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Alimentum Powder Vs. Ready To Feed: Which Is The Best?

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The essentiality of baby formulas in the development of a baby can’t be neglected. Most times, you go through several formulas to know the right one for your baby. Similac Alimentum is an example of the numerous formulas you can feed our baby. This formula is specially made for babies with milk protein intolerance, cow’s milk allergy, colic, and other related issues. It’s hypoallergenic and contains hydrolyzed milk protein- also, it’s not dairy-free, meaning it is not suitable for babies with a dairy allergy.

Similac Alimentum, a product of Similac, exists in two forms for babies’ consumption; ready-to-feed and Powder form. Since parents have two forms to choose from, they get into the dilemma of not knowing the baby’s right form. ‘Is it the Powder form or ready-to-feed form?’ they’ll think, but this article will solve the dilemma.

 It’ll contain what you should know about Alimentum powder vs ready to feed forms so that you can make the decision on which is best between the forms. Thus, sit tight!

Alimentum Powder Vs. Ready To Feed

Alimentum Powder

Similac Alimentum powder form is a hypoallergenic formula meant for babies with colic, rashes, inability to sleep, and milk intolerance. It has a bitter taste that seems to make babies reject it at first introduction.

Pros of using Alimentum powder

1) Affordable

Similac Alimentum powder is relatively cheap, although it’s more expensive than regular formula. This is so because it’s a formula specially formulated for babes with milk intolerance. However, it’s cheaper than the ready-to-feed form.

2) Corn ingredient

The formula contains corn as one of the ingredients, meaning your baby will get the required nutrient. Hence, this powder is suitable for babies without corn allergies.

3) Convenient

It’s relatively easy to feed the formula to your baby. Since it’s in powder form, you only have to mix it with the right amount of water, and it’s ready. With Alimentum Powder, you get the chance to mix your desired amount of water into the formula, unlike the ready-to-feed form.

4) Flavourings

Due to the bitter taste of Alimentum powder, you get the chance to add flavor to your baby’s formula so that she can accept and eat it. Although the flavor you add depends on you, it’s your chance to add that food you’ve been to, meaning to give your baby. Many parents use flavors like maple syrup, apple puree, pear, etc., to tune down Alimentum Powder’s bitterness.

5) Hydrolyzed milk protein

The formula contains hydrolyzed milk protein; that is, the milk protein has been broken down for easy digestion. It’s gentle on babies’ tummy because of the broken protein and suitable for babies with lactose intolerance. 

Cons of using Alimentum powder

1) If your baby’s system doesn’t approve of Alimentum powder, you’ll see her stool having yellow color and runny.

2) It has a bitter and unpleasant aftertaste that makes the baby reject it.

3) Alimentum Powoder isn’t suitable for babies with corn allergies because it contains corn.

4) It can invoke more gassiness in babies, and it’s not ideal for babies with soy intolerance.

Alimentum Ready-to-feed form

Ready-To-Feed(RTF) Similac  Alimentum is a hypoallergenic, corn-free, and liquid formula that’s specially formulated for babies with colic, gassiness, and milk-intolerance. It’s the kind of formula that you can feed your baby on-the-go because it’s premixed. With this formula, you don’t have to worry about mixing your baby’s meal before consumption.

Pros of using Alimentum Ready-To-Feed Formula

1) Ease of use

The formula is relatively easy to use, such that you just have to feed it to your baby without mixing. It’s preserved by refrigerating, so you don’t have to worry about it going spoil. It’s also suitable while traveling that you won’t get the chance to mix powder formula.

2) Taste

Unlike the Alimentum powder with a bitter taste and smell, this formula has a better and sweeter taste such that babies accept it easily when introduced.

3) Tapioca starch

Alimentum ready-to-feed contains tapioca starch which makes the formula easy-to-digest for babies. This ingredient makes babies who reject the powder form take to this form readily.

4) Corn-free

This formula is corn-free, meaning that babies with corn allergies can drink it. You should know this is quite the opposite for Alimentum Powder which has corn as one of its ingredients.

5) Insurance covered

Since Alimentum ready-to-feed is a bit expensive than the powdered form, your insurance can cover the cost if it’s medically recommended for your baby. Hence, you don’t have to worry to you choose this formula for your baby.

Cons of using Alimentum Ready-to-feed

1) Alimentum ready-to-feed is quite expensive, and that’s not the case for the powder form.

2) Although this formula is premixed, it’s still a bit thicker than usual, which doesn’t sit well with some parents.

Besides, after seeing the pros & cons of both Alimentum powder vs ready-to-feed, you should be able to choose the right one for your baby. The answer to which is the best between both formulas depends on your view, so check to see the one that suits you and your baby. However, seeing the similarities between both formulas can also help you to make the decision.

Similarities between Alimentum powder vs ready-to-feed formula

1) Both of the formulas have hydrolyzed milk protein.

2) Both of the formulae are more expensive than the regular formula

3) Both of the formulas are not for babies that are dairy intolerant.

4) Both of the formulas are Similac products.

Bottom line

Baby formulas are in variety, so it’s necessary you know the right one for your baby before purchase. Similac Alimentum is one of the specially-made baby formulas. It’s made for babies with milk intolerance and colic issues; however, the milk is in multiple forms. It has the ready-to-feed and powder form, and people often get confused about the best between these two forms. Hence, this article highlighted the pros, cons, and all you should know about these Similac Alimentum forms.

Consequently, if your baby has to take this formula and you don’t know the best one to choose, read the above article, and you’ll get your answer.

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