How to mix formula without bubbles

How to Mix Formula Without Bubbles

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Searching for how to mix formula without bubbles? Baby formula was introduced to be a nutritious and healthy alternative to breast milk. And for many decades now, they have been a constant source of essential nutrients for infants.

Baby formulas abound on the market. There are countless brands to pick from, which are all still excellent. But while buying a good formula is one thing, preparing it the right way is another. Of course, anything that has to do with babies should be handled properly, because, unlike adults, babies are yet to have fully mature body systems.

Bubbles are a thing with formulas, especially when they are not prepared well. But the likelihood of having bubbles in your baby’s formula is dependent on the type of formula you buy, and or the way you prepare it. And the bad thing about these bubbles is that they have the tendency of giving your baby gas.

The bubbles are full of air, do not forget, and the air will definitely go somewhere in your baby’s body. This can result in burps, bloating, and flatulence.

Why is Baby Formula Bubbly?

Baby formula is bubbly because it is not prepared properly. And this frequently happens if and when your baby feeds from a bottle. If you are using a bottle that has an uncanny tendency to trap air inside, your baby is very much likely to suck in more air than normal.

What usually causes bubbles in baby formulas is mixing the formula with water. If you mix your baby’s formula with water, then the next thing to do is shake just so it can mix properly. That mixing, really, is what causes bubbles.

Powder formulas are however more likely to become bubbly, compared to their liquid and ready-to-feed counterparts. The only thing is, these counterparts happen to be quite more expensive than the powder ones, and hence are rarely affordable by average families.

That is not to say that your baby cannot get the best because of financial constraints on your family’s part. S/he can. You can still get a powder formula, as there are some who do not foam as much as others.

If you can get high-quality and certified organic types of powder formulas, your baby is good to go. Though, these formulas are usually formulated for babies suffering from gassiness and reflux.

Is Foamy Formula Bad?

It actually is. It just does not do your baby’s digestive system any tinker of good.

The consequential conditions of giving your baby a bubbly formula are not actually fatal, or dangerous. Gassiness is one of these conditions and is usually not dangerous for some babies.

Bloating is another consequential condition that comes from taking bubbly formula. Bloating babies go through so much pain that they squirm, cry, and remain uneasy until they have released the gas.

Spitting up milk is another issue that results from bubbly formulas. All of these pains can be avoided if the bubbles are evacuated.

Does Bubbly Formulas Cause Gas?

The bubbles in the formula contain air. So it is that when your baby digests a formula containing bubbles, the tiny air bubbles transfer right into their system, resulting in gas.

Gassiness is not in itself inimical or dangerous, and of course, it is possible for a baby to be gassy and not feel or show any form of discomfort. But some babies actually experience pain, for real!

Can You Stir Formula Instead of Shaking?

Shaking a baby formula comes with bad results such as air bubbles in formulas and all. But stirring is an ideal alternative. It is just that there will still be problems if the stirring is not done the proper way.

Here is the right way to stir the formula: hold the top of the bottle, and make circles with its base. This works like magic!

Below are methods that show you how to mix formulas without bubbles.

3 Ways to Mix Formula Without Bubbles

  1. Swirling Formula Instead of Shaking: By now, you already get that shaking your baby’s formula is the reason bubbles form in it, and that these bubbles are not healthy or helpful for your baby’s digestive system. The good news here is that, instead of shaking, you can go for swirling. Swirl the bottle very quickly round in circles, put lid on it, and rotate it in the air.
  • Use a Formula Mixer
  • A formula mixer will help to ensure that the powder milk is thoroughly mixed with the water in the bottle. One good formula mixer you can get for this purpose is the LivingEZ Smart Formula Mixer Pro-App Controlled WIFI Baby Formula Dispenser, shown below.
LivingEZ Smart Formula Mixer Pro- App Controled WiFi Baby Formula Dispenser Machine- Automatic Baby Formula Maker Bottle Milk Mixer Powder Blender for Similac Enfamil (2.4G Wi-Fi Only)
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Top Features:

  • Formula dispensing machine
  • Formula concentration and bottle tray
  • Wider customizable design
  • App remote control
  • App connection support Wi-Fi signal with 2.4GHZ

Living EZ is a lifesaver for parents of newborns. The excellence is in how this dispenser comes through in the middle of the night. In inconvenient moments like that, a button click in this mixer is the gap between you and a fantastic formula. The duration does not exceed 10 seconds.

  • Use Dr Brown’s Mixing Pitcher
Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher
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Dr Brown’s formula mixing pitcher takes the stress out of formula preparation for you. You can mix up to four bottles and save one at a single time. It comes with a versatile mixing blade that dissolves formula in no time, and of course, without clumping. It has a flexible stopper that can be modified, and is able to prevent the mixing blade from escaping the surface of the liquid – to the end that air introduction is kept minimal.

Additional perks? It is easy to disassemble, clean, has a compact size, is dishwasher safe, and free of BPA.

Top Features:

  • 32 fluid ounces capacity
  • Plastic material
  • Blue color
  • Adjustable stopper
  • Locking lid
  • Soft grip handle
  • Ribbed pitcher spout

Bottom Line

Bubbles can really not be done away with; so long you mix your baby’s formula by shaking the bottle. And bubbles are no good things for the digestive system of your little angel. Gassiness and bloating are the two common resulting conditions of feeding your baby with bubbly formula.

In this content, we have shown you how to mix formula without bubbles rather than shaking your baby’s formula. We hope you find them hopeful.

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