Formula similar to Enfamil reguline

5 Best Formula Similar To Enfamil Reguline

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Getting the best formula for your baby can be difficult or easy, if you’re lucky.  As it is, there are various brands of baby formula such that you might not know which to choose. Enfamil Reguline is a product of the popular brand “Enfamil,” and it’s a formula made, especially for babies that find it difficult to poop. The formula is equipped with partially hydrolyzed non-fat milk with whey protein from soy- this, it’s perfect for lactose intolerant babies. However, some parents tend to get curious about formulas similar to Enfamil Reguline.

The suitability of Enfamil Reguline for babies can’t be overemphasized. Its efficiency in babies suffering from gassiness and fussiness is truly amazing. But, are there formulas similar to Enfamil Reguline? Yes, there are. Since there are various baby formulas in the market, it’s quite possible to find formulas that looks like Enfamil Reguline.

Some formulas perform the same function as Enfamil Reguline in babies. Hence, this article will show you the baby formula. 

Formulas Similar To Enfamil Reguline

1) Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Gentlease Infant Formula

Here is a milk-based formula that uses a partially hydrolyzed non-fat milk and whey protein just like Enfamil Reguline. It’s equipped with corn syrup solids that make protein formula digestible in your baby’s tummy. Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Gentlease Infant Formula’s taste is a lot like breast milk, and your baby will get familiar with the formula in no time. 

This fantastic baby formula is the only formula with ‘inositol,’ a compound present in Breastmilk and responsible for brain development- Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Gentlease Infant Formula will aid your baby’s growth and development. It also reduces fussiness and gassiness within 24 hours and can provide your baby with her needed nutrients within the first year.

Enfamil designed this special formula for babies free of protein allergies, and it’s said to contain twice the amount of DHA found in other brands.

2) Similac Advance Infant Formula With Iron

Similac Advance is another formula that is similar to Enfamil Reguline. Though it’s milk-based, it doesn’t contain any artificial growth hormone that might affect your baby’s growth. It has several nutrients that your baby needs for rapid growth and development; Vitamin E and Lutein are also part of its ingredients. Its taste is quite similar to breast milk, and it has an immune-boosting prebiotic that’s found in the milk.

However, this formula is meant for babies that aren’t allergic to protein since it’s made with cow’s milk. However, it’s a bit expensive, and not all babies like its taste immediately.

3) Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief with DHA and ARA Toddler Formula

It’s a baby formula that resembles Enfamil Reguline in some ways. Firstly, it’s also made for babies with constipation and digestion problems.  It doesn’t contain lactose and is well equipped with nutrients like DHA & ARA that are normally present in Breast milk.

It’s one of the perfect formulae that will solve your baby’s gassiness and fussiness within a short period – also, it doesn’t contain any Genetically Modified ingredients and corn syrup. It is organic, meaning most of its ingredients are natural, and Vitamin E is an example. Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief with DHA and ARA Infant Formula might cause mild constipation just like other formulas, and it hasn’t been FDA approved for feeding infants. 

4) Gerber Good Start Gentle For Supplementing Mothers

This is a good baby formula that bears similarities to Enfamil Reguline. Gerber Good Start Gentle For Supplementing Mothers is designed with recommended Docosahexaenoic acid(DHA), responsible for developing your baby’s brain and containing proteins that aren’t heavy on babies’ tummy. It’s a milk-based formula that contains whey protein concentrate like Enfamil Reguline. It suits babies with lactose intolerance and reduces fussiness in your baby.

Gerber Good Start Gentle For Supplementing Mothers is designed to taste like breast milk and has nutrients present in the milk. It’s easy-to-digest and has probiotics to encourage healthy digestion. It also contains both Lutein and Vitamin E that’ll aid your baby in getting a healthy and strong body system.

5) Similac Pro-Total Comfort

Similac Pro-Total Comfort is a product of the famous brand “Similac” similar to Enfamil Reguline. The baby formula has partially hydrolyzed protein to aid digestion in babies and contains immune-boosting protein regularly found in Breastmilk. The immune-boosting protein is responsible for empowering your baby’s immune system and eliminating harmful diseases and infections.

It’s a digestible formula made for babies with sensitive tummies. It has Lutein to improve your baby’s eye health and Vitamin E to support body cells’ development. Similac Pro-Total Comfort doesn’t have any artificial growth hormones, and it’s said that it reduces fussiness & crying within a day of consumption. It’s a hypoallergenic formula meant for babies with regular formula allergies- meaning you can choose it if your baby gets allergies to many formulae.

Similac Pro-Total Comfort is specifically made for babies with lactose intolerance, resending Enfamil Reguline, and it also resembles breast milk in taste, texture, and benefits.  It’s equipped with OptiGro, a mixture of the nutrients in Breastmilk; that is, your baby will get the full benefit she will get from breast milk. The formula is available in powdered and ready-to-go form, like other formulas, and you can choose whichever you want.

Bottom Line

The right formula for your baby doesn’t dawn on you at once; if it does, then you’re extremely lucky. Getting the right and suitable formula for your baby is like a minefield, and you’ll have to go through several formulas to get the perfect one. Enfamil Reguline is an efficient baby formula specially designed for some specific babies, and it’s said to be effective. But since all babies aren’t the same, some parents tend to look for formulas similar to Enfamil Reguline.

Hence, some formulas are quite similar to Enfamil Reguline, and you’ll find them in the above article. .

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