Bottle feeding in the hospital after birth

Bottle Feeding In The Hospital After Birth: All You Need To Know

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Nursing is a huge part of motherhood and whether you’re a first or second-time mum, you would need to decide on the method of feeding your baby. It has been recommended by health experts that breast milk is the best nutritional choice for an infant to have a healthy development. But, not all women would be able to breastfeed their babies. Women who can’t breastfeed their baby would have to give their baby an alternative to breast milk which is, infant formula. The decision on how to feed your baby could be made while you’re still pregnant or could be an emergency decision at the hospital due to certain medical issues. If you are planning to bottle feed your baby after birth in the hospital, it is important to be prepared before getting to the hospital. Below are a few things you need to know before heading to the hospital.

How many readymade bottles for the hospital?

Readymade bottles are a premixed liquid formula that offers parents who want to bottle feed their little one the convenience to easily feed without the formula preparation stage. Readymade bottles are easy to use but come at a more pricey cost than the regular powdered formula. If you have decided that your baby would be bottle-fed, then you would need to take a first milk starter pack along with you to the hospital. Although, some hospitals might provide milk based on certain preexisting conditions of either mother or child.

First milk starter packs can be purchased at most supermarkets. It includes six ready-to-feed bottles with teats. It is always necessary to know the number of readymade bottles to take to the hospital for your baby after birth. It is recommended that you do not bring in larger packs of readymade bottles as many NHS facilities are unable to store them properly. You would use between 6-8 bottles in 24hours, hence, you can take the required number of bottles for the period of days you would be at the hospital

Do hospitals provide baby milk?

Asking for a formula to feed your baby in some hospitals is not as easy as filling a form. Most hospitals would recommend that you breastfeed your little one immediately after birth since breast milk is supposed to be a baby’s first source of nutrients. According to research, most hospitals that have received a Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative designation have to follow certain rules about how and when they give formula to new parents. Other hospitals do not allow their nurses to give out formula unless a doctor’s prescription is shown or it’s an emergency.

A formula can only be given to new parents if either the mother or the baby has a medical condition. It is important to know if the hospital you want to give birth in has rules against formula feeding, if you need to fill some waiver form to allow you to give your baby formula or if they provide the bottles for feeding and you have to bring in your formula milk.

What formula do hospitals use in 2021?

You might want to find out what formula hospitals use so it can help you make the best decision when getting your baby’s formula. There might not be a generic brand of formula for all hospitals as a specific formula brand can be liked in a particular location and might not be liked in another location.  Hospitals would go for a formula that provides protein, vitamins, and minerals that would support healthy development.

Formula brands that contain DHA and ARA which would support brain and eye health would be picked by most hospitals in 2021. The nutritional needs of infants are the priority of health workers in the hospital. Hence, formula brands that give a baby the complete nutritional benefit are what hospitals would use in 2021. You can also ask your pediatrician to recommend ingredients and nutrients that the hospital prioritize so you can check them on the label of the formula while getting a formula brand for your little one.

What baby milk to take to the hospital?

With the different brands of infant formula, a lot of other parents might tell you a particular brand is better than another brand. You might get confused at this point about the type of milk to take to the hospital. The formula you should give your baby immediately after birth needs to be Stage 1 milk or milk that is specifically for newborn babies. There are different types of formula available in the market, this includes; Cow’s milk-based formulas, Soy-based formulas, Hypoallergenic formulas, and Specialized formulas. These formulas can come in powdered form, concentrates (which comes in a liquid form that needs to be diluted with water), and ready-to-use. You can also consult with your pediatrician to be sure your little one doesn’t have a preexisting condition that might require a different type of infant formula. Ensure that whatever brand of formula milk you are taking to the hospital is properly checked for the expiration date and any leakages or dents.

Some mothers might worry that giving a baby formula will reduce the bond between mother and child. Giving your baby formula rather than breast milk doesn’t stop the bond. The love between mother and child creates a bond regardless of the feeding method

The nursing stage of motherhood comes with a lot of planning and responsibilities. Some moms might not be able to breastfeed, which leaves them with the option of giving their baby infant formula. If you would be bottle-feeding your little one, there are certain things you would need to know before going to the hospital. Highlighted above are the necessary things to know about bottle-feeding after birth. Ensure you confirm from your hospital if there is a process to undergo before you can be allowed to bottle feed. It is also necessary to check in with your hospital if you can bring in your formula or it would be provided after your little one is born.

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