Switching from Alimentum

Switching from Alimentum: All You Need to Know

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Nobody cares how amazing an infant formula is, if it does not work for your baby, it should simply be thrown away. Alimentum is a hypoallergenic formula from Similac, is nutritionally balanced, and works for babies with food allergies such as colic symptoms due to protein sensitivity.

Alimentum has an effect so rapid that excessive crying due to cow milk’s protein sensitivity is reduced in your baby, in a matter of 24 hours. It comes with nutrients similar to those present in breast milk.

But this doesn’t make it ideal for every child. And if it is not for yours, we have provided alternative formulas to switch to in this content.

Switching from Alimentum to Soy

Soy is a nice alternative to Alimentum, but be sure the baby you are giving soy does not have, or has gotten over his/her milk allergy, as Soy is not hypoallergenic like Alimentum is. Soy works wonders for babies, helps baby’s gas, and is also less expensive.

Some parents reported constipation with Soy, and prune juice is advised for such cases. Yet such report still can’t be taken as absolute, as different babies react to different formulas in different ways.

Switching from Alimentum to Similac Pro Advance

While some babies do exceptionally well with Alimentum, others may have bloody stools. If your baby happens to have blood in his or her stools, then a switch to Similac Pro Advance makes sense. The Pro Advance is an immune-nourishing formula that comes with a unique blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. What these ingredients do is, help your baby develop a healthy brain, great eyes, and strong cells.

Similac Pro Advance is the foremost infant formula with zero artificial growth hormones. And in just one day of feeding, it has the ability to reduce fussiness, gassiness, crying, and spit-up in your baby.

Switching from Alimentum to Similac Pro Sensitive

Similac is a prominent formula brand with 2’FL human milk oligosaccharide, which is a prebiotic that nourishes your baby’s immune system, the way breast milk does. Similac, as a brand, prides itself on their avoidance of artificial growth hormones.

Their dairy ingredients are solely sourced from cows that are yet to be treated with artificial growth hormones.  This formula is clinically proven to support your baby’s cognitive, visual, and cellular development.

It is a value that is worth every penny you put into it.

Switching from Alimentum to Regular Formula

Aside from another infant formula, you can also make a switch from Alimentum to regular formula. Say, for instance, your baby has been on Alimentum since he was three months or thereabouts old, and he recently started acting fussy. This is a good indication that you should make a switch to regular formula.

Regular formula means a formula that has no special feature, unlike Alimentum, that is specifically for babies with allergies.

Neuropro Gentleease Baby Formula is a formula you can consider as regular. It mirrors breast milk features and supports brain development.

Switching from Alimentum to Nutramigen

If your baby is one who is allergic to the cow’s milk protein in infant formula, Nutramigen comes with hydrolyzed protein to offer colic relief plus enflora LGG probiotics to offer the colic solution and support to safeguard your baby against allergies in the future.

Factually, Alimentum and Nutramigen are nearly similar, in that they are both hypoallergenic and proven to manage colic effectively. And as a matter of fact, Alimentum manages colic faster than Nutramigen does.

Alimentum is also thicker, especially the ready to feed version, which makes for softer stools. Nutramigen is however expensive.

Switching from Alimentum to Gentlease

In your switch from Alimentum to Gentleease, you need to first make an informed comparison. Alimentum is designed for babies with an allergy to milk protein, and is hypoallergenic. It comes with proteins that are readily broken down for your baby’s easy digestion.

Gentleease on the other hand, is an infant formula with reduced lactose or milk sugar. So, of course, if you are sure your baby has allergy to milk and digestion issues, you could stay fixed with the great Alimentum.

But if she does not, it is normal that you transition to Gentlease.

Switching from Alimentum to Total Comfort

Total comfort, as the name implies, is a comfortable switch for you to make from Alimentum. If you have especially been trying to get your little one off Alimentum all this while to no avail, Total Formula is the messiah here- it is a great transitional formula.

If you have tried other formulas, and your baby turned it down, vomited, or became colicky, just try Total Comfort for a change of story. There is a slim chance your baby might spit up with Total Comfort, and that happens with Alimentum too. It is just that, with Total Comfort, nothing changes her comfort. Plus it is 50% expensive in relation to Alimentum.

Switching from Alimentum to Elecare

Switching from one formula to another is not always easy. And because every child has a different body system, you as a parent need to take the feeding peculiarities of your baby into cognizance.

The key to a successful switch is persistency. Nobody is saying it will be easy, or the experience will be readily sweet, but with time your baby will get used to it. If your baby refuses Elecare the first few times, which is too likely, you can combat the refusal by sweetening the formula with organic brown sugar.

Switching from Alimentum to Neocate

Blood in stools is one of the few downsides, but the ugly side effects of Alimentum. If this has happened to your little one, you should, of course, switch to another formula such as Neocate. But you need to take the introduction easy, as your baby may not accept it the first time.

What you can do in this case is, mix the Neocate with Alimentum, and see if your little one will take that- she should, actually. And one more thing, expect your baby’s poops to be quite dark when she starts on Neocate, iron is contained in it.

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