Switching from Nutramigen

Switching From Nutramigen: All You Need to Know

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Nutramigen is a colic baby formula from Enfamil, which comes with Enflora LGG probiotics. It is a hypoallergenic formula clinically evidenced to get colic under control in a time as short as just 48 hours.

Most infant formula contains cow’s milk protein, which happens to be a major allergy for quite a number of children. With Nutramigen, however, you have no worries about your baby’s cow’s milk allergy.

But as much as Nutramigen is great, it may not always work for everybody. And if you think it doesn’t work for you and will need to switch, follow us closely in this content.

Switching From Nutramigen to Gentlease

Enfamil Gentlease is a kind of infant formula designed to provide a comfortable start for tummies that are as sensitive as your baby’s. It comes with proteins that are easily digestible, and faster than Nutramigen, it is clinically confirmed to calm fussiness, gas, colic, and crying in a matter of 24 hours!

Enfamil is uniquely designed to fit in with the exact nutritional needs of babies throughout their first twelve months alive. The production was inspired and patterned after breast milk, and so you can be sure the ingredients are all shades of natural.

Gentlease is a great formula to switch to from Nutramigen.

Switching From Nutramigen to Alimentum

Nutramigen is often good for some children, until they start having lots of spit up and lots of vomit. If your baby has been fine with Nutramigen all the while, but recently started having issues with it, then it is probably high time you made a switch. Speaking about a switch, Alimentum makes sense.

Many pediatricians recommend Alimentum to substitute for Nutramigen. And of course, there are babies who still have issues with Alimentum, but the powdered one to be precise. This is where the ready to feed version comes into play. If you find your baby does not like one of the Alimentum formulas, try the other.

But whichever you try, Alimentum formula is thick, and prevents issues like vomiting, and spit up, that happen with Nutramigen.

Switching From Nutramigen to Neocate

Neocate is a  great formula for your baby. But the thing is just that the results you are seeing with Nutramigen may not totally do it for you, hence your attempt to go for a switch- which makes sense! You need to know that your introduction of Neocate to your baby may be a rough experience at the outset.

Every baby reacts to food in different ways, so the first few days of the switch may be marked with constant vomiting, but do not lose heart!  It is only a matter of short time for your little one to get fully used to it, and you, be thankful you made the switch.

Switching From Nutramigen to Elecare

Projectile vomiting is one of the ugly effects that formulas have on infants and happens to be reported with Nutramigen as well. Meanwhile, Elecare is a nutritionally balanced amino acid-based formula for little ones who have an intolerance for intact or hydrolyzed protein. Because it is hypoallergenic, it lessens the effects of allergies like cow milk’s in your baby.

Elecare is specially made to cooperate with the healthy growth and development of infants that are uniquely formula-fed. Some babies vomit profusely with Nutramigen, and that is not okay, as it can lead to reduced and other associated health problems.  That’s something Elecare can correct.

Switching From Nutramigen to Similac Pro Sensitive

The tummies of most babies are sensitive, and Similac Pro Sensitive is basically made to support the growth of babies whose body system is selective of foods. If you baby suffers from fussiness due to lactose sensitivity, Similac Pro Sensitive can help you fix that. It comes with 2’FL human milk oligosaccharide, the exact immune-enhancing prebiotic present breast milk, and proven to be of great aid to your baby’s growing immune system.

Similac Sensitve Pro features a fantastic blend of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E – three ingredients present in breast milk, and that help your baby develop a sophisticated brain, and of course, sharp eyes.

There is also a palm olein oil-free mix which promotes great calcium digestion for strong and healthy bones.

Switching From Nutramigen to Similac Advance

Similac Advance is a milk-based and iron-rich infant formula that comes with a perfect nutritional package. It has Optigro, an excellent blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E, which provides support for your baby’s entire growth, brain, eye, and immune system maturity. Similac Advance is also free of growth hormones, and is as natural as your breast milk.

Because of the exact pattern of breast milk it was made after, there will hardly be a difference between a baby who takes breast milk, and one who takes this formula.

You should have the luxury of choice to decide when you stop breastfeeding, and Similac Advance gives you that and more.

Switching From Nutramigen to Soy Formula

Some babies get loose poops from Nutramigen, such that the discharge is liquid, and may even start burning his ass, in some cases. In situations of this kind, it makes sense to switch to a formula such as Soy Formula. Babies also tend to get constipated from Nutramigen, and as much as that should not be, it is not completely out of place too.

Soy formula is usually an alternative for breast milk, and is a product made with same proteins present in soybeans. It is mostly free of Lactose, and includes a different kind of sugar. Although, some parents complained of similar issues with Soy as with Nutramigen, it could work just well for your own baby.


Nutramigen is in itself an outstanding formula, to start with. It is clinically proven to be of great help to the developing body systems of little ones. But different child has different peculiarities, so Nutramigen may not exactly work for your baby in the precise way you want. That is why we have provided different switching alternatives in this content. We wish you the best!

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