Can I put leftover formula in the fridge

Can I put leftover formula in the fridge?

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A common question moms ask is “Can I put a leftover formula in the fridge? The arrival of your little one is an amazing step as parents but it comes with decisions and questions that need to be answered. Choosing whether to breastfeed or formula feed is one of such decisions. If you have made the decision to feed your baby formula, you might have reasons to make your baby’s formula down or end up making more than necessary if you are a first-time parent. In some other cases, your baby might get filled up and left some formula milk in the bottle.

Buying a formula for your little one might be a little pricey and you would not want to waste even a drop of it. The prepared formula can get spoilt if left out for too long. Hence, it is important you understand what to do when you have excess or leftover formula so your money can be properly managed. Using formula comes with a few tricky rules, but once you understand it, you’re good to go.

Can you put leftover formula in the fridge?

There are so many reasons you might have a leftover formula bottle. Your baby might be full, might be sick or you might have prepared more than required. Yes, you can put a leftover formula bottle in the fridge. It has been recommended that formula that has been prepared and not finished by a baby should be kept in the fridge within a specified period. This is to prevent bacteria and germs from forming in the formula and making your little one sick.  Your little one’s saliva on the formula bottle can also cause bacteria to grow on the formula, putting your baby at risk of health complications. Ensure that the formula is stored at 39°F -40°F and is placed at the back of the fridge where it can’t get frozen.

Can you put hot formula in the fridge?

It is not advisable to put anything hot in the fridge. When you put something hot in the fridge, it raises the temperature of the fridge and can put everything in the fridge at risk of becoming bad. Also, when you put a hot formula in the fridge, it gives germs and bacteria room to breed. This can put your little one at risk of complications if the formula is taken. Ensure that you allow the formula to cool down before putting it in the fridge. You can place the formula bottle in a bowl of room temperature water till it is cool or place the bottle under running water.

How long does formula last in the fridge?

After you’ve placed your formula in the fridge, you might be wondering how long it can last in the fridge. Here is what you should know. Formula kept in the fridge should be consumed within 5 days.  If you have more than one leftover formula bottle, ensure you label them according to the date and time it was stored. Ensure the formula is not placed in the section of the fridge that can make it frozen. A frozen formula has a different texture. It should be discarded and not warmed for your baby’s consumption.

How long is formula good for after mixed?

Once you mix your powdered formula with water or open a ready-to-take formula, the clock starts ticking for it to be either consumed or refrigerated. The formula is good for about an hour before it should be placed in the fridge. If a formula bottle is left outside for more than an hour, it could begin to grow germs and bacteria. It is advised that a baby should not be given a formula bottle that is left outside for more than an hour because it can put your little one at risk of a foodborne illness or a more complicated illness because of their fragile immune system. If your baby takes a formula bottle that has been kept at room temperature for more than two hours, ensure that your baby is kept hydrated or taken to the pediatrician to prevent diarrhea or vomiting. Some manufacturers have a specified period that their brand of formula can be kept at room temperature, hence, you should properly check the label for instructions.

How to warm refrigerated formula?

If you are wondering how you can re-heat the formula that was placed in the fridge, here is what you can do. Heat water in a small pot and transfer it into a bowl. Place the formula bottle in the bowl of hot water and allow it to get warm. Ensure the bottle does not get too hot since lukewarm formula milk is ideal for a baby. The reheating process should be between 8-10mins. It is not advisable to microwave a formula bottle that has been placed in the fridge. This could make the bottle heated unevenly or cause hot spots in the milk that could burn the mouth of your little one. Overheating formula milk can also destroy the essential nutrients contained in the formula. You can also get an electric bottle warmer which saves you time and energy. It is important to note that a formula bottle that has been reheated should not be placed back in the fridge. Reheating a bottle and placing it back in the fridge increases the chances of germs and bacteria growing in the formula.

Formula feeding comes with important things you need to take note of. This is to ensure that your baby has a healthy development. You might have a leftover formula in your baby’s bottle but with the formula being expensive, a drop seems like a waste of money. You might have gotten confused about if it is possible to put your baby’s leftover formula in the fridge and needed answers. Highlighted above are the answers you need to ensure your leftover formula is still safe for your baby’s consumption. If a specific timeframe is given by the manufacturers for a formula to be left at room temperature before it goes bad, it is advisable to follow it to ensure your baby doesn’t fall ill.

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