Nutramigen Side Effects On Babies

5 Nutramigen Side Effects On Babies

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Worried about Nutramigen side effects on babies? You don’t have to be. Journeying through the course of formulas can be such an overwhelming experience for parents of little ones, and particularly new parents. Your baby is gradually growing, advancing in stages, and a stage has come where formula is one of the foods that make sense for them. That is not a problem. The problem is that there is a handful of formula out there with labels claiming to be the most ideal for your baby. This too is understandable, as every brand leverages marketing tact to get their products out there.

Nutramigen is one of the formulas on the market, and not just that, it is one of the top products you can get when it comes down to baby formulas. Nutramigen was produced by Mead Johnson, the producers of Enfamil brand formulas. And it is a hypoallergenic formula designed to help babies manage certain medical conditions, including allergies. Majorly, Nutramigen is a formulated formula designed to help minimize colic in babies. And speaking of colic, it is colic related to cow’s milk allergy.

But, of course, each baby has a different body system, a different level of tolerance of formulas, with the inclusion of Nutramigen. So yes, it is possible that your baby experiences some side effects while taking Nutramigen, and luckily, that is why we are here. Below are 5 Nutramigen side effects on Babies.

5 Nutramigen Side Effects On Babies

1. Diaper Rash:

According to a pediatrician, the introduction of new formulas to your baby can cause diaper rash with a digestive complication. And this is because the buttock of your baby is a really sensitive area.  So as moisture and chemicals engulf your baby’s bottom, and the diaper moves back and forth, it is only normal that diaper rashes come up. This happens with Nutramigen. And if you just switched to nutramigen only to realize this issue, there is no cause to fret, as it should disappear within a two-week timeframe.

If, however, you notice persistence in the rash even after two weeks, then you may want to book the consultancy of your physician, as it is possible that your baby has a yeast infection.

In order to prevent diaper rash, especially the one that comes with switching formulas, then changing your baby’s diaper frequently will help, as well as removing it immediately after bowel movements.

2. Digestive Complications

Given the fact that Nutramigen is a hydrolyzed formula, the protein present in it is pre-digested and already broken down, to support digestion. Nutramigen Enflora LGG, for example, comes in formulations that work for both infants and toddlers, and with Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG (LGG) – a probiotic designed to enhance digestive health.  But the fact that Nutramigen may not sit well with some babies cannot be overlooked.

Because as much as Nutramigen was designed to help minimize issues that have to do with diarrhea and cow’s milk allergy, there are babies who have had issues with strong diarrhea.

It is pivotal to understand that if your baby has digestive issues from taking Nutramigen, your observation should not be narrowed down to the formula alone, as teething can lead to diarrhea too. If your baby is older and you make an observation of frequent chewing and drooling, alongside diarrhea, then there is a tangible tendency the issue is teething, and not necessarily the formula.

3. Weight Loss

Different formula has roughly different taste; hence it is only natural that your baby chooses one over another. If you have been using a different formula for your baby all the while, and are just making a switch to Nutramigen, there is a possibility of your baby refusing on the first attempt.  What you can do is, continue giving him or her Nutramigen by sticking to their usual feeding schedule.

With time, you will find that your baby has developed a taste for the new formula. There are chances that your reduces in weight when taking Nutramigen. And the reason could be insufficiency of calories. In which case, you may want to consult your pediatrician about great formula alternatives.

4. Stool Changes

For every new food introduced to the body, there is a new reaction. This is basic biology, and applies to not just babies but also grown-ups. It is the way the body works. So when you are giving your baby a new formula such as Nutramigen, it is no strange thing that you may spot slight changes in his/her stool fashion, gas and spitting up.

Some babies may have frequent loose stools, after introduction to Nutramigen , especially during the early feeding days. And if your baby is on iron-fortified formula, it is not abnormal that his/her stools are greenish. If stool changes bother you, then it is a sign you need to talk to your doctor.

5. Sleeplessness

Sleeplessness is another side effect that may accompany the use of Nutramigen for babies. Like we have earlier pointed out, each baby has a different biology, and hence, it is not out of place that your baby’s body system does not take a formula the same way another baby’s does.

While Nutramigen may not interfere with the sleep cycle of some babies, it may affect that of others. If your baby lacks sleep after switching to Nutramigen, then you should calm down and ensure it is the formula that is actually robbing him/her of sleep, because it may not be.

However, if after a close observation, the sleeplessness appears linked to Nutramigen formula, then consult your doctor for options.

Nutramigen side effects on babies

Nutramigen is a great hypoallergenic formula for babies, reduces colic, and minimizes cow’s milk allergy.  It comes with nutrients that are central to your baby’s healthy development. But we cannot discount the fact that every product, or most products, has its pros, and cons. Although, the pros of Nutramigen generally outweigh the cons, the specific needs of your baby have to be at the center.

If you are about to switch to Nutramigen for your baby, or have already made the switch, there is no worry. In this article, we have highlighted the side effects of Nutramigen. And we hope they help you manage your expectations, and take necessary caution.

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