baby Too Small For A Restaurant's High Chair

Baby Too Small For A Restaurant’s High Chair? 5 Things To Do About It

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Is your baby too small for a restaurant’s high chair? Don’t worry, there are things you can do about it. Babies are always really beautiful, and sweet to carry around. Especially when they are developing, and keep growing by the day, and isn’t it just lovely to watch your baby grow. Of course, it is. As a parent, you were probably leading a busy life before your baby came around-it could be an office job, a business, whatever endeavor it is. We are sure you do not want to give it up, and why should you?

Now, let’s say on a pretty much busy day, you and your baby are famished, and need to grab a snack from a nearby restaurant. And we all know restaurants use high chairs in their dinning sections. You do not want your baby crying her voice out in a high chair; neither do you want your lap to be the table on which the food lies.

Lots of babies refuse the high chair at a stage in their development, and this most probably because it spies on their recently found independence, makes them feel far away from parents, and siblings, and like a baby they no longer want to be. You don’t have to wrestle it though, but your lap should not be the best alternative. While the tray can be removed or the seat lowered for some babies, sometimes, the concept fails. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to highlight 5 other alternatives, should use if your find your baby is too small for the restaurant’s high chair.

We know the road, so follow us.

Baby Too Small For A Restaurant’s High Chair? 5 Things To Do About It

1. Get a Dinning Booster Seat:

If you discovered that your baby does not fit well into the high chair in a restaurant you go or went to, you can consider getting a dinning booster seat. There is a type that includes a tray and a strap, and you might want to go for an even simpler one such as:

Safety 1st Just-a-Boost Big Kid Lift, Green

Just-a-boost big kid lift from Safety 1st is the tool you need to get your developing child to the ideal height at the adult table. Time waits for no one, and before you realize it, your little one can no longer fit in their baby booster feeding seat, and why? He or she is growing. Although, they may think they are grown up enough and stuff, the fact remains that they need a little lift to reach the table from an adult chair.

This tool comes with an optional comfort pad that provides added cushioning and support at needed times. It is secure, easier to clean, and non-absorbent. It has low-back design for kids who are big, and a type of seat that adjusts as your baby grows.

2. If your baby is bent on sitting on a regular grown-up chair, then you can give the product we have discussed below a try.

Kaboost under-chair booster:

Kaboost is a booster seat for dining and goes below the chair. If you want your baby to sit like a big kid in restaurants, then this portable chair booster is perfect for it.

The product features include compact and lightweight booster chair option, a snaps-on chair in seconds, and many more. It is flexible and easy to use; stays assembled even when the chair is moved.

Kaaboost booster will stay with your child on the long haul, as it is made to grow as your baby does. It comes with a sturdy design fixed to enhance chair stability.

3. Another alternative, if you do not want to buy additional gear, is a thick sturdy cushion, like the Kaboost under-chair booster. You might as well want to consider boosting her up old-school style on a phone book.

4. A separate toddler/kids table and chair set for non-family meals, also make a great deal of sense. This is an especially great option if you do not want your fine and upholstered dining table dirtied. This set is also fantastic for coloring, Play-Doh or plays date snack times.

An example of a toddler/kids table on Amazon is the Minnie Mouse Blossoms & Bows Jr. Activity Table Set With 1 Chair:

A table set made from metal, and that helps children have their own independence when carrying out activities such as playing, eating, and others.  The set comes with a table, and a padded chair. And a stunning colourful graphics and wide table surface for eating, drawing, and playing.

The table and chair have a sturdy metal tubular construction and a type of vinyl surface that makes washing it easy. Although, it has to be assembled by an adult, both table and chair have a safety locking mechanism for security. The recommended weight limit is 70 pounds; table size is 20” by 20”. It is most ideal for ages 2-5.

5. Blanket/Baby Pillow

If you find that your baby is too small for restaurant high chair, blanket/baby pillow also comes in handy. You can get a pillow that comes with a sturdy and ergonomic design, such that you can comfortably place it on a restaurant’s high chair for your baby’s height to be elevated in it. The good thing about baby pillows is that some of them leave a gentle effect on your baby’s spinal health, and makes her really comfortable wherever.  They are durable and washable, convenient and affordable.

Baby Too Small For A Restaurant’s High Chair?

Is your baby Too Small For A Restaurant’s High Chair? Check out the alternatives below. Every parent loves to be with their baby every time. And while most of the time, you and your baby often do your eating indoor, going to a restaurant at specific times is not a bad idea at all. As a matter of fact, it helps to solidify the relationship you are coming to have with your baby as he or she grows up.

That is one of the ways to give your little ones a great childhood filled with treasured memories. But there is the problem of babies being too small for the high chair in a restaurant. It is normal, you were once like that too. If you have read this article, you would have seen the 5 things we suggested you could do about it. If you have other ideas, do let us know in the comments.

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