigen and Regular Formula?

Yes, you can. Most of the times, you are going to have to. In a case where you get a medical advice to switch your baby from Nutramigen to regular formula, you need to know that the chances are almost one hundred percent that she will refuse it.

Now, the smart thing to do here will be to mix the new regular formula with the Nutramigen your baby has always been used to. This way, she would not easily find out a new formula is present. Keep in mind, however, that to get a productive result; the regular formula should overflow Nutramigen in the mixture.

Can You Freeze Nutramigen

Nutramigen can be very well freezed in meals. The thing is just that, it is advisable to use it up latest within a month.

Can You Make Nutramigen In Advance?

Yes, the can says not to prepare Nutramigen in advance, but there are times you will invariably have no choice other than prepare it in advance.

Preparing your baby’s Nutramigen formula in advance is actually helpful. In that, it helps evacuate all of the air. The shaking a feed and giving it to baby immediately thing can be stormy, at times.

Preparing your baby’s Nutramigen formula can be of help to you, especially when you are at work.

Does Nutramigen Digest Faster?

Nutramigen comes with proteins that actually make for easy digestion, and that is why you should not be surprised when your baby finds Nutramigen so easy to drink and digest that they may take lots of ozs. That is Nutramigen for you. Infact that is one of the sole benefits it comes with.

Does Nutramigen Make Baby Sleepy?

It is not factual that Nutramigen can be the cause of your baby’s sleepiness. Few parents who report sleepiness with their baby establish the fact that this issue persists even when the baby switches to another formula different from Nutramigen.

Most babies who are on Nutramigen are still sleeping the same way they did, when they were on a different formula. So if your find your baby is sleepy, you may want to keep an eye on other possible causes. Nutramigen does not make baby sleepy.

Is Nutramigen Thinner Than Regular Formula?

One of the central things to keep in mind regarding Nutramigen is the fact that it is an amino-based formula. It is thoroughly synthetic, and thinner in texture compared to regular or a hydrolyzed formula.

This thinness in texture is what makes Nutramigen easier to digest. And this is why it is slightly possible that your baby might be getting hungry very frequently.

How Do I Get My Baby to Drink Nutramigen?

Let’s face it, not all babies will take Nutramigen the first time, second, third, or worst, fourth. Infants react to formulas in ways that are different. If your baby is making a switch from breast milk to Nutramigen, the smart thing to do for a start is mix the breast milk (which she is used to) with the Nutramigen (which you want her to get used to). But ensure, the formula’s ratio is higher than that of the breast milk.

If you are switching from a regular formula, be sure to do the same.

Diffrence between Nutramigen 1 and 2

In reality, there is really not much difference (s) between Nutramigen 1 and 2. The primary difference between Nutramigen 1 and 2 is simply that, Nutramigen 2 has a calcium content that is remarkably higher, plus a more pleasant taste.

Is Nutramigen Gluten Free?

Nutramigen is a gluten free formula. The inclusion of gluten in any formula causes symptoms such as: headaches, stomach aches, energy drowsiness, bloating, and dizziness. These are not nice things. And because Nutramigen is made with the health and comfort of your beautiful little one in mind, the producers have put in some meticulous work to keep the formula free of gluten.

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