SMA Gold vs NAN: Which is the best?

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According to research, a mother’s milk is the best for a baby in order to have the best nutrition. However, some moms are not able to provide enough breast milk for their baby’s appetite or might have to work and this would not afford them enough time to feed their little one. Baby formula is designed to mimic the nutrients found in breast milk so that a baby doesn’t miss out on the essential nutrients meant for healthy development.

Although, the decision to give your baby formula should be discussed with your pediatrician before you commence. There are different brands of formula in the market and you should know some information about both brands to know what’s suitable for your little one. SMA Gold and NAN are both manufactured by Nestlé, and although they are manufactured by the same company, it is important to know their similarities and differences before making your choice.

Similarities between NAN and SMA Gold

NAN and SMA Gold are both manufactured with the necessary nutrients that a baby needs to grow healthy. They both contain vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, sodium, iron, iodine, potassium, zinc, chloride, palm olein, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. Both NAN and SMA Gold are easy to digest and all the ingredients are well balanced to prevent your little one from having any side effects. Both formula brand comes in a powdered form and is non-GMO. NAN and SMA Gold are produced from cow milk and should not be given to a baby that has an allergy to cow milk protein.

Differences between NAN and SMA Gold

Although NAN and SMA Gold are manufactured by the same company and have some similarities, they also have some differences. NAN contains both DHA and ARA which are essential for healthy brain development while SMA Gold contains only ARA. SMA Gold contains Omega 3 and 6 long-chain poly saturated fatty acids, while NAN doesn’t contain either Omega 3 or 6 long-chain poly saturated fatty acids.

NAN tastes sweeter than SMA and babies would find NAN a more appealing formula except a natural sweetener is added to SMA Gold. As adults, even though you might find the taste of both formulas appealing, it is best you go with the one your little one prefers to avoid a fuss during mealtime. Another major difference between the two brands is that SMA Gold is relatively pricier than NAN.

Difference between SMA Gold and SMA Pro

A lot of moms are confused and would love to know if there is a difference between SMA Gold and SMA Pro. Both formula brands are the same. Nestlé recently rebranded SMA Gold to SMA Pro. The new unique packaging of SMA Pro is simpler, smarter, and easier to spot. It has a fresh new and improved design. But parents should be assured that it’s still the same trusted formula, but with the same ingredients and taste. You can be sure that your little one would still get the complete nutritional benefits to form the formula.

Babies cannot be predicted. Your baby might prefer a formula brand that you felt he/she would not like but, if you notice that your baby has reactions to a particular brand of formula, it is advisable to switch to another brand or report to your pediatrician. Your pediatrician is still the best person to recommend a brand of formula for your baby based on their nutritional need.

How to know fake NAN milk

No mother wants their little one to have a food complication or a more serious health hazard due to the formula being fake and adulterated. It is important to pay attention to certain details on your baby’s formula to ensure you’re not buying the fake brand. Ensure the color composition on the tin is not distorted or not balanced. The packaging of Original NAN milk is entirely different from fake NAN milk. A NAN milk also contains a QR code on the back of the tin which leads to a video showing how to prepare the formula and a fake NAN milk would most likely not have a QR code.

How to know fake SMA Gold

Many mothers have probably heard about the possibility of a formula being fake and adulterated. It is very likely that you would buy a fake brand of formula if you do not know how to recognize certain details that show it’s fake. Most times, a fake SMA Gold would not have a label showing how to prepare the formula whereas, the original SMA Gold comes with it. Ensure the tin of the formula carries the exact logo and name of the company without any typographical error. Most fake SMA Gold formula has a name error on the tin.

To be extra sure about the formula being original, you could call the customer care line of Nestlé and give them the batch number to check if the tin was produced by them. Ensure you check the tin properly for leaks, break in the seal, or any sign that it has been tampered with. Also, avoid buying your baby’s formula from unauthorized sources to avoid the risk of getting an adulterated formula.

SMA Gold vs NAN: The Verdict

SMA Gold and NAN are manufactured by the same company and they are designed to provide your little one with the essential diets. It is important to know the similarities and differences so it would aid your choice of the formula. You might be conscious of the format of the formula (powdered, liquid, etc.), the cost, or an added ingredient that could give your child an allergic reaction. The above similarities and differences would guide you in your choice. With the rate of adulterated brands of formula in the market, it is essential to know to spot a fake brand of formula, the above ways of knowing fake NAN and SMA would help you protect your baby from having any health complications like diarrhea, fever, and dehydration from an adulterated formula.

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  1. My baby love Nan n she consum a lot even getting the feeling that it can’t handle her anymore, it’s good to use Nan 2 instead? She’s just one month and 23 days today and too confuse abt her appetite at this early age

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