Elecare Vs. Neocate Vs. Puramino

Elecare Vs. Neocate Vs. Puramino

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Elecare Vs. Neocate Vs. Puramino

One of the delightful things a parent love to see about their little ones is growth. There was a time your baby would not take any food other than breast milk. There is also a time when he or she will have to gravitate towards formula. And if your little one is currently in this phase, then we already know that picking a formula for your baby can be quite difficult a task.

 This is not too much to understand, given the numerous brands of baby formula that are on the market. And while all of these brands claim they offer the best for your baby and his or her needs, it is still up to you to decide, as nobody can know your baby and what will serve him or her best, as much as you do.

Now, it is one thing to get a formula for your baby, it is another thing to ensure the formula is hypoallergenic. Because, of course, hypoallergenic formulas are different from regular formulas, and are specifically made for babies with special needs. If your baby happens to be one who requires a hypoallergenic formula, then come off your worries, we are here to contrast Elecare Vs. Neocate Vs. Puramino. And it is our hope that you find the best one for your after reading this article.

So, yes, shall we dive into it?

Elecare Vs. Neocate Vs. Puramino


Elecare is a type of formula that is amino-based and specially designed for babies who lack the tolerance for hydrolyzed or intact protein. In a more basic term, this means that Elecare is a formula specifically formulated for babies who have issues tolerating intact cow’s milk protein.

By reason of function, amino acids are nutrients with easy digestive ability, and a quality protein source for your little one. This translates to an easy digestion for your baby, and a prevention of the possibilities of the incidence of colic.

Aside from the fact that this formula is hypoallergenic, it has been clinically established as a formula that is supportive to the growth of specially formula-fed babies. Elecare does not stop to serve your baby here, it goes ahead to help handle the symptoms that accompany severe food allergies and GI conditions.

Corn syrup solids is the main ingredients from which Elecare is made, and high oleic safflower is the second ingredient and one that many formula manufacturers have done away with. Triglycerides are the third ingredient, and all three of them offer your baby all the vital nutrients he or she needs to win all the milestones of their first year. Elecare comes with formidable 35 vitamins and iron, which include iron, vitamin A and D. A sound mind and a strong body is what that means. DHA and ARA- the same nutrients found in breast milk are also in Elecare, and that is a great brain and eye development for your darling.

As for the Pros, they are outlined above.


  • Quite expensive
  • Strong smell and taste


Does your baby have a cow milk allergy? Neocate is the way. Does he or she have multiple food allergies? Neocate is the way. Or related conditions such as GI? Neocate is still the way. Neocate is free of most of the things that will not help your baby’s health. Things such as dairy, soy oil, and sweeteners.  And with 28 important vitamins and minerals, your baby’s development cannot be healthier.

Neocate has Corn syrup solids, refined vegetable oil, and high oleic sunflower as the foremost ingredients. And they provide everything your baby needs- from fats to proteins to carbohydrates, in his/her first year. Like Elecare, Neocate also comes with DHA and ARA- two nutrients present in breast milk and that support visual and cognitive development in babies. Above are all the pros of Neocate as a formula. Below are the cons.


  • Selectively affordable
  • Strong smell and taste
  • Difficulties with mixing mixture


Puramino offers nutrition to babies who are suffering from multiple food allergies, complicated cow’s milk allergy, and or other digestive hitches. One of the things you should look out for in a formula as a parent is whether the formula will help your baby grow not just a healthy body, but also a functioning brain. And all thanks to DHA- a nutrient present in breast milk, Puramino helps your baby have a standard mental development.

There is a saying that genius leaves clues, and we are not left in the dark as to why Puramino is as good as the way it is. It is because it was made by the same people who made Nutramigen – a hypoallergenic formula that helps children and toddlers who have an allergy to cow’s milk. So, of course, there is little or no wonder, if you ask us.

If you are looking to put your baby on a healthy formula start, Puramino is pretty much excellent for this task. As it can serve as your baby’s only nutrition source for 6 months of age, and his or her main nutrition source for up to 2 years of age.  Puramino is not only amino-acid based, it is also rich in iron, and suitable for other conditions such as protein maldigestion, short bowel syndrome, eosinophilic esophagitis, and chronic diarrhea.

Above all the Pros of Puramino, and below are the cons


  • Strong smell

Elecare Vs. Neocate Vs. Puramino – The bottom line

Your baby is just starting out in life, and as he or she grows, so does their need for food and different nutrients. Baby formulas make a great supplement, and in some cases, a great replacement for breast milk. And really, this is very much visible, given the fact that formulas, especially the likes of Elecare Vs. Neocate Vs. Puramino contains some of the very nutrients that make breast milk outstanding for child development.

You know your baby needs a formula- that is fixed. But in a market where there is a thousand type of the formula you are looking for, you need a guide to help you make the right pick, and this is what we have done in this article. If you have read it, then happy formula-shopping!

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