Nutramigen powder Vs ready to feed

Nutramigen Powder Vs. Ready To Feed

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Are you considering choosing between Nutramigen powder Vs Ready to Feed? Enfamil has produced a series of formulas, so it’s up to you to choose the best and perfect one for your baby. Nutramigen is one of the formulas from Enfamil, and it’s a specially made formula. It’s manufactured especially for babies with lactose intolerance, colic, gassiness, and diarrhea. The formula is hypoallergenic, made with iron, and contains hydrolyzed milk protein. Its composition is similar to the constituent of breast milk, making it a suitable formula for your baby.

Enfamil Nutramigen is in the powder and ready to feed form. Both of these forms are available for your baby’s consumption- they both contain the required nutrients for the baby’s growth and development. However, some parents will like to know the best between these two formulas. They want to know the better form because they’ve tried one and it didn’t work out, or they’re about to buy the formula and would like to know which to choose.

Pediatricians mostly recommend the formula for babies with colic, diarrhea, and milk intolerance. Hence this article will show you what you should know about the ready to feed and powder form of Enfamil Nutramigen, so sit tight, and let’s ride!

Nutramigen Powder

Nutramigen powder is a baby formula made with hydrolyzed milk protein and iron. It’s hypoallergenic and mainly for babies with colic, milk intolerance, and rashes. It has a bitter taste due to its unique ingredients, and it’s quite useful when administered.

Pros of using Nutramigen Powder

1)   Dairy-free

Nutramigen Powder is dairy-free, meaning children with dairy intolerance can easily take it. This attribute complements the fact that the formula is meant for special babies.

2)  Iron-fortified

Nutramigen Powder is iron-fortified; that is, it’s a perfect formula for your baby’s consumption. Iron is a vital nutrient found in breast milk, and it’s responsible for rapid growth and development in babies.

3)  Cheap

This formula might be more expensive than a typical formula because it’s recommended, but it’s still cheaper than the ready to feed form. Hence, between Enfamil Nutramigen Ready to feed and powder form, the powder form is more affordable.

4) Corn syrup solids

It’s seen from research that that formula contains corn syrup solids; thus, babies can have the needed nutrients. It’s, therefore, fit for babies without corn allergies.

5) Mixed Formula

Unlike the ready to feed form of this formula, Nutramigen Powder needs to be mixed before consumption. With this formula, you’ll get the chance to use your desired water and amount that’ll suit your baby’s taste.

Cons of using Nutramigen Powder

1) Nutramigen Powder has a bitter and unpleasant taste that doesn’t sit well with babies’ taste buds. You might experience your baby rejecting the formula at first introduction.

2) The formula can make your baby release more gas if it’s not suitable for her tummy.

3) This Nutramigen Powder formula isn’t perfect for babies with corn allergies because it contains corn as one of its ingredients.

4) You need to mix the formula before your baby can consume it, which might be stressful for some parents.

Nutramigen Ready To Feed

As said before, there are two forms of Enfamil Nutramigen, and the Ready to feed form is the second; you’ve seen the first. Ready to feed Nutramigen is a dairy and soy-free formula special-made for babies with milk intolerance. It’s a hypoallergenic formula, lactose-free, and helps to eliminate cow’s milk allergy in babies.

Pros of using Nutramigen Ready To Feed

1) Better taste

This form of Enfamil Nutramigen has better taste than the Powder form. It has sugar, a bit higher than the Powder, from which your baby will accept it easily.

2) Ease of use

This formula is premixed; that is, it’s in the liquid from when purchased. It will really come in handy while on trips/journeys, and you need to feed your baby.

3) Easy to digest

Due to the fantastic ingredients of Enfamil Nutramigen, it’s easy on babies’ tummy, and your baby won’t have any issue digesting it.

4) Preservatives

Since the ready to feed formula is in liquid form, it’s more exposed to spoilage than the powder form. Thus, it contains some preservatives that’ll increase its shell-life so that your baby will use it for a long time. You can also preserve the formula in the refrigerator for an additional life span.

5) Corn-free/Soy-free

Ready to feed Nutramigen doesn’t contain corn and soy. Therefore, babies will corn allergies can consume the formula without having allergic reactions, and babies with soy intolerance can consume it too. So, this Ready to feed formula is a perfect formula for your baby if she’s either allergic to corn or soy intolerant.

Cons of using Ready to feed Nutramigen formula for your baby

1) It’s more expensive than the Nutramigen powder formula, which is one reason many parents go for the powder form.

2) This formula is a bit thicker than usual, meaning you’ll probably have to add a few drops of water to reduce its consistency.

Making the decision on which to choose between Nutramigen Powder and Ready to feed formula depends on you. Hence, from the pros and cons of both formulas, you should be able to choose your choice. Although the similarities between both formulas can also be of help, so see them below.

Similarities between Nutramigen Powder Vs Ready to feed formula

1) Both of the formulae are a product of Enfamil

2) Both of the formulas are meant for babies with cow’s milk allergy, colic, lactose intolerance, diarrhea, and insomnia.

3) Both of the formulas are hypoallergenic and dairy-free.

Nutramigen Powder Vs Ready to Feed formula

Enfamil Nutramigen is a specially-made formula for babies suffering from health issues like insomnia, diarrhea, colic, etc. it’s mostly recommended meaning it’s far from being a regular formula. However, the formula has two forms; the Powder and ready to feed form. 

Thus, some parents will love to know the best between this form, like who wouldn’t want the best, right? Luckily, the above article contains the answer to the best formula form. It also includes all you should know about each formula, so it’ll be better if you make use of the details.

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