best formulas similar to Aptamil

Best Formulas similar to Aptamil

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Although breastfeeding is preferable for babies and has numerous benefits, some moms may need to give their baby formula if a pediatrician recommends it. When it comes to choosing a formula for your baby, there is no doubt that Aptamil is one of the leading brands that Parents have found to be reliable for their baby’s health and well-being.

Furthermore, the Aptamil formula line has been created to assure your child’s healthy development. Babies can become used to a certain brand of formula, or you may be trying to discover what other brand to acquire for your baby. If you’ve ever wondered about the best formulas similar to Aptamil, below are some recommendations to try out.

1.         Similac Infant Formula

Similac’s Pure Bliss Infant Formula has been carefully designed to imitate the nutrients found in breast milk. You can be guaranteed that your baby’s development is safe because it contains no chemical growth hormones, antibiotics, or palm olein oil. Furthermore, it is non-GMO. The Similac formula contains DHA and ARA, which are important nutrients for your baby’s brain and eye development.

It also includes carefully formulated nutrition that begins with fresh milk from grass-fed cows. For parents on the go, four 24.7-oz cans of Similac Pure Bliss make around 188 (4-fl-oz) bottles which is an amazing feature 

2.         Nan pro-Infant Formula

The Nan Pro formula, which is modeled after the complete nutrition and softness of breastmilk, provides complete nutrition for kids up to 12 months. It contains a blend of prebiotics and easily digestible proteins, making it one of the most similar formulas to breast milk.

This formula provides advanced complete nutrition and is made with easily digestible proteins that have been broken down into small pieces. It also contains prebiotic 2’FL HMO and probiotics. Furthermore, it is designed to soothe your baby’s fragile tummy as he or she grows. The Nan Pro formula is safe for newborns as it is one of the best formulas similar to Aptamil.

3.         Enfamil Neuro Pro

Experts recommend the Enfamil NeuroPro Infant formula because it contains brain-building DHA. It contains a special HuMO6 immune blend for immune support as well as other critical nutrients to keep your baby safe. Enfamil NeuroPro is the best formula similar to Aptamil since it contains brain-building nourishment to mimic those found in breast milk.

Enfamil is also one among the brands similar to Aptamil which contains both expert-recommended triple prebiotic immune combinations. With Enfamil NeuroPro, you can be confident that your baby’s immune system will have a healthy development.  

4.         Nutricia Infant Formula

Although the Nutricia Formula is one of the best formulas similar to Aptamil, it is a dairy-free hypoallergenic formula that should only be used under medical supervision. It contains Syneo, a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotics that are good for your little one. The Nutricia formula, like Aptamil, contains DHA/ARA to enhance brain and eye development. It is nutritionally balanced for infants aged 0 to 12 months and contains important nutrients to promote your baby’s healthy growth and development.

How long does Aptamil last after being prepared?

The countdown clock begins ticking after the powder is put into the hot water, and the mix is generally suitable for usage for 2 hours. After this time, any remaining formula must be disposed of. If you do not use the prepared infant formula within 2 hours, place it in the refrigerator and ensure you use it within 24 hours. If you are a working mom, you might prefer to create a larger quantity of formula and store it in the refrigerator. Aptamil powder should be stored in a cold, dry area but not in the refrigerator. After opening the pack, the powder should be used within 4 weeks.

Is it ok to mix two different formulas?

As a parent, you may need to mix formulas if you have an unfinished brand and open another box of a different formula. This is because you need to save what’s left in one packet before opening another. Other reasons could be that you want to save money or benefit from free samples and baby shower gifts. With all of these plausible reasons, you may be wondering whether mixing formulas can harm your baby. It is allowed to combine baby formulas on occasion. This is because the components in all major infant formula products are similar. However, you must ensure that this is not a regular feeding practice for your baby.

Can I switch from Similac to Aptamil?

Yes, you can change from Similac to Aptamil. If you are switching formulas on the advice of your doctor, you should quit the old formula and switch to the new one as soon as possible. If you are switching because you need to experiment with alternative formulas, it is best to make the transition gradually for your baby. Start with a combination of three parts Similac to one part Aptamil and gradually increase to half of each. Change the ratio gradually until you are just feeding Similac. It is essential to get a small container of Similac until you are certain you wish to remain with it.

How to transition from one formula to the other

If you are making a transition from one formula brand to another even if it’s a similar formula, there are certain procedures to follow. Below are the safety guidelines to follow.

a.         If you are switching your baby’s formula, it is important to start with combining the formula when feeding to avoid your baby having a drastic allergy reaction or sensitivity to a new brand.

b.         Make the transition over one or two weeks to allow your baby to get used to the formula.

c.         If your baby does not feel comfortable with the formula, don’t give up. The transition would not happen overnight.


Your baby’s feeding is crucial to him/her having a healthy development. Although Aptamil is one of the recommended formulas by pediatricians, you might need to experiment or switch to other similar formulas. Highlighted above are the best formulas similar to Aptamil. Additionally, the recommended procedures on how to transition from one formula to another have been highlighted above.

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