Best sippy cups for babies

9 Best Specialized Sippy Cups for Different Babies

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Babies can start using sippy cups as soon as they can eat some certain kind of food. Most parents use sippy cups to train their babies before introducing them to the normal bottles that are used to drink beverages. You can use the sippy cups in between breastfeeding so the transition can be easy for your baby.

Sippy cups save you a lot of trouble having to clean up the mess created by your babies. The kind of sippy cup that is best for your babies depends on their age and ability to hold it. There are so many options for baby-sippy cups, but I will be listing out a few best ones for your kids.

1. Best Sippy Cups for baby who refuses bottle

Philips Avent

Philips Avent My Easy Sippy Cup, 9 Ounce, Blue/Green, Stage 2 (Colors May Vary)
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The Philips Avent is a plastic cup that is easy to use; it supports your child’s introduction to sipping, most kids find it difficult to switch from breastfeeding to a feeding bottle, so this is quite a good option for kids who refuse to drink from their bottles. This cup has a soft silicone spout that is gentle on the toddler’s gum, making sipping easy.

Toddlers can also drink from this, and you don’t have to worry about them making a mess which will further create more work for you.

This cup comes in a pair of easy-to-clean, two beautiful colors, pink and purple, which girls love. Its cup is for toddlers between the age of 9months and older. It has no spilling features, and toddlers can easily grasp it and enjoy their drink.

It is transparent, which helps you to see what’s remaining even as your child is still drinking from it. It is safe to toss it into the dishwasher and take it out once it is done washing; it does not come with many parts, which makes it safe.

Benefits of Philips Avent Sippy Cups:

  • Inbuilt value to prevent it from spilling
  • Soft silicone spouts for easy sipping, and it’s gentle on the gum.
  • Safe to wash using a dishwasher
  • It is easy for the child to hold unto
  • It has a transparent feature.
  • This bottle comes in a pair.
  • Kids find it easy to drink from it and not have to chew before they get the content into their mouths.


  • Babies tend to become so attached that it becomes difficult to stop them from using it.

2. Best Sippy Cups for Choking babies

The Nuk Learner Cups

NUK Learner Cup, 5 Oz
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These cups aid in the transition from breast to using a cup; we can say it is a learner’s cup. It has an air vent that reduces the amount of air that enters the child’s mouth, it is best if you want to reduce the amount of choking your child gets while drinking because fluids do not flow so easily. Also, it prevents mess which kids will always make while drinking.

This cup is for toddlers of 6month old and above. It is easy to hold as it comes with handles to hold, which are on the two sides of the cup, and the handle is detachable for kids of older ages. This cup has a soft spout which is good for the child’s teeth and gum. Use a dishwasher to wash it.

Benefits of NUK Learners Cup

  • It is said to be a learner’s cup
  • The air vent helps to reduce the amount of air swallowed, which chokes the child.
  • It comes with detachable handles.
  • Use a dishwasher to wash, thereby reducing additional work for the parent
  • This learner cup comes with a soft spout
  • Less mess to be created by kids using this bottle


  • It is not safe to microwave with this bottle
  • This cup does not have value on the inside.
  • Quite difficult to get out fluids as most parents have tried

3. Best Sippy Cups for Cows Milk

Philips Avent grippy spout cup

Philips AVENT My Grippy Spout Cup, 10oz, 2pk, Pink/Purple, SCF801/22
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Looking for the best cup to put cow’s milk in for your kids? Alright, we bring you the Philips Avent grippy spout cup. This cup prevents leaking fluids as it is built with a flexible silicone spout, thereby reducing mess that can be created; it has an anti-slip texture at the sides and the shape enables a firm gripping thus guarding it against falling from the kid’s hands.

This gives the child the confidence to drink from it and develop drinking skills with a cup. It is easy to assemble and detach and has a hygiene cap that keeps the spout clean, safe to use in the dishwasher.

Benefits of Philips Avent grippy spout cup

  • The Philips Avent grippy spout cup has a flexible silicone spout.
  • Mess-free while in use
  • Safe for dishwashing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to detach


  • Avent does not sell replacement sippy cups nipples; sadly, you would have to buy the complete set.

4.   Best sippy cups after dr browns bottles

Nuby Grip Sippy Cups

Nuby 2-Pack No-Spill Super Spout Grip N' Sip Cup, Red and Blue
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The Nuby Grip has a spout that promotes a natural and healthy drinking action for the toddler, majorly created for male kids and comes in varieties of color., it has two handles that are perfect for a child’s transition, the handles are created for small hands and are easy to hold. The soft silicone spout is fashioned to be gentle on your child’s gums and new teeth.

The great feature this cup has is that it has a pressure-sensitive touch-flo that regulates fluid intake while the child sucks. When the child stops using pressure to the spout it closes, thereby reducing leakage.

