Puramino vs Neocate

PurAmino vs Neocate

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Feeding your baby is an essential step to ensuring they grow properly. You can either feed your baby with breast milk or formula milk. Formula milk which is also known as the baby formula is manufactured for babies to be taken after birth as a substitute for breast milk. The baby formula is usually made from cow’s milk which has been treated and it mimics the nutrient found in the breast milk which helps them have a healthy development. There are different types of baby formula that you can give your little one, however, some baby formula is given under medical supervision. Hypoallergenic formula is part of the types of baby formula given under medical supervision. Hypoallergenic formula is given to a baby who has been diagnosed as being allergic to cow’s milk. This type of formula is suitable for babies who have a problem digesting cow’s milk-based formula since it has a fully broken down protein. This would prevent any form of allergic reaction.

PurAmino and Neocate are brands of hypoallergenic formula in the market and since they are both similar, parents find it difficult to pick which one to get for their little one. Below is a description of both PurAmino and Neocate so the choice of selecting can be easier.

PurAmino Infant Formula

PurAmino is manufactured by Enfamil, a recommended brand for the management of severe cow’s milk allergies in babies. It is an iron-fortified, amino acid-based, hypoallergenic formula that is given to babies who cannot process cow milk-based formula. PurAmino is formulated with the essential nutrients that your little one needs for healthy development during the first year. It contains ARA and DHA, which is an important nutrient that supports brain and eye development. If your little one is allergic to cow’s milk, soy milk, or any other formula that does not have its protein broken down, then the PurAmino Infant formula is a fantastic choice. Below are some of the pros and cons of the PurAmino Infant Formula.


  • PurAmino Infant Formula is amino based, hence, babies with a sensitive digestive tract would have fewer reactions
  • PurAmino Infant Formula has a gentle formulation and it is also recommended for babies who have food allergies and shortened bowel syndrome
  • PurAmino Infant Formula enables your baby not to miss out on protein in the diet which is necessary for the complete development of the tissues and organs in the body


  • PurAmino Infant Formula does not have a favourable taste and smell which makes some babies spit out the formula
  • PurAmino Infant Formula is a little bit too pricey

Neocate Infant Formula

Neocate Infant Formula is manufactured by Nutrica and it is based on a 100% free amino based formula with iron which are the building blocks of protein and is completely non-allergenic. Neocate provides the essential nutrients which your little one needs for healthy development and its ingredients are broken down to its simplest form so it can be easily processed and digested by your baby. Neocate Infant Formula contains DHA and ARA which is an essential nutrient that supports the development of the brain and eye. It can also be recommended for babies with related GI and allergic conditions, short bowel syndrome, malabsorption and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Below are some of the pros and cons of the Neocate Infant Formula.


  • Neocate Infant Formula is the only hypoallergenic formula that does not contain soy oil
  • Neocate Infant Formula ingredients are derived from non-GMO
  • Neocate Infant Formula is great for a wide range of food allergies and intolerances
  • Neocate Infant Formula is the best choice for babies with the most sensitive tummies
  • Neocate Infant Formula is produced in a lactose-free environment to prevent lactose contamination


  • Neocate Infant Formula does not have a great taste and its smell is no pleasant which makes babies spit it out when given
  • Neocate Infant Formula contains a small number of minerals and vitamins
  • Neocate Infant Formula is slightly more expensive than other hypoallergenic formulas

Puramino vs Neocate: Which formula is the best?

Babies are different. Some babies might get used to it and you might see a noticeable change within few days while others might still have allergies or the change might take longer. This does not necessarily mean that the hypoallergenic formula isn’t active. Knowing the best formula for your little one depends on trying different brands of formula until you see a change. It has been recommended that you stay on a hypoallergenic formula for at least 2 weeks before moving to another brand if no change is noticed. Although some paediatricians claim any of the two hypoallergenic infant formula can be used interchangeably, some parents claim a brand worked and a brand didn’t work.

PurAmino and Neocate are both hypoallergenic formulas that can be prescribed by a paediatrician for a baby who has cow milk allergy but they both have some similarities and differences. Below are some of the similarities and differences you should know.

  • PurAmino and Neocate are both amino acid-based formula, hence, they give your little one the protein needed in the body by providing protein in the basic form: amino acid.
  • Neocate contains more nutrients than PurAmino
  • PurAmino uses more corn syrup than Neocate
  • Neocate does not use Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) unlike PurAmino

Hypoallergenic formula is produced and recommended for babies who have been diagnosed as being allergic to cow’s milk. PurAmino and Neocate are part of the types of hypoallergenic formula sold in the market. Although, both PurAmino and Neocate are hypoallergenic formula, they both have their similarities and differences. It is recommended that you use a brand of hypoallergenic formula for two weeks before changing to another brand if you do not see any changes in your baby’s health. It is important to note that, If the parents have a preexisting condition of diabetes, it is best that the baby avoids the consumption of excess corn syrup, hence, hypoallergenic formula with less corn syrup should be recommended. Ensure you see a pediatrician if you do not see changes in your baby after using more than two brands of hypoallergenic formula

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