How Much Rice Cereal is in Enfamil AR

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A common question most moms want answers to is – How much rice cereal is in Enfamil AR? Enfamil AR is a special formula formulated to minimize incessant spit-up in babies – which is often a result of the ever-growing digestive system of the baby. It has been consistently proven to be effective in helping babies who have spit-up issues.

Enfamil AR is a top-notch formula for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons includes that it scores the reflux reduction standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This formula serves babies in such a way that throughout their first year, their nutritional needs are met in a complete way, and their early milestones are supported quite well.

The formula comes with rice cereal, and the reason for this addition is just so it can be thickened. This way, there will be no need to add anything more. 

However, many parents have this question; how much rice cereal is in Enfamil AR. And if you are one of these amazing parents, then this is the right content for you to read.

How Much Rice Cereal is in Enfamil AR

Enfamil AR is made from a handful of ingredients, and comes with different nutrients. One of them is rice cereal. The rice cereal in the formula makes it thicker. This helps your baby deal with spit-up and other digestive issues that have to do with lightness of the formula texture.

Can you Add Rice Cereal to Enfamil AR

Originally, Enfamil AR is a formula that comes with added rice cereal, and this culminates into a solution that helps babies manage spit-up issues and common reflux. If need be, yes, you can add rice cereal, but in moderate proportions, so as not to prevent the passage of poops. 

Top Features of Enfamil A.R.

  1. Minimizes Spit Up By 50% :

Enfamil A.R baby formula prides itself on its ability to minimize spit-up by 50 percent. This is evidenced by an intensive study carried out on infants who spit-up as frequently as five times a day and more. The result of this study establishes a proof that 50% babies spit up less minimally on Enfamil AR than they did at the outset of the study. This makes Enfamil AR an ideal formula for spit up – all thanks to rice cereal.

  1. Eases Reflux: 

A study masterminded by Children health partners establishes that introducing a small quantity of rice cereal to either formula or breast milk helps in easing common reflux in babies. 

While some parents prefer to mix rice cereal with every bottle of prepared formula, it is important to know that as much as this solution is nice, it can take lots of time.

Enfamil A.R baby comes in a readily thickened form, so you need not worry. All you need to do is mix your bottle with one of their available bottles.

This adds up to ease the severity or tenseness of your baby’s reflux, thereby helping her feel better and comfortable.

  1. Milk Based Perfect Nutrition:

The difference between Enfamil AR and your breast milk does not have to be very wide, and this is where Enfamil AR comes in. This formula is a milk based formula that has been tailored to mimic breast milk, in terms of nutrition and hygiene. It contains all the vital additions, the likes of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

Of course, you can expect that nutrients such as iron, calcium, folic acid, and others are not left out of the mix. One advantage of cow milk formula is that it works for virtually all babies, except of course, ones who have allergy for it.

  1. Probiotics:

With Enfamil AR baby formula comes a mix of two chief probiotics which are instrumental to your baby’s digestive health. Medical experts establish it that probiotics are safe and healthy organisms that live in the body and support digestion. 

These organisms are of great health benefits to your baby’s digestion process, especially when they take them in moderation. 

  1. Has Two Forms:

The fact that this formula is available for you to buy in two different forms is another sleek feature that deserves your attention.  You are able to get the small premade bottles for hands-on access, or even the powdered version. That luxury of choice is just all yours.

The ready- made version is more expensive, though, but is worth it, considering how it comes in handy as a time saver in the middle of the night, and can be easily carried around in a bag on the go.

  1. High Ranking Seller:

Enfamil AR baby formula is the prominent best seller for all infants, under one year of age who has issues with spit-up or common reflux. And the brand has a track record of excellence that speaks for them anywhere and anytime. 

Does Enfamil AR help spit up?

Yes, of course. Enfamil AR helps to ease spitting up in babies. This is only possible because it comes with an added rice cereal that makes the mix a thickened one. 

Does Enfamil AR make baby fat?

Baby formulas are great supplements for breast milk, no doubt. But research lately seems to establish a connection between cow’s milk formula and weight gain. And this puts Enfamil AR, as a formula, in a downside. 

Does Enfamil AR cause constipation?

Constipation is rarely an issue with breastfed babies. Most of the time, it happens to formula-fed babies, and the reason is not far-fetched. Formula is thicker than breast milk, and can take a longer time to course through your baby’s digestive system. 

At times, it happens that the molecules in the formula are difficult to digest, and this can lead to a variety of digestive issues with the inclusion of constipation. So yes, a trace of constipation is possible, though, it still depends on the systems of different babies.


Enfamil AR formula is a uniquely formulated cow’s milk based formula designed for the special needs of babies who spit-up or have issues with common reflux. In this content, we have discussed the quantity of rice cereal it comes with, amidst other important information. We hope the reading helps you.

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