Dr. Brown Anti colic bottles vs Tommee Tippee Anti colic bottles

Dr. Brown Anti Colic Bottles vs Tommee Tippee Anti Colic Bottles

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Whether you are nursing or utilizing the service of a bottle, feeding your baby is one of the best bonding experiences in parenting. Bottles help you feed your baby in ways that other things rarely can, and take the stress out of having to breast feed all the time, because – let’s face it, breastfeeding cannot be done every single time.

Oh, now you need a bottle. And in a marketplace where more than a thousand brands sell bottles, you are probably not certain which of them will make sense not only for you but also for your baby? Worry not!

Your question (s) is the reason this content was created. Of course, if your baby has a special need, like reflux or colic, your choice of bottles should narrow down to one with a corresponding feature, which is why in this article, we are contrasting Dr. Brown Anti colic bottles vs Tommee Tippee Anti colic bottles.

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Dr Brown Anti Colic Bottles Pros and Cons

Dr. Brown's Baby Bottle, Options+ Anti-Colic Narrow Bottle, 8 Ounce (Pack of 4)
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The prominent feature of these anti-colic bottles from Dr. Brown is the internal air venting system. As opposed to other anti-colic bottles, Dr. Brown’s bottle’s vent is not in the nipple, but rather in the nipple collar. This nipple collar channels the air via the vent and back out above the milk.

This effect not only reduces air bubbles in the milk, but it also stalls the oxidation of nutrients as well. This has been clinically established to eventuate in more vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E, being preserved.

Unlike other bottles again, the internal vent that comes with Dr. Brown’s bottle helps your baby to manage colic by removing every vacuum. This way, the bottle works in an almost exact way as natural breastfeeding, because of course, there is no vacuum in the breast, neither is there any pressure to be terminated.

What a feature like this does is, it allows your baby to feed at a pace that is comfortable and convenient for them, rather than at a pace that comes from the dictates of the nipple you are using.

With Dr. Brown’s anti-colic bottles come many options for you. The bottles are adaptable and grow as your baby does.


  • Has an anti-colic vent system that is clinically proven to reduce colic
  • Excellent internal venting system
  • Zero vacuum in the bottle
  • Decreases spit-up burping and gas
  • Demonstrated to better conserve nutrients in breast milk and formula
  • Helps in digestion for good night’s sleep
  • Provides a flow rate that is supportive of breastfeeding
  • Soft silicone makes for a natural latch
  • Each nipple is designed for consistent flow
  • Bottle can be used with or without internal vent system
  • Works with most breast pumps
  • Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe
  • BPA free


  • Much more pieces to assemble
  • Complicated and difficult to wash

Tommee Tippee Anti-colic Bottles Pros and Cons

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, Slow Flow Breast-Like Nipple, Heat-Sensing Technology, BPA-Free - 5 Ounce, 4 Count
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Tommee Tippee is a formidable set of baby bottles that comes with an outstanding low flow nipple, preventing your little one from feeding too fast and ultimately preventing a congested tummy. Apart from the low flow speed, the stage 1 nipples come with a valve that lets go of the pressure.

Tommee Tipeee design has a wide base that allows your baby to latch in the same natural way that they would, in breastfeeding. This reduces the tendency of a shallow latch and of your baby ingesting air.

The silicone tip flexes exactly like the tip of your own nipple, all to the end that you and your baby have nothing short of a natural feeding experience. Over-feeding is one thing that happens with babies, especially when they are not mature enough to voice out their contentment or the lack of it. So many parents make the mistake of over-feeding their infants.

Thankfully, Tommee Tippee comes with accurate volume markings on the side, which makes it very easy to track your baby’s progress with eating and to prevent over-feeding. The results of over-feeding – spit-up, belly pain, and gas, are not favorable for your beautiful little one.

This set of bottles from Tommee Tippee has a wide body shape, which takes the stress out of cleaning and maintaining these tools, and at the same time, helps forge an organic bond between you and your baby.


  • Your baby ingests more milk, rather than air
  • The nipple valve makes for the release of air and pressure
  • Nipple is designed to mimic breastfeeding patterns
  • Simple but sleek design
  • Few pieces
  • Award winning breast like nipple
  • Comes with low flow nipples
  • Has a translucent color
  • Phthalates free
  • BPA free
  • Super sensitive bottle nipple
  • Optimum venting anti-colic nipple
  • Easy to clean
  • 97% mom recommended
  • Makes for easy transition


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • The nipple can be too slow and eventually cause more gas.

Our Top Picks

Best Internal Vent: Dr. Brown’s Original Bottles

  • Impeccable internal venting system
  • BPA free
  • Retains nutrients in milk

Best Low Flow: Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature

  • The nipple mimics breastfeeding patterns
  • Comes in a simply sleek design
  • Has low flow nipples

Things to Look Out For In Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

  • Nipple Flow : Slow is usually the best
  • Nipple Shape : Pay attention to your child’s latch and see the shape s/he would like
  • Nipple Valve
  • Bottle Shape: Determine your baby’s preferred feeding position to know the best bottle shape for them.
  • Bottle Vents
  • Bottle Liners: Bottles with disposable liners are usually the best for babies struggling with colic.

Dr. Brown Anti colic bottles vs Tommee Tippee Anti colic bottles: The Verdict

 If you are a first time mom, colic can be quite a difficult thing to manage and that is understandable. However, keep in mind that, you are not alone, and that there are parents elsewhere who have the same issue with their babies. Colic will pass! But for the mean time, we have highlighted two unique bottles you can use for your baby. All the best!

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