Benefits of Nuby Grip Sippy Cups

  • The nuby grip is comfortable for little mouths that are used to soft spouts.
  • Handles on both sides are perfect for small hands to hold the bottle easily.
  • Liquid put inside can be up to 8 oz
  •  Varieties of color


  • The spout has many contours, so cleaning it is pretty challenging.
  • It easily opens up when tossed from a high place, creating a mess.
  • Easy for really smart kids to open

5.    Best sippy cup for laying down

Tommee Tippee Insulated Sippee Toddler Tumbler Cup

Tommee Tippee Insulated Straw Toddler Tumbler Cup – 12+ Months, 2pk
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Once your child gets to 12months, they become so active; this sippy cup is needed for the child at this stage. Because of the way it was created, kids will always want to drink from the bottle keeping them hydrated all the time, which is a good thing, it has handles on both sides for easy use by the infant, it has a soft spout for their teeth and gums also and a non-spill valve, you can exchange parts like the lids and bases. The sippy cup is easy to clean using hands or a dishwasher.

Benefits of Toddler Tumbler Cup

  • The toddler tumbler cup is attractive, making toddlers always want to drink from their cup, keeping them hydrated all-day
  • The non-spill valve reduces the mess that the toddler can create
  • The soft spout makes drinking easy and is gentle on the baby’s gums.
  • Quite easy to clean
  • Easy for the child to hold and carry about


  • Older kids who have developed teeth tend to bite off the spout easily as it does not have a bite-proof
  • Most parents do not fancy this cup because they break easily

6. Best sippy cups for low muscle tone

Playtex Sipsters Stage 1 Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof

Playtex Sipsters Stage 1 Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof, Break-Proof Straw Sippy Cups - 6 Ounce - 1 Count (Color May Vary)
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These sipsters come in a pack of two; they have spill-proof, which helps stop the mess kids create and are easy to clean. It is a good catch for the use of transition for babies from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. It comes with handles that can be removed at any time; it is a convenient bottle and helps in developing your kids via their drinking skills.

This is just the perfect first cup for your baby as it does not require strong muscles to hold them; we know kid’s muscles are not strong enough to hold onto heavy things. They Come in different colors and are designed with the aim of feeding.

Benefits of Sipsters Sippy Cup

  • Spitters has a Spill-proof, Break-proof, and Leak-proof valve which eliminates messes.
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy transition from breastfeeding to sippy cups
  • Detachable handles to aid child development
  • BPA Free
  • Replaceable spouts insert
  • Perfect size for infants


  • Long procedures to use while cleaning
  • It is not safe to microwave with these cups.
  • It is hard for a little mouth to suck from them.

7. Best sippy cups for a fussy baby

NUK Learner Cup, 5 Oz, 2-Pack, Clouds & Stars

NUK Learner Sippy Cup, Blue dinosaurs, 5 Ounce (Pack of 2)
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For babies, it is normal for them to fuss, many reasons why they do: when they are tired, feel lonely, discomfort, or are not able to drink from their bottle or cup. This Nuk cup is created for such babies; it helps in the transition from breastfeeding to a cup, has soft spouts that are gentle on their teeth and gum, and comes with spill-proof to avoid mess.

It is made with an air vent which reduces the amount of air being swallowed; it is an easy one for babies to hold, babies who can use this should be from 6months and older. The Nuk family has the toddler’s development at heart while transiting from breast to cup.

Benefits of Nuk Cup

  • Best for transition purposes and babies who are fussy
  • Spouts are gentle on the teeth and gum of the child.
  • Has an air vent to reduce air while the baby drinks
  • Easy to clean


  • Non-microwavable
  • Liquids do not flow out easily.
  • It cannot be placed on any cup holder because the handles come from the bottom, and you need to go through the process of removing the handles.

8. Best sippy cups to reduce gas

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, Blue/Green, 10oz, 2pk
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This product by munchkin was created for kids who always want to drink at a go, and no matter the angle that they are, they can have a sip. The straw in it moves at whatever angle they move to; it also has a click-lock that lets you know when it is well locked, which guides against spills; the shape is perfect for kids with little hands, kids from 12months and older can make use of this.

Benefits of Any Angle Click Lock

  • Any angle has a click-lock that guides against spills.
  • The child can drink from any angle.
  • Any angle cup is Bpa-free.
  • Kids from 12 months can make use of it.


  • The pressure equalization while in use is not strong enough, making its content spill creating a mess.
  • Difficult to clean

9. Best sippy cups for acid reflux

The Nuk Learner Cup Sea Creatures

NUK Learner Cup Sea Creatures -Boys ,5-Ounce (2 Count)
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The Nuk cups are cute, having Winnie the Pooh pictures, which kids will like. It comes with handles that are encouraging for the kids to drink from, really good for transitioning for nursing babies. It does not leak when placed correctly.

Benefits of The Nuk Learner Cup Sea Creatures

  • Most infants love this cup because it has a character from one of their cartoons.
  • Easy to drink from
  • No leak at all when placed the correct way.


  • They create molds cap rings
  • Leaks when tipped upside down


Everyone will grow up someday, so we need to get our babies prepared as they grow. You can’t just expect toddlers to switch to something new overnight and be comfortable; it takes a process. It is best if you want to minimize the mess that your kids make.

Sippy cups are also known as transition cups. The lids are built with what minimizes spills. Many of them, even when turned upside down, do not leak. They are convenient to move around with.

Infants love their bottle-feeding and can get so attached to it easily. It also makes your child independent and helps them develop. Some of them are difficult to clean and would need your attention and hands to do the work, while some can be tossed into the dishwasher following the cleaning directions of your specific cup to avoid problems.

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