how to breastfeed without a nursing pillow

How to breastfeed without a nursing pillow

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There is a lot of learning and unlearning involved in breastfeeding. You need to get the hang of it, including how to put your infant in a comfortable breastfeeding posture for both of you. This is made easier by a nursing pillow, which raises your little one’s head next to your breast.

Your baby can be positioned for breastfeeding comfortably since the nursing pillow sit on your lap and wrap around your body perfectly. But if the nursing pillow is not available, you might wonder how to breastfeed without a nursing pillow. Here is what you should know.

How to breastfeed without a nursing pillow?

1.         Use a nursing poncho

For women who are constantly on the move, nursing ponchos are a perfect option. They are made of a single piece of fabric that you can pull over your head for complete coverage on all sides. Moms can now use nursing ponchos such as the Milky chic nursing Poncho which provides 360-degree coverage for complete privacy without impeding movement. Your baby can stay cool, comfy, and fresh due to its soft, breathable, and lightweight cotton material.

The POGOO nursing poncho is also a nursing poncho that allows you to spend uninterrupted time with your baby thanks to the extra-large room. Along with shielding your infant from the wind and sunlight, it also encourages sleep time.

2.            Use a breastfeeding cover

Nursing covers are spacious enough for your little one to feed comfortably while cuddling up close to you.  It also offers the ability to quickly switch nursing positions. Breastfeeding covers such as the Weesprout breastfeeding hands-free nursing cover allows you complete privacy when nursing and a hands-free view of your child without limiting your changing nursing positions.

Even if you are nursing in public, the extra-large room lets you enjoy private time without having to worry about uncomfortable situations. Another breastfeeding cover is the two pieces nursing covers for breastfeeding which is large enough to ensure privacy and can be adjusted to different sizes to suit your needs. This nursing cover is made from a soft cotton material that is breathable, comfortable, dependable, and reusable. 

3.            Use a nursing sling

A nursing sling enables you to keep a relaxed, upright posture and rest your arm as it snugly cradles your little one. Essentially, it serves as a pillow to support your baby when nursing. One of the best nursing slings you can check out is the Humble bee nursing sling. With its simple, one-handed strap adjustment and safety strap clip, the humble bee nursing sling suits all body types and infant sizes. It cradles your little one safely and is made to be used both at home and while traveling. Another nursing sling is the little beam portable nursing pillow which has a hugging shape that reduces the need for straps to keep Velcro in place and offers the perfect height for comfortable fastening. It conveniently fits into diaper bags for on-the-go feedings so you can nurse whenever and wherever you choose.

4.            Use a changing pad or backpack as a cushion 

Changing pads or backpacks can also be used as makeshift nursing pillows for your baby when out in the public. It is important that the changing pad or backpack are soft enough to ensure your baby is comfortable.  One of the best changing pads available on Amazon is the RUVALINO Portable Baby Changing Pad.  

It ensures the use of hygienic and safe materials for your baby’s skin. It is lead-free, phthalate-free, vinyl-free, and BPA-free. For on-the-go changing, this item includes better stitching and padding that prioritizes your baby’s comfort. It also has a built-in pillow to support your baby’s head while breastfeeding. 

5.            Use your diaper bag as a pillow The last on the list is using a diaper bag as a pillow when you don’t have your nursing pillow nearby. A good diaper bag you can use for this purpose is the TADISNEY diaper bag backpack. It is one of the best options for nursing mothers especially if you are traveling with your infant, it provides ease like never before.

In addition to being an all-purpose fashionable diaper backpack, it also functions as a pillow for nursing. To assure your baby’s maximum comfort, the back features a breathable design. One of the must-have baby items is this simple and multipurpose baby backpack diaper bag, which also makes a great substitute for nursing pillows.

When can I stop using nursing pillows/alternatives to nursing pillows

There are tons of breastfeeding positions, many of which, according to some mothers, are more efficient and comfortable for them. There are no set guidelines for when to stop using a nursing pillow or even a substitute. Although it is always a matter of preference and comfort, there are some general characteristics to look out for.

*             Your baby’s head stability: Your need for the breastfeeding pillow would diminish as your child gets older. This is due to the fact that your baby’s head would have more stamina. The breastfeeding pillow helps position your baby’s head in the early newborn days when he or she is little since they are unable to control their head movement. You can use fewer nursing pillows when breastfeeding after you see that your baby’s head has more stamina

*             If it’s not helping your nursing position: You and your baby should always feel more at ease using a nursing pillow or an alternative. Does using it relieve neck, arm, or back pain or make them worse? Has your little one grown more agitated and started to move about a lot in search of a cozy position? You no longer need it if it isn’t assisting your nursing position and you can feed your baby comfortably without it.

*             If it doesn’t suit your body type: Moms have varying body shapes, and nursing pillows are sometimes sold without size specifications. You will undoubtedly be able to use your nursing pillow for longer if you get one that fits your size. As a result, you might need to experiment with a variety of nursing pillows, utilize an alternative, or eventually stop using one.


Breastfeeding your baby might seem easy but you would have to find the right method and position for your baby to enjoy the experience. Some moms might have questions on how to breastfeed without a nursing pillow, above are some recommendations that would help you make your decision. Ensure the breastfeeding period is comfortable for you and your little one.

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