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6 Best Packet Milk for Babies

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Babies need adequate nutrients to aid their growth band development. Milk is a perfect food with a series of nutrients that can help with babies’ rapid growth, be it breast milk or packet milk.  Both of these milk is ideal for babies depending on the age of the baby. Most times, it’s safe to feed babies under the age of one breast milk and formulas and use packet milk for babies above one-year-old.

Packet milk is milk that has gone through the process of pasteurization, that is, they have been heated and cooled under a specific temperature to eliminate bacteria and impurities for safe consumption. You can get packet milk in three forms; full-cream, double and toned- and their nutritive content differs from one another. You can get packet milk in both rural and urban areas, but you’ll see some of the best packet milk you can use for your baby in this article.

Types Of Packet Milk

Tetra Pack Milk

Tetra Pack Milk contains about six layers worth of protection to keep the milk safe from bacteria and other harmful substances. The milk is heated at a specified temperature using the High-Temperature Short Time (HTST) method to eliminate microorganisms from contaminating the milk. Due to the processes in which the milk went through, it’s hygienic enough for babies to drink and they’ll get all the benefits of the milk.

Amul Milk Powder For Baby

Amul Milk Powder is one of the best packet milk you can get for your baby. It contains nutritional componentsrotein, carbohydrate, added sugar, Vitamin A, Vitamin D etc which will help to increase the growth and development of babies. However, Amul Milk Powder is only suitable for babies over one old and you can’t use it as a substitute for breast milk.

Using the milk powder for babies not up to a year can lead to several tummy issues in babies and that’ll cause stress for you. The milk is quite difficult for some babies to digest and it’s better to stay free from it till your baby is over one.

Is Milma Milk Safe For Babies?

Milka Milk is safe for babies’ consumption as long as the babies’ are over one old. From researches, it’s seen that packet milk doesn’t sit well with the babies digestive system until they are more than one years old. Although Milma Milk is safe for babies, you can wait till when your baby is more than one before you add it to his diet. However, you should boil the milk during the first introduction into baby’s diet, cool the milk after boiling, add sugar and feed it to your baby.

Also, you can decide to ask your pediatrician about Milma Milk before adding it to your baby’s diet. Doing that will help you narrow down your search of the suitable packet for your baby, and help you understand the benefit of feeding your baby the milk.

Is Brookside Milk Safe For Babies?

Brookside milk is produced in Kenya and it’s one of the best packet milk you can feed to your baby. It contains several nutrients like vitamin A, carbohydrate, Vitamin D, folic acid, Thiamine, Protein etc which will aid the growth and development of babies. It’s passed through a series of tests deeming it fit and safe for babies’ consumption. However, it’s best to introduce the milk to a baby’s diet when your baby is at least one years old, doing that will eliminate any risk of tummy issues related to milk in babies.

Although you can begin to add the milk to baby’s food after his sixth month; you can mix the milk with baby’s custard or pap, in little amounts till he’s one year old and you can give him the milk wholly.

Good Life Milk For Babies

Nandini Good life Milk is another preferred packet milk suitable for babies. As known that milk is one of the best foods that can give babies all the nutrients needed for their development, Good life milk doesn’t fall short. It’s suitable for providing carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that’ll aid the growth of babies.

Introduce the milk into your baby’s diet when he’s at least one year old to avoid stomach pain and constipation in babies. Also, you can ask your pediatrician about the milk before giving your baby to be on a safer side.

Is Aavin Milk Good or Bad For Babies?

Aavin milk is good for babies. It’s perfect packet milk which babies can indulge in. Though the milk went through several processes to be safe for babies’ consumption, babies beneath six months shouldn’t drink the milk. It is best babies drink milk that is rich in iron; milk like breastmilk and some formula. However, babies that are six months old and above can drink the milk in little quantities and you must supervise at a close range to avoid constipation.

If you realise that your six-month-old baby finds it hard to digest the milk, it’s better to wait till when your baby is one year and above before you introduce the milk to his diet again. And you can take it upon yourself to ask your pediatrician about the Aavin milk before feeding it to your baby.


It’s necessary to feed babies nutritious foods that’ll aid their growth and development. Babies need foods that are rich in several nutrients so that they can grow well mentally and physically. Milk is one of the foods that several nutrients perfect for babies health, and packet milk is great at providing the needed minerals and nutrients. Packet milk are safe for babies consumption but it’s not easy to know the best packet milk to choose for your baby.

Thus, the above article contains about six packets which you can choose for your baby. All of the milk consists of several nutrients that’ll aid the growth and development of babies, also they’ve gone through numerous processes that seem they fit for babies’ consumption. So, to know the best packet of milk you can introduce into your baby’s diet, read the above article.

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