Can babies have Milkybar Yoghurt

Can Babies Have Milkybar Yoghurt?

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The excitement mothers derive when babies are of the age of eating solid foods is quite amazing. Your baby is making the transition from Breastmilk and Formulas to solid foods is a huge step. Though there are several solid foods that you can incorporate into your baby’s diet, it’s crucial to understand the beneficial solid foods for your baby. Yogurt, as an example of solid foods, is given to babies. However, some parents are still skeptical about the kind of Yoghurt they should give their baby, and their curiosity brought the query “Can Babies Have Milkybar Yoghurt?”

Milkybar Yoghurt is a brand of commercial Yoghurt sold in the market. The Yoghurt resembles white chocolate or dessert, but it’s called Milkybar Yoghurt. Quite a number of parents ask the question “Can Babies Have Milkybar Yoghurt?”  This is because they aren’t sure if the Yoghurt resembles dessert is suitable for babies’ feeding. However, Milkybar Yoghurt is an artificial made Yoghurt that contains several flavors and ingredients not fit for babies’ feeding. Although babies less than one-year-old are encouraged to take Yoghurt, Milkybar Yoghurt isn’t an example of those yoghurts.

Even though Milkybar Yoghurt is gluten-free, it contains some additives that aren’t fit for babies’ consumption. It’s not a source of milk, nor does it contain a nutritional value for babies. However, just because Milkybar Yoghurt isn’t the best Yoghurt for babies, does it mean that all Yoghurts are bad for babies. A handful of Yoghurt is safe for baby consumption, and they contain several ingredients that’ll benefit your baby and increase their growth and development.

Some of the Yoghurt perfect for your baby’s consumption include; Plain Yoghurt, Greek yogurt, and homemade Yoghurt. Both Greek yogurt and plain Yoghurt are full fat, and they’ve got no flavors and sugar, unlike Milkybar Yoghurt that has flavors and soya. The soya ingredients in Milkybar can bring about allergic reactions in your baby. Some babies who are allergic to soya can have rashes, itches, vomits, and diarrhea upon Milkybar Yogurt’s consumption; thus, Can babies have Milkybar Yoghurt?

In addition, there are numerous benefits of the right Yoghurts for babies, and the benefits include;

Benefits of Yoghurts To Babies

1)           Yoghurt has probiotics, which is a nutrient for strengthening your baby’s immunity. Again, probiotics are also present in Breast milk, making Yoghurt the perfect supplement for feeding your baby.

2)           Yoghurt is quite rich in calcium. It’s a rich source of calcium that helps maintain a baby’s physical health and promote healthy teeth and strong bones.

3)           Yoghurt helps to give your baby a boost of energy. Hence, feeding your baby with Yoghurt can help to increase her hyperactivity.

4)           Yoghurt contains a protein that is easily digested by babies, so it’s rare to see babies getting constipation or other tummy issues after the consumption of Yoghurt.

5)           Yoghurt can be added to several dishes to add taste and creaminess to the whole meal.

Like there are benefits of feeding your baby Yoghurt, there is some risk that accompanies feeding babies artificial made Yoghurt, and they consist;

1)           It can bring about lactose intolerance in Babies. When Artificial Yoghurt like Milkybar Yoghurt is fed to babies that can’t digest lactose, that’s called lactose intolerance. And it can cause fussiness and tummy aches.

2)           Risk of cancer. Some Yoghurt contains growth hormones that can hinder babies’ growth and development, and worse, increase the risk of cancer in babies.

3)           Calories. Milkybar Yoghurt contains some calories and fats that don’t contribute any nutritional value to your baby’s diet. Both the calories and fat can increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and heart issues in babies.

However, the question “Can babies have Milkybar Yoghurt?” is quite simple. It’s vital to keep artificial made Yoghurt away from babies till they’re more than one year old, and even then, be sure you give the Yoghurt in moderation. But does this means you can’t feed your baby flavored Yoghurt when she’s six months? No, that’s not it. For extra flavor to your plain or Greek Yoghurt, you can use fruits like banana, mashed avocado, sweet potato, etc., to reap the full benefits of Yoghurt and the fruit used as flavors.

Milkybar Yogurt alternatives are Natural and plain Yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt, frozen Yoghurt combined with strawberries, and Yoghurt with fruit smoothies. You can add any of these to your baby’s eating habits. Even though you can find any of these alternatives in the market, you can also take it upon yourself to make your Yoghurt yourself.

Besides, there are some things you need to consider before giving your baby Yoghurt, even though babies from 6 months are eligible to take a certain type of Yoghurts.

Things to take cognizance of before giving babies Yoghurt

1)           It’s quite easy for babies to digest Yoghurt, why? That’s because Yoghurt went through the process of breaking down milk proteins for easy digestion.

2)           Yoghurt is a perfect supplement with Breastmilk. It contains other nutrients that can complement the nutrients derived from Breastmilk.

3)           Take note of the kind of Yoghurt you feed your baby. Give Yoghurt in moderate amounts and watch out for additives like starches, coloring, flavors, and fructose syrup.

4)           You can give your six-month-old baby natural and plain Yoghurt, and you can add fruits for extra flavor.

5)           Yoghurt made from cow’s milk can cause allergic reactions like swelling, fussiness, vomiting, and rashes.

Can babies have Milkybar Yoghurt?

Falling in love with Yoghurt is quite inevitable when it comes to babies. The richness and creamy flavor of the food will draw your baby in but is Yoghurt safe for them?. Milkybar Yoghurt is the article’s subject, and the question goes thus,” can babies have Milkybar Yoghurt”? and as known that Milkybar Yoghurt is a commercial made Yoghurt, it’s quite different from the regular Greek and plain Yoghurt. But the question remains; hence, to know the answer to the question, read the above article. The article shows the benefits of feeding your baby Yoghurt and the risks that accompany artificial made Yoghurt.

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