Formula Milk Not Dissolving Properly

Formula Milk Not Dissolving Properly? 5 Things to do

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There are many factors surrounding the right way of feeding formula milk to a baby. At times, the process is not as straightforward and direct as it seems. Every part of parenting is a bit complex, and formula feeding is not an exception. As there is the question of what is the most ideal formula for a baby, so is there the question of what to do when formula milk is not dissolving properly.

One of the things that prevent formula milk from dissolving is an imbalance proportion between powder and water. If you have noticed that your baby’s formula milk is not dissolving properly, here are 5 things you can do:

  1. Warm Water Before Adding Powder: Basic chemistry helps us know that the most insoluble substance loses mind at the introduction of heated water. So if you have formula milk that is not dissolving well, then do you agree that you have not tried dissolving it in warm water? If yes, try to warm the water, before you add the milk powder, and see a different result.
  • Add More Water: If the milk-water mixture is more of powder than water, though, you really cannot expect to have properly dissolved milk. No. The ratio of water to the milk powder should be greater, on the water part, depending on the quantity of scoop in the mixture.
  • Mix the Formula Milk in a Separate Bowl: Here is another thing you can do: Before pouring the formula into the bottle for your baby, mix the formula in a separate bowl and use a wire whisk.
  • Ring the Brand’s Helpline: If the issue of formula milk not dissolving properly persists, you might want to connect with their helpline and find out if other mums have had a similar complain. This inconsistency in dissolution is something the makers must know about, as it will not only help them get better, but also improve the product experience for many other children.
  • Follow the mixing guidelines on the Product’s Package: Every brand has guidelines for mixing their formula. So it will be very well counterproductive to mix Gerber the way you would mix Similac. Hence, the importance of sticking to the peculiar directions of the purchased or desired brand. It is however fair to mention that, not every time should you be worried about formula milk not dissolving properly. The fact is, there are times the dissolution will not be even, and that’s not injurious at all.

There are actually no critical dangers attached with unevenly mixed formula. If formula milk is too watery or diluted, it leaves your baby with little to no nutrients to consume. And in the case of improper dissolution, dehydration is the only possible result

Similac Formula Not Dissolving

Have you noticed that no matter how much you stir or shake baby bottle of Similac formula, it hardly dissolves properly? The issue is not typical to you, as many parents like you have had the same complaint. But there is a question you should answer before we move on, which is, do you put the water in first or the formula?

If the formula takes precedence, then that is most probably the reason for the improper dissolution. The right procedure is that the water comes first, and then the formula. And you shake the mixture, not lightly, but vigorously. Like vigorously.

If you have shaken it, and the result is still not what you want, you can try again by swirling the bottle first, before you shake it this time. With the top of the bottle held in your hand, the bottom moves in circles. If this does not work, then try another formula, with your doctor’s recommendation, of course.

Cow and Gate Formula not Dissolving

A handful of parents have a complaint or two to lodge about how Cow and Gate formula does not dissolve properly. And honestly, so long your baby does not have a problem with the formula and is responding well, there is nothing to be worried about. But if the sight of those bubbles annoys you, you can just add a drop of infacol into the milk. All the froths and bubbles will be dissolved, leaving you with smooth milk.

Aptamil not Dissolving

Many parents dislike Aptamil because they think it just cannot and does not dissolve. But that’s not the whole truth. They have been shaking it the wrong way. If your baby’s Aptamil is not dissolving, here are things you can do:

  • Allow the water to cool in the bottle for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Put the powder and shake for a couple minutes
  • In the process of shaking, keep the bottle in a vertical position ( do not tilt it upside down or laterally

Do these, and be amazed by the result.

What Happens if Formula Isn’t Shaken Properly or You Forgot to Do So

No big deal! The only thing that happens when baby formula is not shaken properly or you forgot to do so is that, lumps could be created and this could take a toll on your baby’s kidney by causing dehydration.

How to Mix Formula Without Clumps

  • Use warm water instead of cold or water at room temperature
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly and vigorously
  • Mix with a formula mixer
  • Purchase the right formula
  • Read the mixing guidelines on the product’s package


Formula milk not dissolving properly can be the result of a number of reasons. You might be using the wrong formula, have missed reading the guidelines on the product’s package, and mixing it the wrong way. When preparing the formula, the formula quantity in the mixture should not outweigh the water; neither should the water outweigh the formula. There is a need for a balance between the two.

In this article, we have demystified the mysteries surrounding Formula milk not dissolving properly. And it is our hope that the information helps you.

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