Baby movement while breastfeeding

7 Noticeable Baby Movements While Breastfeeding

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Babies can be quite be surprising at times, yeah? Well, it is not their fault; they are just starting out in life, and trying as many actions as possible out. These actions are not usually shocking to mothers who are nursing their second, third, or fourth child. But for first time moms, it is always like “what in God’s name is this baby doing”. It is okay, we understand.

You should only keep in mind that the majority of the movements babies make while breastfeeding are totally normal. Babies do a whole lot of things while breastfeeding, wave their arms, kick, and twiddle, touch mama’s face, play with their hands, to not exhaust the list.

These innocent beings absolutely mean no harm. They are just curious about their environment, and cannot wait to put whatever new skill they have developed to the test.

Below are the 7 movements you can notice in your baby while breastfeeding him/her.

Baby Makes Humming Noise While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby can be one amazing bonding experience. If you are a first-time mom, you may get pissed up and anxious about some things. You will get to understand that there is more to breastfeeding than just releasing your breast for your baby to latch on. At times, you and your baby have to learn to do things together.

Sounds are important things to pay attention to while you breastfeed your baby, as they help you know if you have a proper latch. They also help you know if your baby is getting milk from your breast.

If you find that your baby is humming in the course of breastfeeding, it does not mean something is bad. It could be an indication that s/he might be on her/his way to grow some teeth. Lots of mothers after noticing their babies humming while breastfeeding, shortly thereafter, notices the emergence of a new tooth.

That said, humming can also be an indication of self-soothing, and that’s a really beautiful thing. In a case where your baby has a tooth coming on the way, humming is possible to be her own way of relaxing. And well, whether your baby is teething or not, humming has never been an indication of something harmful, or something wrong with the latch or flow. No, not at all, your baby is just trying to chill.

Baby Grunting and Straining While Breastfeeding

This may come across to you as strange. But your baby’s grunts, most of the times, are absolutely normal. But if you are a first time mom, these things may be new to you, and that’s very okay.

Many parents translate their baby’s grunting to mean pain, but this is not exactly correct. When a newborn grunts, it is usually a matter of digestion. Your baby is only trying to acquaint herself with your breast milk or formula. They may be feeling uncomfortable as a result of gas or pressure which has stuck in their stomach, and they are yet to learn how to evacuate these things from their system.

Although, usually, grunting is normal for babies, but if yours is grunting every breath, has a fever, and appears to be restless, you should consult your doctor. The grunting could be an indication of a more critical respiratory problem, and requires earnest attention.

Baby Hitting Breast While Breastfeeding

If you find that your baby is hitting you while breastfeeding, do not worry, that is one of the things babies do. Babies usually hit for a number of reasons. It could be to call your attention or elicit a response from you, a form of communication, as a matter of fact. There are times, though, when the action is not accompanied by any reason at all.

In a case of several repetitions, it could be as a result of certain developments in your child’s brain. If a response trails their action, they come to learn quite quickly that response is really a thing. Another reason why your baby might hit your breast while breastfeeding is, they are just beginning to enjoy using their hands.

Baby Hands Movements While Nursing

Baby hand movements while nursing increases the mother’s oxytocin. It also enhances the nipple tissue to become erect, while the latch is facilitated. Babies are simply learning to use their hands against gravity. They lift them up, when their hands are within their field of vision.

Baby Talking While Breastfeeding

Of all the things babies do while they are being nursed, talking is also one. If you notice your baby is talking while breastfeeding, there is still no harm. It means she is having a really nice feeding time, and very much happy. Your baby talking while breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, an experience you will definitely love.

Baby Sighing While Breastfeeding

Sighing is another thing babies do while breastfeeding. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Naturally, your baby will start sighing when they are a few weeks old. This sighing is initially because it feels nice to them, and eventually because they love the response it elicits from you.

Sighing is usually a baby’s way of relaxing, and making you know they are comfortable.

Baby Gulping Air While Breastfeeding

Do you feel like your baby is gulping while breastfeeding? There is no issue! It only means that your milk supply is sufficient. When your baby gulps while breastfeeding, it means your little one is getting a proper flow of milk into their mouth.

The flow might be a little too much, and too fast for your baby. But don’t worry. It won’t take forever for your baby and body to adjust.


Babies exhibit different surprising activities while breastfeeding and we hope this content has taken the surprise from you. However, it is pertinent to keep in mind that your baby’s behaviors while breastfeeding will change, with time. As they learn new skills, it is only normal that they want to try new activities out. Just be patient, and enjoy the fun your nursing experience brings!

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