reheating unused and left over formula

Can you Reheat Unused and Left Over Formula?

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Are you wondering if it is good to reheat unused and left over formula? Baby formulas are usually expensive and wasting a spoon can be betraying your prudent personality. It’s just that now that you have a baby who is in the process of growth, things no longer revolve around you alone. Nursing a baby is full of different experiences. And in all of these, one thing is sure; you do not want to waste a single drop of your baby’s formula. However, regardless of how expensive baby formula is, there are specific guidelines regarding storage, reheating, and reusing.

Leftover Formula Risks

Always ensure to dispose of any leftover formula in the bottle after feeding your baby. Refrigerating the left-over formula to give to your baby later is not a good idea. When your baby drinks from a bottle, there is a contract between the bacteria in her mouth and the formula in the bottle. And these bacteria fester in the formula. This increases the risks of food poisoning for your baby, considering her young age and immature immune system.

Baby formula is not usually very durable, and has the potential to develop bacteria rapidly between 40- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. You should never make the mistake of leaving the formula sitting out at room temperature; neither should you let a feeding last for more than an hour. This is because of spoilage.

Babies have their ways of indicating when they feel satisfied and do not want to eat anymore. When your baby is filled up, she might turn her head away or stop sucking. Once your baby registers these indications, you should know it is time to stop feeding her.

Do not force your baby to finish her formula when she is clearly filled up. This could lead to overfeeding and put her in an uncomfortable state. All leftovers should be disposed of.

Can You Reheat Unused Formula?

If you have reheated a formula once, you should not by any chance reheat it. Once you heat a baby formula, it should be used up in a matter of just an hour.

If the unused formula that you are considering to reheat is in a bottle that has come in contact with their mouth, then that is an invitation to food poisoning. The bacteria in your baby’s mouth get into the bottle and contaminate the entire formula. So, the key is to always serve your baby what they can finish at a time.

So, you cannot reheat unused formula.

How Many Times Can You Reheat Unused Formula?

You cannot, or should not reheat unused formula. So, if reheating an unused formula is not a thing, there is nothing like how many times you can reheat.

Can You Put Leftover Formula in The Fridge?

You actually should not keep the formula for a time longer than the length of the feed, which rarely exceeds an hour. Leftover means your baby’s mouth has come in contact with the formula. And your baby’s mouth has bacteria that could mix with the formula. You might be considering the formula’s expenses. But checking things from another angle, you will see that you are doing your baby’s health a big help by doing away with leftovers.

Do not bother about refrigerating leftovers. The bacteria therein can still thrive in the freezer.

Can You Put Warm Formula in The Fridge?

No, it really is not advisable to put a warm formula in the fridge. And this is because reheating a formula greatly multiplies the chances of bacteria growth in the formula, as it cools off when heating is done. So, once you have warmed the formula for your little one, you should not bother refrigerating for subsequent feedings.

Should You Let Formula Cool Before Putting in Fridge?

At times, you could be busy and decide to prepare a formula for your baby that will last her for as long as you see fit. The refrigerator could be a handy gadget when it comes to storing baby formula. It is just that you should know certain guidelines so the storage can be effective.

Immediately you have mixed your baby’s formula with water, pour it in closed bottles or a container that is tightly covered, and refrigerate! Do not let the formula cool before you put it in the fridge.

Can You Warm Up a Bottle From The Fridge?

Yes, you can warm up a refrigerated bottle of formula from the fridge. And here is how: run the formula under very warm or hot water, and swirl it gently for a couple of minutes.

Another thing you can do is put the formula in a bowl or pot containing very warm or hot water until your desired temperature is reached. If you are using a pot, though, take it off the heat source before putting the bottle in it.

How to Avoid Waste

It is understandable that the huge cost of baby formula makes the thought of wasting even a little drop, sad. You actually do not have to waste anything, and here is how to go about it. When you are about to feed your baby, pour only as much formula as you consider she can finish into the bottle.

A four-week-old infant should eat nothing more than 2 to 3 ounces of formula at every feeding, while 6-8 ounces are ideal for 6 months old.

Can you reheat unused and left over formula? The verdict

Baby formula is the closest alternative to breast milk when it comes to a baby’s nutrition. It is the only food that gives your baby a solid nutritional advantage, for the first few months of her life. Hence, a widespread need for it. But formulas are quite expensive too. Everybody who knows about baby products knows it. Considering the high price, the propensity of different parents to want to always store the formula when it is made in excess is perfectly understood. But beyond the wastage, there is something better to consider, your baby’s health. In this context, we have answered your many questions about reheating unused and left-over formulas.

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