Nutramigen side effects

7 Nutramigen Side Effects You Should Know About

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The phase of feeding your baby formula is a slippery one, be sure to hold on to your footing. There are different types of Formulas, which is one reason you can make mistakes if you’re not careful. Anyway, Enfamil Nutramigen is a baby formula with hydrolyzed milk protein, meaning the protein is broken for babies’ easy digestion. 

The pediatrician mostly recommends this Formula because it’s used to solve acid reflux, colic, milk intolerance, etc., in babies. It’s seen from research that quite a lot of parents use Enfamil Nutramigen for their babies with acid reflux, insomnia, diarrhea, and other related issues.

Parents use the Formula because it’s effective and can cure all the problems within 48 hours of administration. However, you should know that what has advantages will also have disadvantages, and Enfamil Nutramigen is no exception. Moreover, before showing you the Enfamil Nutramigen side effects, there are some facts you should know about the Formula.

Things you should know about Nutramigen Formula

1) The Formula is Hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain lactose or soy.

2) Nutramigen is available in both powders and ready to feed form.

3) It’s more expensive than the average formulas, and its powder form is the least expensive of its form.

4) Nutramigen can eliminate insomnia, acid reflux, colic, and cow’s milk allergy in babies.

5) It’s dairy-free; that is, babies with dairy intolerance can eat it.

6) It has unique ingredients that help with the development of a baby’s growth and development.

7) Enfamil Nutramigen has a weird taste and unpleasant aftertaste that makes some babies reject it at once.

Despite the amazing effectiveness of Nutramigen, it has some side effects that seem to upset both parents and babies. Hence, this article will touch on some of the side effects of Nutramigen you should know about so that you can pinpoint them when they arise in your baby’s health.

Nutramigen Side Effects

1) Nutramigen sleeping problem

Here is one of the other side effects of Nutramigen. It’s seen from studies that many parents complain about their babies losing sleep while on Nutramigen, and that doesn’t happen with different Formula. The sleeping problem is mostly erratic sleeping behavior which will disrupt the carefully planned schedule of parents. Hence, the sleeping problem can result when feeding your baby Nutramigen, although it dissipates easily.

Most babies need time to adjust to the new Formula, and the sleeping issue can be a result. You can give your baby some time, two weeks at least, to get used to the Formula before changing it. 

2) Nutramigen Eczema

Nutramigen is used to eliminate Eczema sometimes. That’s because Eczema is an allergy reaction, and the Formula is effective at eliminating them. But how can Nutramigen cause Eczema in babies? Yes, it’s possible.

Most times, it’s the corn ingredients in Nutramigen that bring about the Eczema effect in babies. Since Eczema is an allergy reaction, it could be that your baby has a corn allergy. But you can try the ready to feed form of Nutramigen since it contains little amount of corn.

So, Eczema, the reddish rash that appears across the skin, is a side effect of Nutramigen. You can wait for two weeks for the rashes to disappear and consult a pediatrician if they don’t after the stipulated week. Also, you can put your baby in steroid cream to get rid of the Eczema or change the Formula (wait till after two weeks) or rule out the Formula and continue breastfeeding or introduce solid food.

3) Baby Vomiting On Nutramigen

Another side effect of Nutramigen is your baby vomiting it. Babies tend to vomit Nutramigen if the previously used Formula is still in their system or because of its weird and unpleasant taste. Also, Enfamil Nutramigen is thinner when compared to average Formulas meaning it can trigger vomit in babies.  Thus, you can add carobel to the Formula to make it thicker and prevent vomits or allow your baby’s system to get used to the Formula.

4) Baby gassy on Nutramigen

There might be an increase in the gas your baby emits while on Nutramigen. This will happen because your baby needs time to get used to the hypoallergenic Formula, and the corn content in Nutramigen might be responsible for the increased gas.

However, it’s advisable to allow your baby’s tummy to adjust to the Formula before you let her eat another Formula. As it is, changing Formula can bring up other health issues.

5) Nutramigen Dehydration

The dehydration side effect of Nutramigen erupts from the watery stool that babies do pass out after consuming Nutramigen. Even though this is a side effect, it’s also quite normal for your baby’s stool to be runny while in hypoallergenic Formula.

6) Nutramigen Diarrhea

This is funny, right? As in, Nutramigen is effective in curing diarrhea, but diarrhea is still one of its side effects? That’s something. But it can happen as babies’ systems differ from one another, so placing your baby on Nutramigen can bring about diarrhea. Although you should check to make sure this Formula is responsible because other things can cause diarrhea in babies, and teething is a good example.

7) Nutramigen nappy rash

Like the Eczema that appears on your baby’s skin as a side effect, nappy rash also appears. Nappy rash is seen as reddish coloration on your baby’s bottom and might come out due to Nutramigen. After two weeks of administering the Formula, the rash should clear up, but you should see your pediatrician if it doesn’t.

Nutramigen side effects – Bottom line

Nutramigen is an effective formula to cure acid reflux, insomnia, diarrhea, and related issues in babies. But all things being equal, there are some Nutramigen side effects. It’s important you know the side effects if your baby is in Nutramigen or you’re planning to get the Formula for your baby. The article above contains the side effects of Enfamil Nutramigen and some facts you should also know about the Formula.

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