Toddler obsessed with bananas

Toddler Obsessed With Bananas? 5 Things To Do About It

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For many parents, it is right to say that gone are those days when milk was the only irresistible food for their babies. Especially now, that those little ones have grown into walking toddlers, and have a completely different taste for food. 

As babies grow up into toddlers, some tend to be explorative with foods, while others tend to be picky eaters, but the fact is, as a rule of thumb, many toddlers seem to have a thing for bananas, and find it totally delicious. 

When your baby develops a knack for banana, you will probably have no problem with it, given the fact they (bananas) are easy to source, serve, and pretty versatile. Where and when the problem starts arising is when your baby takes this love to a whole new level. 

Of course, it doesn’t matter how healthy any food is, extreme consumption is an indicator of imminent harm. So, yes, you should be bothered about your baby’s obsession with bananas. And in this article, we present things you can consider doing to break the jinx. 

Things To Do About Your Baby’s Obsession With Banana

Stick to a schedule

A workable feeding schedule can help curtail your toddler’s solidifying habit of eating bananas. Planning his/her feeding time on a daily basis, helps you keep close tabs on what he/she eats. When you become intentional about what he eats, unnecessary foods are easily left out.

Distract Your Toddler

At times, boredom could be what propels your toddler to be obsessed with bananas. So, whenever he/she asks for a banana, you can always lead his/her attention elsewhere. You can make him play with his toys, go to the park, see a cartoon movie, or whatever fun makes sense for him/her.

Actually, Say No

This may be hard, especially when the toddler is obsessed with banana. But if you will keep giving in to his/her cries, on the long haul, you’ll find that you have done more harm than good. 

This is why you need to stand your ground, and actually make your toddler understand that he cannot have a banana every now and then. You are helping his health, that way.

Give Your Toddler Plenty Of Water And Fiber

Obsession doesn’t stick in a day, and you should not expect it to vanish in a day. You are going to need to give it time. Meanwhile, giving your toddler plenty of water and fiber can help suppress the effects of too many bananas. This way, you can reduce his/her chances of taking bananas, and at the same time, protecting his/her health.

Keep Bananas Out Of Reach

Psychology has it that, the elimination of cues from the environment is one of the single most effective ways to break obsession. So if you really must stop your toddler from being obsessed with bananas, do not only keep the same from their sight but also take anything that could trigger the want, away.

How Many Bananas A Day Is Safe For A Toddler

Many toddlers, including yours, love banana, no doubt. Banana is sweet, has a great texture, and goes soft on digestive systems. But, you need to be cautious so your toddler doesn’t overeat. Now, the ideal banana servings for toddlers is 1-1.5 large bananas, per day. 

Is Banana Milk Shake Good For Babies?

Did you know that milkshakes are the healthiest and tastiest recipe you can offer your baby? The health and taste effects double, if the milkshake happens to be one made from banana! Banana milkshake works pretty well for your baby, especially when she’s teething, and actually growing. 

Not only does it improve digestion, it also keeps your baby full for a long stretch of time. Hence, banana milk shake is superlatively healthy!

Basic Benefits Of Banana

  1. Banana contains many vital nutrients (potassium, vitamins, magnesium, manganese, copper, fiber, net carbs, etc.)
  2. Bananas regulate blood sugar levels
  3. It enhances digestive health
  4. It aids weight loss
  5. It supports heart health
  6. It helps you feed full
  7. Banana contains antioxidants
  8. It improves the health of the kidneys
  9. Bananas have benefits for exercise
  10. It is easy to add your diet

10 Amazing Facts About Banana 

  1. Bananas are one of the most popular foods in American culture 
  2. Bananas stay afloat in water because of their relatively low density
  3. Bananas grow on plants known as herbs
  4. Bananas belong to the class of berry 
  5. Bananas are said to be mood enhancers. In that, they contain substances that help in the production of serotonin 
  6. Bananas contain a high level of potassium and a low level of salt, hence, lower blood pressure, and protect heart health 
  7. We, humans, share about 50% of our DNA with bananas
  8. Bananas contain high fiber content 
  9. The interior of a banana peel helps treat itching and inflammation – poison ivy, or bug bit 
  10. Bananas lower the risk of stroke and heart attack

Is Banana A Good Breakfast For Toddlers? 

Banana is a good way for your baby to kick start their day, as it comes with ingredients that are fantastic for toddler cooking. Rather than adding refined sugar to your baby’s food, a banana gives you a sweetening effect, in ways that are natural and healthy.

In place of butter or oil, as well, mashed banana can be used to keep muffins and cakes moist.

Banana Serving Size For Baby 

Considering the factor of sugar, fiber, and balanced diet, babies should have nothing more than ⅓ of banana per day. 

Can Banana Make My Baby Hyper?

It is possible that your baby gets hyper when eating banana. Bananas contain sugar, and could give him/her a rush.

Can I Give My Baby Banana In The Evening? 

The best to time to give your baby banana to eat is in the morning and or noon. Giving them at evening or night, may complicate digestion, and cause cold.

Can Baby Choke On Banana? 

Bananas do not necessarily choke babies. Any food can actually cause choking, and what you can best do, is pay attention to your baby while they’re feeding.

Is your toddler obsessed with Bananas?

When your toddler is obsessed with Bananas and you want to help them to get rid of the obsession, the first thing you can do is to stick to a schedule, then distract the toddler and then say no, every time they request it. Also, give your toddler lots of water and fiber and keep the bananas out of reach.

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