how to store milk in hotel mini fridge

How to Store Breast milk in Hotel Mini Fridge

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If you are a new mom who doubles as a working one, it is okay to accept that you may sometimes have to travel for business or official purposes. Maybe it was easier when it was just only you, but now there is a pretty little baby at home, and his/her needs must be included in the picture.

The baby has to feed, and you have to pump. If you will be lodging in a hotel whether for official or unofficial reasons and want to know what storing breast milk in a hotel mini fridge is like, here is the article you need to read.

Do All Hotels Have Mini Fridges?

While most hotel rooms have mini refrigerators, some don’t. Others may have mini fridges, but probably only in their standard rooms. The smart thing to do in this case, however, is to put a call through to the hotel and ask if you can get a room with a mini fridge. Sometimes, though, there may be an additional charge.

However, if you are opting for a suite, say for a party you are hosting or something, you will definitely get a mini fridge!

How To Store Breast Milk In a Hotel Mini Fridge

Planning to store breast milk in a hotel mini fridge? Below are tips that will greatly help you.

1.         Use a Quality Cooler Bag

In storing breast milk in a hotel mini fridge for your little one, a reliable cooler bag is the best place to start. Cooler bags are always insulated, and so will keep your milk at a good temperature. They especially come in handy if you plan to pump on the trip, or need to carry backup breast milk along. One good cooler bag you can use is the GLOGEX Portable Soft Sided Cooler Bag. It is extremely great for traveling, camping, and shopping.

2.         Ensure to Get an Ice Pack;

Great as the insulated walls of cooler bags are, they are not enough to keep your milk’s cool temperature. It is why you need a solidly frozen ice pack. You can put an ice pack in the middle, and layer one on top to reserve the temperature. However, avoid opening the compartment, so the ice pack doesn’t melt immediately. The Teamoy breastmilk ice pack is one of the best you can use for cooler bags.

3.         Use BPA-free Plastic or Glass Bottles

Should you run out of milk storage bags or bottles, you can always use a different container. It is just that they must be food-grade. If you are using a plastic container, you should watch out for containers with the recycle symbol number 7 and avoid them. The suggestion is that it may be made of a BPA- containing plastic. Keep in mind that when it comes to storage bottles or bags for your little one, compromise is a dangerous choice. BPA-free is always the deal.

4.         Ensure the Hotel has a Mini Fridge

Of course, you can’t and shouldn’t keep your breast milk in a cooler for long. You will eventually have to place it in a hotel mini fridge where the cool temperature can be maintained. If you find that your hotel room is without a mini fridge, you can simply ask one of the staff to store it for you.

However, do not forget that freshly expressed milk is as good in the refrigerator as in up to four days. It is also important to keep the bottles properly sealed, one after the other, to prevent contamination.

5.         Place Breast milk in the Back of the Mini Fridge

When storing your breast milk in the hotel mini fridge, it is important to place it in the back of the fridge, rather than at the door. Here is why; the back of the mini fridge stays cooler than the door, which is constantly exposed to room temperature.

6.         Prepare Spare Breast Milk Storage Bags

If you plan to express milk in the course of your trip, a milk bag will come in handy, especially if your cooler bag does not have all the space. Milk storage bags are thankfully bulky, can take as much milk as possible, and be kept in your hotel room or mini fridge. However, do note that you should never use bags that are not food-grade or peculiarly designed for breast milk.  This is why we love the jumbo value packs breast milk storage bags as they are specially designed for breast milk storage.

7.         Pack the Oldest Milk and Ensure they are Correctly Labeled

When considering which chilled breast milk out of your stash to choose, you should opt for the oldest one. You also want to be sure they are plainly labeled. If you are out and about and have to do the pumping on the road, remember to label it with the date of expression. To stay clear of wastage, it is advisable to use the oldest milk first.

8.         Take a Thermometer Along

Although this is not a rule, it just may help to take a thermometer along on the trip. Things happen. You may get to your hotel room and the mini fridge is not working. And without a thermometer or anything to help double-check the temperature, you will place your breast milk in the fridge in the hope that it is working. Turns out it is not. You can avoid that wastage.

How Long Does Breast Milk Last in Mini Fridge?

If the mini fridge in question has adjustable temperature control, then you can store fresh breast milk in there for as long as four days. If the fridge, however, does not have adjustable temperature control, the breast milk should not stay in there for more than two days. Also, it is better to store your breast milk in small batches.

Bottom Line

Mamas are really the most hardworking people on earth. The moment your baby cries their first, your daily life takes on an added responsibility. For them to eat, you always have to show up. Sometimes, you may need to go on an official or unofficial trip, and be bothered about what storing breast milk in a hotel mini fridge is like. It is easy, when you are familiar with key tips, just like the ones we have provided in this article.

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