What to do with old baby bottles

What to Do With Old Baby Bottles

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Very few things stay in use for life, and baby bottles are sadly not one of them. When you ponder on ways to evacuate your baby gears, you may find yourself wondering what to do with old baby bottles, considering how much money went into purchasing them.

Of all the things in your mind, throwing these precious items away is the last. But here’s the truth; items like feeders and baby bottles become unimportant once your baby transitions to solid foods. Now, you really don’t want to imagine throwing those bundles of money away, and we get it. It is why we have provided, in this article, some ideas on what to do with old baby bottles you have been storing up all the while. So, here!

What To Do With Old Baby Bottles

You can do a number of things with your old baby bottles, and they include recycling, donating them out, converting them into small do-it-yourself art pieces, and many more.

But here are some specific suggestions you can hop on.

1.         Recycling

Yes, if your baby bottles remain good after use, you can very well recycle them.

How to recycle old baby bottles

Every plastic baby bottle comes with a production number. Instead of grouping them based on their production numbers, which can be a little stressful, you can group them based on their types.

If your baby bottles are made of glass, and not plastic, there’s still a place for you as some curbside recycling programs accept glass. All you need to do is, take off the nipples and rinse the food completely out from the bottles.

After doing the aforementioned, drop the bottles in the bin and voila, they are up for recycling! If you have a recycler, you can recycle with them, or put a call through for the bottles to be picked up.

3.         Donate Baby Bottles to Charity

Besides the rubber nipples, plastic baby bottles, especially if they still look new, can be donated to charity organizations. However, you should remember to get rid of the nipples, as it has a high tendency to house germs from foods eaten in the past.

4.         Donate Baby Bottles to Zoo

If you have ever owned a baby kitten or puppy, chances are that you know what feeding a pet is like. Once your little one outgrows liquids and transitions to solid foods, you should consider giving their old bottles out. There are lots of facilities within the country that are in need of nursing bottles for their baby animals. Your old baby bottles can come in handy for many animal shelters with puppies, kittens, and other small pets to tend to.

5.         Use Them As Travel Snack Containers

Some baby bottles quite have the storage, and won’t be bad to keep some cereal on a long trip or your way to work.  If you are wondering what to do with old baby bottles, you can use them as cereal containers, given that they are lightweight, very mobile, and can easily fit into your purse.

6.         Use Them To Feed Their Dolls

If your baby has older siblings or there are kids within your home’s reach, your old baby bottles can find good use. Kids like to play Mum and Dad, sometimes. And rather than bothering yourself about what to do with old baby bottles, you can simply hand them to your children or other children to use as their doll’s milk containers. This is a lovely investment in the growth of children, and they will appreciate the gifts.

7.         Use As Measuring Cups For Liquids and Grains

If your baby bottles are like the ones that come with measurement lines on their sides, that is some good news! As a mother, you will always need to measure something, whether liquid, grain, or anything. Days may come when you will need an accurate measurement for one reason or the other, and these old baby bottles, you can be sure, can come through for you. Hold them tight!

8.         Sell Them 

Apart from donating your old baby bottles to people and causes, there is also a way by which you can get them out, but guess what? With some bucks back in your purse! You sell them. Some organizations are in the business of buying old baby gears that are, however, still in good shape. You can locate one, whether online or offline, and resell your baby’s old bottles to them.

Additionally, you can make use of social media platforms to network with other mums around who may have need of baby bottles, and you can sell to them at a subsidized rate. Keep in mind, however, that nipples are not to be sold alongside the bottles.

9.         Give Them Out To A Friend/Someone Who’s Expecting A Baby But Lacks The Means

If you think you can afford to gift new bottles to your friend at their baby shower, it will be a beautiful thing. But it is fine if you cannot. You can simply pick some of the baby bottles your baby has outgrown that are still in good shape, wash them, and present them to your friend in an almost new look.

Also, if you have flowers with shallow roots and small stems, you can plant them in your old baby bottles.


If you are looking forward to having another baby, you can reuse your old plastic baby bottles. The nipples, however, must be replaced.

So if you think this baby is not the last for you, it is better you preserve them rather than give them out. It quite saves you money!

Bottom Line

You have seen above that you can do many things with old baby bottles. While some ideas are universal, others are often the results of intrinsic creativity and innovation. You can use some old bottles as pencil holders, or to clean out paintbrushes. You can also give them out to charity organizations, caregivers, and mothers who do not have the means.  

In this article, we have discussed nine significant things you can do with your old baby bottles. We hope these ideas help you get rid of your old baby bottles in the way that you like!

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