How to cook baby food in a hotel room

How to cook baby food in a hotel

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Are you planning a trip with your baby and are wondering how to cook baby food in a hotel? If yes, then you are in the right place. Taking little babies on a journey and staying in a hotel is not easy, especially, if the baby is a toddler that has started eating solid foods. Notwithstanding, this article is written to show you what to cook for your baby in a hotel.

Let’s get started.

Hotel policies in cooking in hotel rooms

Most hotels do not allow guests to cook because the rooms are not created for such activities. This is because cooking can generate smells that are difficult to evacuate and fire hazards may occur. Imagine a guest cooking and unintentional fall asleep and then the food gets burnt and smokes is everywhere. That will be disastrous for the hotel management. The most painful thing is that the hotel’s insurance may not cover the fire caused by cooking. Again, it is profitable for hotels to cook for guests during their stay.  However, there are exceptions.

Most hotels have exceptions depending on their nature. For example, some hotels and motels do have cooking facilities. Also, most rooms in hotels have kettles for boiling water. There are different kinds of baby food you can make with hot water. We will discuss this later on.

Many hotels also offer microwaves so you can cook little food for your baby.

Therefore, you may want to check with the hotel you are booking if they allow cooking in the room, if they have a kettle for boiling hot water and if they have a microwave you can use for cooking baby foods. Based on their answer, below is baby foods you can cook easily with boiled water. But before then, let’s take a look at the items you need to make the food easier to cook.

Items needed to make cooking baby food easier in hotels

1.           Portable and rechargeable blender such as the Cuisinart RPB-100 evolutionx cordless rechargeable compact blender. This blender only takes 2 hours to charge and then you can use it for almost a week long. With this, you can easily puree some vegetables and fruits quickly for your baby.

2.           Storage containers: You should use plastic containers because they are airtight, lightweight, shatterproof, and leakproof. It is also lightweight.

3.           Freezer storage bags: These are suitable for storing frozen baby foods, such as vegetable purees.

4.           Insulated food jar or thermos: These are useful for storing baby food to prevent them from thawing before you reach your destination. A good example of a thermos is the Breastmilk Chiller Reusable Storage Container by CERES CHILL.  

5.           Snack catchers: It is a toddler snack container with flaps to access foods. It can hold up to 9 ounces of snacks that are suitable for use in the hotel or on the road.

6.           Reusable pouches: This is where you can store your homemade baby food.

7.           Insulated food bag: This is great for transporting cold or hot baby food while traveling. One of the best out there is the large insulated bag with Thermal foam insulation. It is also reusable.

8.           Baby wipes/washcloths: This is for cleaning babies up in case they mess up their faces and cloth while eating.

7.           Travel booster seat: You need a travel booster seat where your baby can seat and eat comfortably in the hotel. One of the best you can get is the Hiccapop Omniboost travel booster seat with a tray for the baby.

8.           Small plastic pots: This is for warming baby food.

9.           Plastic bowls, spoons, and beakers: This is for warming baby food and eating.

Easy baby food to cook in a Hotel

If you don’t want to pack the foods with you from home, you can search for a local grocery store close to your hotel where you can get them fresh. This will help you to stock up on these foods so your baby can have something to eat. Check the size of the fridge in the room and buy as much as it can take within your stay there. Below are easy-to-cook foods in a hotel.

1.           Cereals such as rice and oatmeal cereals are great for babies 6 months up. All you need is rice powder (you can blend some and put them in a jar at home before you travel). If you don’t have the time to prepare it, get some in stores around you. For example, the Amara baby oats and berries are great. Making it is simple. Just boil some water in a kettle and add it to a saucepan, then add the powder to it. You can also add formula or breast milk to it to increase the nutrients.

2.           Fruits (berries, bananas, chopped apples, cut-up grapes)

Fruits are easier to make while in the hotel. You can get some not-so-ripe fruit and keep them in the fridge. Pop one or two in the portable and rechargeable blender to mix thoroughly and serve it to your baby. Same for apples and grapes.

3.           Vegetables. Yes, these are also good for hotel stays. Get some vegetable puree in stores and keep them in the fridge. Warm some for the baby in a bowl of hot water and serve.

4.           Wholewheat biscuits. This is a snack your baby can take while in the hotel. You can get them in local stores.

5.           Dairy/eggs. You can pack dairy such as milk with you in an insulated bag to keep it cool and store it in the hotel fridge. Eggs are also great. You can buy them when you get to your destination.

6.           Baby meal pouches or jars from the store such as the Gerber purees for toddlers are easy to warm up in hotels.

7.           Other foods you can take with you are, Carrot cake, Granola bars, Applesauce pouches, Yoghurt, and Rice cakes

Homemade baby food on the go

You can also cook homemade food for your baby on the go. Blend the food you will like your baby to eat along the way or in the hotel. Pour it into a container or cups and label the container with the type of food and the date it is made. Pack it in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs and put it in the hotel’s freezer or room refrigerator. The food can also for up to six months in the freezer and 48 hours in a refrigerator. You can warm them in a bowl of hot water whenever the baby wants to eat.

You can also try baby food cubes. These are baby foods blended and frozen in an ice cube tray with a lid and keep in the freezer to freeze. Once they are frozen, you can pack them in freezer bags and arrange them in the cooler with ice packs. Since they are already frozen, they can withstand long journeys. But when you get to your destination, you will have to store them in a mini fridge to keep them cold. Warm them in hot water whenever the baby wants to eat.


It is possible to cook your baby’s food in a hotel provided you know the right type of food to cook and the cooking utensils you need. All of this is explained above. It is time to get what you need for your stay in the hotel and have fun with your baby.

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