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Similac Total Comfort: All Your Questions Answered

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For over ninety years now, Similac has been known as a brand that produces top-notch baby formulas. Their products have been sure guides for first time moms, and go-to things for every parent in every place.

Of all the amazing baby formulas that Similac has produced, total comfort stands out. It is a gentle formula and comes with 2’FL human milk oligosaccharide (2-FL HMO) – a prebiotic similar to the one present in breast milk and found to be immune-nourishing. Such comfort for your little one!

At Similac, they recognize the fact that babies still have tiny tummies, and body systems that are in the process of development, so they ensured that the Total Comfort version comes with ingredients that are easy to digest. If your baby also happens to be milk-intolerant, Total Comfort will alter that in a comfortable way.

Why are Babies Always Hungry On Similac Total Comfort?

Did you recently switched from a formula to Similac Total Comfort and realize your baby always screams in the middle of virtually every feed? Babies go frequently hungry on Similac Total Comfort because it comes in a very thin texture.

Does Similac Total Comfort Cause Weight Gain?

Yes, it does. Similac Total Comfort increases your baby’s weight by approximately 500 grams every month until s/he clocks six months of age.

Does Similac Total Comfort Cause Constipation?

Similac Total Comfort helps with constipation.

Central Features of Similac Total Comfort Formula

Perfect Nutrition

Similac Total Comfort is formulated in such a way that it meets your baby’s every nutritional need. It comes with protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. This is one formula that is designed to copy the patterns of breast milk and present to your baby on a platter that contains every single nutrient s/he needs to have healthy and vibrant growth in their first year.

With Total Comfort, you can rest assured that your baby’s blood cells and brain are in good hands, as it comes with fortified iron powder. The ingredient list may come across as ambiguous, though, but they in fact will offer your baby all the support s/he needs throughout their first year.

Zero Genetical Engineering

Although, they were using genetically engineered ingredients for their products before, Similac Total Comfort has recently changed the ingredients of their products from genetically engineered ones to Non Genetically Engineered ones (Non GMO). What a Non GMO product means is this; their DNA has not been altered or spliced together.

The fact is genetically engineered ingredients can have more nutritional strength, thrive more easily, have an higher resistance to diseases or be great in other aspects. But accompanying these alterations are specific risks such as unknown allergens being brought in, the chemistry of the food source being haphazard, and other insidious side effects.

If you are one of those parents who always want their baby foods to be organic and natural, then a product with non-GMO ingredients like Similac Total Comfort is highly recommended.

Cures Fussiness and Gassiness

Your pediatrician will likely recommend Similac Total Comfort as the solution to your complaints about your baby’s fussiness and gassiness. It is a surefire way of terminating fussiness and gassiness in your baby. Fussiness is when your baby has difficulties digesting your breast milk or is allergic to something you are eating, or accepting formula with hassles. These make them fussy and inconsolable.

Similac Total Comfort formula can mitigate these side effects as rapidly as in a single feeding. Unlike milk-based formulas, the formula has 98% less lactose and is soft and gentle on your baby’s tiny tummy. It also digests quite easily, helps your baby pass gas and rest with better comfortability.

Relieves Constipation

Another way through which this formula helps ease colicky or fussy babies is by relieving them of constipation. Few things are as painful as an impeded bowel movement, and it becomes worse if the baby cannot register this to their parents.

When it comes down to your newborn, one of the things you seriously want to be on the lookout for is wet and dirty diapers. The stoppage of these is a fair index of something to worry about, especially when the baby in question is usually the upset type.

A can of Similac Total Comfort Non-GMO infant formula is a value you won’t want to let go of, ever. It frequents bowel movements in babies, and drastically declines all forms of discomfort.

Solves Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can be quite difficult to diagnose, and hence has the potential to make your baby very much uncomfortable, and in few cases, even leave them hospitalized. With gentle ingredients, prebiotics, small level of lactose, and their vibrant dual carbohydrate mixture, Similac Comfort formula attacks acid reflux.

Features Prebiotics

When the word bacterium is heard, what subconsciously comes to mind is something dangerous and medically inimical, right? I get that. But the thing is there are certain kinds of bacteria that are helpful, and instrumental in digestion and maintaining good gastrointestinal health.

Now, you may be wondering where and how prebiotics come in? Here is it. Prebiotics help to foster and feed these helpful bacteria: a premium reason you should not sleep on Similac Comfort formula.

Works for Babies Who are Lactose Intolerant

Here is a formula that comes with 98% less lactose compared with milk, and makes ideal nutrition for babies whose mother’s breast milk is rich in lactose. The elimination method, as much as it works, is not the best way to soothe a fussy baby. The process of this method is usually long and painful not only for the mother and the baby but also for anyone around.

Similac Total Comfort takes this unnecessary inconvenience from the equation and helps relax your baby as quickly as possible.

Bottom Line

Similac Total formula is not called miracle formula for nothing. It has the potentials to ease even the fussiest of babies.

In this content, we have answered all the possible questions you might have about Similac Total Comfort. We wish you a comfortable experience!

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