Can You Reuse Enfamil Disposable Nipple

Can You Reuse Enfamil Disposable Nipple

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A great delight is feeding your baby without a fuss. If you would be using the bottle feeding method for either breast milk or formula, you would have a myriad of choices before you get the perfect bottle and even the type of nipple to use so it would make the feeding process less stressful and your baby would eat without a fuss.

Different manufacturers make disposable baby nipples and you would be faced with the task of picking the one suitable for your baby. Although most babies can use any nipple, there is some smaller new-born nipple that would make it easier for your baby’s feeding pace as you work up to a larger nipple size as your baby begins to grow older. Some babies could become accustomed to one type of nipple and refuse another one. You can also check with your paediatrician to be sure what size of the nipple should be used.

 Can you reuse Enfamil disposable nipple

Enfamil disposable nipple is produced to make feeding easy and safe since it is made from silicone which lasts longer and does not lose shape over time. It is latex and BPA free which is ideal to keep your baby from being exposed to harmful chemicals. It comes ready to use, it is individually wrapped to make it easy when you take it out to place it on your baby’s bottle and it is vented to allow airflow while your little one is feeding. Yes, Enfamil disposable nipple can be reused and it is safe to be disinfected by using the standard method of sterilization and other health guidelines if you need to reuse them when feeding your little one. The baby disposable nipple is one of the top sources of germ contamination for babies so, it is important that you follow these guidelines because your baby’s immune system is still developing and should not come in contact with germs.

The guidelines below would help you know the proper way to reuse the Enfamil disposable nipple so your baby can be kept safe and healthy

How to reuse Enfamil disposable nipple

1.     Wash and rinse properly

It is important to clean the Enfamil disposable nipple immediately after use to prevent milk from drying and becoming caked in the nipple. Use only the recommended nipple brush to get to areas that are hard to reach. These nipple brushes should only be used to clean your baby’s Enfamil disposable nipple so you can prevent germs from coming in contact with the Enfamil disposable nipple. When washing your baby’s Enfamil disposable nipple, ensure you don’t set them down in a sink. Scrub the Enfamil disposable nipple with the nipple brush in a basin of hot soapy water to remove all the dirt. Use only a washbasin used for cleaning your baby’s feeding item to ensure your baby is kept safe and healthy.

2.    Properly sterilize

After washing and rinsing, it is important that you properly sterilize the Enfamil disposable nipple to ensure it is free from germs and can be reused. There are different methods of sterilization. To sterilize by boiling, place the Enfamil disposable nipple in a clean pot of water and bring to boil for 5 minutes. Use a clean thong to remove the Enfamil disposable nipple after 5 minutes to ensure there’s no contact with germs. You can also sterilize by steaming the Enfamil disposable nipple in a microwave for 5-10 minutes. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for steaming so you don’t melt the disposable nipple in the process of steaming. Sterilizing with an electric sterilizer is one of the easiest ways since it automates the process. Simply put the Enfamil disposable nipple in the UV box and add clean water, it would automatically turn off when it is sterilized. It is important to sterilize the Enfamil disposable nipple to ensure it is free from germs.

3. Ensure the Enfamil disposable nipple is not cracked

After each use, you should check the state of the disposable nipple to ensure there are no cracks or little holes which can make feeding difficult. While washing you can run water on the Enfamil disposable nipple to check if there is a crack on it. If you notice a crack, then it can’t be reused and needs to be disposed of and changed.

4. Use clean hands and items

Ensure your hands and every other item that comes in contact with the Enfamil disposable nipple are thoroughly washed and clean to avoid harmful microorganisms from coming in contact with the Enfamil disposable nipple and putting your baby at risk of health complications.

5.  Allow to air dry

After washing and rinsing properly, place the Enfamil disposable nipple on a new dish towel and put it in a place protected from germs and dirt. Allow the Enfamil disposable nipple to air dry and do not use the dishtowel to dry it to avoid the risk of transferring harmful microorganisms to the Enfamil disposable nipple. Ensure it is completely dry before storing them to prevent the growth of mold as a result of the build-up of moisture which can cause health complications for your little one.

6. Store in a clean storage bag

Store Enfamil disposable nipple when it is dry in a clean and sterilized silicone bag or a small storage box with a lid that grips. This would prevent dust and germs from getting on the Enfamil disposable nipple so your baby can be kept safe and healthy.

Enfamil disposable nipple is made from silicone materials which makes them last longer and able to be reused.  It is safe to sterilize and reuse an Enfamil disposable nipple but it is recommended that you do not reuse the Enfamil disposable nipple more than 5-10 times because it can wear out after a while due to the effect of heat, contact with cleaning agents and sunlight. The above guidelines would show you how to ensure your Enfamil disposable nipple is safe to be reused so your baby can be safe from germs and harmful microorganisms. Ensure you dispose of the Enfamil disposable nipple if you notice a crack or tear on it.

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