Can babies eat refried beans?

Can Babies Eat Refried Beans

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Baby’s diet is important while growing up. Your little one is still developing and you wouldn’t want a diet that will give your baby an unhealthy development. It has been recommended that babies are fed with breast milk or formula for the first six months and then fed with solid food from 6 months of age. Most moms ask “Can babies eat refried beans?” Yes, babies can eat refried beans.

Refried beans is a meal made from cooked and mashed beans. It has a soft and creamy texture and it is a perfect puree for babies. Refried beans might be considered unhealthy to incorporate into your little one’s diet but a deeper look into the nutritional details of refried beans shows that it can be healthy for your baby. The only important factor in preparing healthy refried beans for your little one is making sure it is prepared with a small amount of olive oil or other types of healthy oil which keeps your refried beans free from fat and bad cholesterol which your baby’s developing digestive system does not need.

When refried beans is prepared with animal fat, it tends to be unhealthy, high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Refried beans are made from pure pinto beans which are mixed with some spices. It is good for your little one and you can be sure it would accelerate the good health of your baby. Refried beans can also be mixed with rice if you do not want to give your baby only refried beans.

There are different brands of refried beans but picking the best brand of refried beans for your baby is important because you have to be conscious of what your baby eats to avoid putting your baby at risk of serious complications. Below are a few brands of refried beans which you can get for your little one.

Top brands for refried beans

1.           Bearitos organic fat-free refried beans: This brand of refried beans is produced with no artificial colours, flavours or preservative. It is packed in non-BPA liners and you can be sure you’re not putting your baby’s health at risk of any complications. Bearitos organic fat-free refried beans is non-GMO verified, fat-free and have a great taste.

2.           Sonya fe bean instant fat-free black refried beans: This brand of refried beans is a great source of plant protein and it would create a balance in your baby’s diet. It is high in fibre and does not contain any fat. Sonya fe bean instant fat-free black refried beans is gluten-free and free from chemicals and preservatives. So, you can be sure your baby is eating healthy.

3.           Ortega refried beans: This brand of refried beans is an excellent source of protein and fibre that your little one needs for healthy development. You can be sure that your baby’s health is not at risk because Ortega refried beans is free from preservative and gluten.

4.           Santiago smooth refried beans: This brand of refried beans is produced with no artificial colours and flavours. It is an excellent source of healthy plant-based protein and dietary fibre. Santiago smooth refried beans is not ready-made and will need to be prepared to the desired consistency you want to give your baby. Ensure to make it soft enough for your baby to digest, to avoid putting your baby at risk of food choking.

5.           Amy’s Organic Refried beans: This brand of refried beans is suitable for your baby since it is non-GMO, gluten-free and has a great taste that your little one would love. You can be sure that your baby is consuming a healthy product. Amy’s Organic Refried beans is high in protein and fibre and it is also low in fat.

Refried beans has many benefits for a developing baby. Below are a few benefits your baby would get if refried beans is incorporated into their diet.

Benefits of giving your baby refried beans

1.           Refried beans can be easily digested by your baby’s developing digestive system than whole beans. It also helps your baby’s digestive system function properly.

2.           Refried beans is an excellent source of natural fibre which can contribute to regulating your baby’s bowel movement and prevent constipation.

3.           Refried beans is a good source of vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium which helps in building the immune system of your little one

4.           Refried beans contains protein which can help in the muscle development of your little one so your little one can have enough strength to play, walk and crawl.

5.           Refried beans are rich in polyphenols which are a type of antioxidant. These antioxidants would protect your baby’s body from diseases and bacteria.

6.           Refried beans provides your baby with both protein and iron which is a mineral that the body uses to transport oxygen to the bloodstream.

Can babies eat refried beans?

It is important to serve your baby with refried beans in a small amount to prevent gas and bloating. Refried beans are considered safe for babies, but it is important to always monitor your baby’s allergic reactions when introducing refried beans initially.  Your baby would begin to eat solid food at 6 months of age and at this age, your baby needs more nutrients than the one found in the breast milk or formula to have a balanced development and at this age, you can give your baby refried beans.

Refried beans consist of pinto beans with added spices. It is important to buy refried bean which does not contain unhealthy fats to avoid putting your baby’s health at risk. The above brands of refried beans would make it easier for you to make a choice on the brand of refried beans to get for your little one. Refried beans can give your baby so many benefits.

The above benefits are some of the nutritional benefits your little one will get. Refried beans give your baby the complete protein and fibre nutrient needed for healthy development. Ensure to discontinue any brand of refried beans that your baby has allergic reactions to. Also, ensure to see a paediatrician if you notice any change in your baby after eating refried beans.

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