Can a baby have honey Graham crackers

Graham Crackers and Honey: Can a baby have honey Graham Cracker?

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Honey is something every parent with little babies run away from. This is because it causes infant botulism. This is why most moms ask “Can a baby have honey Graham cracker? Graham crackers are a staple sweet snack made from graham flour which ground more coarsely than the conventional whole wheat flour. Parents prefer to indulge their little ones in Graham crackers than other sweet snacks since it seems like a sensible and healthy option. Although Graham crackers are a good source of whole grain, fiber, and a good snack to munch on, it should not be given to a baby in excess due to the amount of sugar, artificial flavouring present per serving size.

A better option is to get a plain, honey, or cinnamon flavored variety that is GMO-free and contains a smaller amount of added flavouring. Babies are not meant to have solid meals which include cookies and crackers until they are 6 months old so they can get the needed nutrients needed to build their immune system from breast milk or formula. Therefore, until your baby is 6 months of age, it is not advisable to introduce Graham crackers during meal or snack time.

Can babies have cinnamon Graham cracker?

Cinnamon can be found in different snacks and meal. It has several benefits which include promoting good respiratory health for your baby, building your little one’s immune system against bacterial and fungal infections and improving your baby’s digestive capacity. It is regarded safe to be given to a baby from 6 months of age. Cinnamon Graham cracker is made with whole wheat flour, real cinnamon for a delicious flavour, no high-fructose corn syrup and non-GMO ingredients to give your baby the nutrient needed.

Although cinnamon doesn’t usually cause allergic reactions, it is important to give your baby any snack that contains cinnamon including cinnamon Graham cracker in little quantity because heavy exposure can lead to diarrhea, stomach disorder, and allergies. Ensure you monitor your baby’s health after introducing cinnamon Graham cracker, discontinue giving your little one the cinnamon Graham cracker and see a pediatrician if any allergies occur.

Is the honey in Graham cracker safe for babies?

Honey is beneficial to the immune system because it contains antimicrobial properties and works as an antibiotic to fight against bacteria. It may seem like the perfect substitute for sugar since it is natural but it has been recommended that babies younger than 12 months old should not be given honey because it contains spores of a bacterium called clostridium botulinum which causes infant botulism.

Infant botulism is a serious condition that attacks the body’s nerve and causes your little one to have constipation, difficulty in breathing, weakened muscle control, and trouble swallowing. Although the honey found in honey Graham cracker is processed and in little, it is advisable to give your baby honey Graham cracker to eat in little quantity from 12 months of age because, while adults and older children can digest the bacteria with no side effects, a baby’s digestive system would not be able to digest the bacteria. You can place a call to the manufacturer to be sure the honey Graham cracker is pasteurized and safe for your baby.

Are all Graham crackers made with honey?

Graham cracker is a popular whole-wheat cracker made with the special graham flour. The main sweetener for Graham cracker is sugar but other sweetening ingredient used in making some brands of the cracker includes honey. Some Graham cracker is made with real honey to give the cracker the right amount of sweetness while others are honey-free for babies who would react to honey. It is important to check the ingredient on the pack to ensure you are getting a Graham cracker free of honey if your little one has allergic reactions caused by honey or if you are giving the cracker to a baby younger than 12 months of age.

Substitute for Graham crackers without honey for babies

Graham cracker with honey is not suitable for babies younger than 12 months due to the presence of honey which could cause an infant botulism or other severe reactions. Below are brands of Graham crackers that are made without honey that can be given to your baby from 6 months of age. Ensure you monitor your little one during snack time to ensure no allergic reaction or case of choking hazard occurs.

Nabisco Original Graham Cracker:

This brand of Graham crackers has the right amount of sweetness for your little one and each cracker would give a satisfying taste. Nabisco Original Graham is made with Vitamin B1, B2, and folic acid to give your baby some essential nutrients. It does not contain any artificial flavour or colour. The only sweetener added is sugar and it is appropriate for a substitute if you don’t want to give your baby any cracker with honey. Nabisco Original Graham Cracker is suitable for your little one’s afternoon treat.

Keebler Original Graham Cracker:

This brand of Graham crackers has a crispy texture and a sweet flavour that your little one cannot resist. It contains vitamin B1 and B2 to give your baby some nutrients even while snacking. It is a suitable substitute for Graham crackers with honey since it does not contain honey as an added sweetener, so you can be sure that the health of your little one is not put at risk.  It is made with enriched graham flour, free of cholesterol, colors, and artificial flavours. Keebler Original Graham Cracker is a delicious snack to give your little one a sweet treat.

Babies love to snack but it is important as parents to ensure that your baby is not snacking on any cracker or cookie that could cause an allergic reaction. Graham crackers are made with enriched graham flour, it is a sweet snack that some parent would rather give their babies. Honey is beneficial to the body although it should not be given to a baby younger than 12 months old. Some graham cracker contains honey, which could cause infant botulism and your baby should be strictly monitored if given any graham cracker with honey. Above are other substitutes of the graham cracker that does not contain honey and is suitable for your baby from 6 months of age.

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