Keep Baby from Climbing Out of High Chair

5 Ways to Keep Baby from Climbing Out of High Chair

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Searching for ways to Keep Baby from Climbing Out of High Chair? Babies are probably the most fragile category of humans alive because let’s face it, you are going to need to be careful with them all the time, especially when they are seated in a high chair. 

High chair injuries have skyrocketed so much that a 2013 research statistic has it that, for every one hour in the United States, a baby is treated in the ER for injuries resulting from the high chair.

We do not want this experience for you, and this is why we have outlined ways Keep Baby from Climbing Out of High Chair. Enjoy!

1. Use Harness and Reins

Harnesses and reins do wonders in preventing your baby from climbing out of the high chair. Asides from the fact that it affords your baby their freedom and strength when they start to walk, it also gives you as a parent the allowance to keep hold of your little one. If your baby’s safety matters to you, as we are sure it does, harnesses and reins are tools you want to have with you. 

The harness comes with features such as:

  • Completely adjustable waist, shoulder, and anchor straps
  • Amazing ‘press to release’ fittings on anchor straps and walking rein
  • Press to release back clasp

And it is washable in machine, plus suitable for usage right from birth up to your baby’s fourth birthday.

With harness and reins, your baby is kept from swerving too far, and maintained in an expected fixed position.

2. Get a Tripp Trapp High Chair

The Tripp Trapp Chair is a chair that will stay with you and yours for the long haul. It comes with a seat that is adjustable and offers comfortable and convenient positions for users of diverse ages. Whether a newborn or an adult, Tripp Trapp High Chair enjoys serving you well. And really, to think of it, this flexibility is really all that matters.

For the newborn set, the chair can be transformed into an infant seat, which works for babies up to 20lbs. It features double adjustable positions and a leg support, which both add up to an enjoyable environment for your little one. 

There is also a feature that combines the Tripp Trapp High Chair and the Tripp Trapp Baby Set to offer babies from 6 months to 3 years of age all the comfort that they deserve.

3. Feed the Child on the Floor

Instead of placing your baby in a high chair, from where she could fall or get some terrible injuries, you could consider feeding her on the floor. This is actually a natural hack, which not only spares you the worry of having an injured baby, but also the bucks that go into getting a high chair.

In this case, you put your baby on the floor, sit down with her, and feed her for as long as you both want. Yes, this may not be the most convenient of methods, but is certainly one of the safest. 

4. Put Shoes on the Baby’s Feet – it makes it difficult to climb out

Another way to keep your beautiful angel safe and seated in a high chair is by wearing shoes on her feet. There is something you need to know as a parent or caregiver, and it is that you do not actually have to get the most expensive or flashy high chair. Because why do that, when you can make a moderate high chair work for your baby? 

And by making it work for your baby, one of the DIY hacks available is putting shoes on your baby’s feet while she is on the high chair. Now, this method helps keeps your baby safe in a high chair in a few important ways. Chief of which is the fact that it restricts your baby’s movement out of the chair. You see that? Simple, yet productive!

5. Use a Baby Booster Seat at the Table

When you hear that a nest booster seat can give babies as little as nine months of age a stable seat at the family table, you know it cannot be from any producer other than the legendary OXO Tot. It has a soft and flexible cushion that can always be removed. It has high back and sides, and a Nest Booster that parades the ability to make a child-friendly seat out of any grown-up chair. 

Babies can be quite a miniature escapee, but thankfully not with the two side-release buckles in this nest booster seat that keep kids sturdily strapped in. 

It comes with a 3-point harness system that keeps even the most unstable tot stable and grows as your child does. The transportation has been made pretty easy, all thanks to the built-in handle.

What to Do When Baby won’t Eat in High Chair?

Like every human being, babies too tend to have hard times putting up with change and transitions. It feels strange to them at first, and sort of threatens what has become usual to them. 

Most of the solutions to this issue still have a way of boiling down to just one thing, which is: if your baby refuses to eat in a high chair, feed her on the floor, feed her somewhere else.

When is The Child Too Old For a High Chair?

There is actually no pinpoint age when your baby has to stop using a high chair. But you should know that he/she is ready to quit sitting on the high chair between the ages of 18 months to 3 years. During this age range, you can be sure your baby is strong enough to keep herself in balance for most of the time, although she could still fidget at times.


Above are ways to Keep Baby from Climbing Out of High Chair. High chairs are there to help your baby have comfy sitting postures when eating, or just relaxing. But this does not preclude the fact that they are liable to fall from these chairs. We believe that you’ve been able to glean one or two methods of preventing your baby from climbing out of high chairs. 

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