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Beech-Nut Vs. Gerber Cereal: Which Is The Best?

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Getting confused about the type of solid food to give your baby is kind of normal. The dilemma is normal because a lot of parents went through it. However, one of the first solid you can introduce to your baby’s diet is cereal. There are several cereal brands, and it’s vital to know the perfect one for your baby. Knowing the perfect one will help narrow your search for cereals and provide your baby with the best. Hence, Beech-Nut Vs Gerber Cereal.

Both Beech-Nut and Gerber cereal are popular brands of babies’ food, and they’re perfect for baby consumption. However, some parents are confused about the cereal to choose between Beech-Nut and Gerber. Although both of them have different features and this article will justify both kinds of cereal. You’ll see the pros and cons of both kinds of cereal that’ll help you decide on the cereal to choose for your baby.

Beech-Nut Cereal

Beech-Nut is made from organic ingredients giving it an edge over Gerber cereal. It has several flavors, that is, your baby’s option won’t be limited easily. It has no preservatives that might cause problems for your baby.

Pros of Feeding Your Baby Beech-Nut Cereal

1) Organic ingredients

The cereal is made up of organic ingredients, unlike the Gerber cereal. Beech-Nut’s ingredients make the cereal appealing to parents who love organic and won’t go for artificial ingredients.

2) Food options

Beech-Nut has different food options you can choose from, and they include; granola bars, cereal puffs, yogurt melts, etc. You can feed your baby any of these options as solid food.

3) Different containers

Beech-Nut cereals come in different containers so that you can choose anyone you like. The containers are the baby pouches and glass jars, which are BPA-free, meaning they’re made of safe materials and won’t bring harm to your baby.

4) Less cooking time

Thanks to the organic ingredients of Beech-Nut cereals, it doesn’t take long to prepare it. You’ll get to feed your baby within some minutes.

Cons of feeding your baby Beech-Nut

1) Difficult to swallow

The consistency of Beech-Nut cereal might be thick and difficult for your baby to swallow.

2) Broken jars

Using Beech-Nut as your baby’s cereal will expose you to the risk of shattering jars. You can also experience it if you buy the cereal online and find broken jars in the package when it’s delivered.

3) Too much flavor

Beech-Nut has several flavors, so your baby might find it hard to choose one.

4) Expensive

The cereal is quite expensive, and that’s one of the reasons some parents prefer Gerber cereal.

5) Scarce

It’s not easy to find Beech-Nut cereal in regular grocery stores and supermarkets, although you can find it online.

6) Disintegration

When heating Beech-Nut cereal, it tends to separate and disintegrate; that’s not a feature liked by some parents.

7) Smell

It has an unpleasant smell that seems to repulse babies and some parents.

Gerber Cereal

Gerber cereal is another popular brand in the cereal industry. The cereal is perfect and suits babies who are on the verge of eating solid foods. It’s seen in various flavors and food options. It has additives and preservatives for longer shelf life.

Pros of Feeding Your Baby Gerber Cereal

1) Price

Gerber cereal is relatively affordable for parents, which is one reason some parents use Gerber cereal in place of Beech-Nut cereal.

2) Available

Unlike Beech-Nut cereal, Gerber cereal is available in several places; the online market, grocery store, supermarkets, etc.

3) Containers

The cereal comes in several containers that keep it safe and uncontaminated. It comes in glass jars, pouches, and plastic containers.

4) Shelf life

Gerber cereal has longer shelf life than Beech-Nut cereal because of its ingredients, additives and preservatives.

5) Lid

The cereal’s container has a removable lid that allows you to keep your Cereal safe if you don’t finish it at once.

6) Food options

There’s a wide variety of Gerber Cereal’s food options, and they include; fruits and vegetables, puffs, cereal bars, cereal, etc., such that you can purchase any one of them for your baby.

Cons of Feeding Your Baby Gerber Cereal

1) Presence of cornstarch

Cornstarch is present in the cereal for more weight and consistency, but some babies might be having issues with cornstarch.

2) Preservatives and additives

Some of the Preservatives and additives in Gerber cereal aren’t fit for baby consumption. The fact that it has longer shelf life also makes people doubt the kind of preservatives present in the cereal.

3) Sugar and sodium

Unlike Beech-Nut cereal, which is organic, Gerber’s Cereal has sodium and sugar that might cause little harm to your baby’s body.

4) Flavor

This cereal has limited flavors, so your baby won’t have many options to choose from. Though this is not the case for Beech-Nut’s cereals.

5) Consistency

The cereal has a thin consistency that some parents don’t seem to like.

4) Tasteless vegetables

From the food options of Gerber’s Cereal, some are tasteless and unappealing to babies.

Furthermore, after seeing the pros and cons of Gerber’s Cereal and Beech-Nut cereal, you can decide on the cereal that’s suitable for your baby. Beech-Nut Vs Gerber cereal; which is best? The answer is a decision you can make after reading this article. However, it’s fair that you see the similarities between the two kinds of cereal.

Beech-Nut Vs. Gerber Cereal- Similarities

1) Both can be ordered online without stress.

2) Both kinds of cereal have several flavors for you to choose flavors

3) Both of the cereals are available in glass jars.

4) Both of the cereals are safe and beneficial for your baby’s consumption.


Cereals are suitable foods for your baby’s consumption when it’s time to move to solid foods. Although there are several brands of cereals, it’s necessary for parents to choose the suitable one for their babies. This article justifies Beech-Nut Vs Gerber Cereal. both of the cereals are safe for your baby’s consumption and they’ve got little differences.

The First Time Mamma’s Take:

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