Is Horlicks Biscuits Good for babies

Is Horlicks Biscuits Good For Babies?

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The period when babies are fit for eating solid foods brings about several questions from parents. Moms will want to know the best solid that’s perfect for babies’ consumption. In this case, Biscuits is solid food. Biscuits are more of snacks that adults and babies love to munch on. However, there’s this tiny bit of doubt of whether biscuits are suitable for babies or not. But this article will answer the question “Is Horlicks Biscuits Good for Babies?”

Horlicks biscuits are a popular brand of biscuits that contains several ingredients. The biscuits are sweet and rich in malt, making them more delicious on the taste buds. However, from researches, it’s seen that biscuits generally aren’t the best snacks for babies. Although you might think it’s normal or harmless for you to feed your baby biscuits, it’s advisable not to. There are numerous reasons why biscuits should be the last food you feed your babies, and you’ll see those reasons in this article.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Baby Biscuits

1) The main ingredient of Biscuits is refined wheat flour

Refined wheat flour doesn’t contribute any nutrients to your baby’s body; thus, the reason why you shouldn’t feed your baby biscuits as it has no nutritional benefits.

2)   Biscuits contain Trans Fat.

Trans fat is responsible for causing diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer in the body system; hence, why you should scrap biscuits out of your baby’s diet.

3)   Biscuits can trigger allergic reactions

Due to the fact that biscuits contain numerous ingredients that are not suitable for babies, e.g., Soy lecithin and gluten, they might cause allergic reactions like rashes, constipation, etc.

4)   Biscuits contain too much sugar.

Too much sugar can lead to constipation in babies and other stomach problems. Therefore, it’s vital not to let your baby consume biscuits because of the effects of excess sugar.

5)   Biscuits contain additives

Additives like BHT and BHA are present in biscuits to add taste and preserve shelf-life. The additives can also cause cancer, so biscuits aren’t the best snacks for babies.

So, you’ve seen some of the reasons why it’s advisable not to feed your baby biscuits. However, the question still remains, “Is Horlicks Biscuits Good for Babies?” Well, the answer to the question is “No.” Why? That’s because Horlicks Biscuits contain all of the ingredients that don’t contribute any nutritional value to a baby’s diet. The biscuits might be rich and delicious, but it’s not suitable for babies’ consumption.

Horlicks Biscuits’ ingredients include; sugar, leavening agent, flavoring agents, emulsifier, salt, vegetable oil, and wheat flour. These are the ingredients mostly found in almost all biscuits; thus, the reason Horlicks Biscuits isn’t suitable for babies’ consumption- it also contain unhealthy fats that doesn’t contribute to the growth and development of your baby.  However, other biscuits contain organic ingredients and are perfect for baby consumption.

This kind of biscuits are exceptions to the rule that “All biscuits aren’t suitable for baby’s consumption.” The biscuits are made from nutritious ingredients, and they contribute to the well-being of babies. Some of the biscuits safe for your baby’s consumption include;

1)   Slurp Farm Healthy Whole Grain Baby Cookies

Here is a biscuit made from oats, whole wheat flour and combined with banana, butter, and raisin. All of the biscuits’ ingredients are nutritious, and it doesn’t contain ant additives or preservatives that can harm babies.

2)   Early Food Organic Multi-grain Millet Jaggery Cookies

The biscuit is organically certified, and it doesn’t contain any sugar. It’s a perfect biscuit that contains dry fruits, millet, and jaggery, which will contribute beneficial nutrients to the baby’s diet, unlike some other biscuits.

3) Valency Foods Hi Fiber Delicious Baby/Kid

Valency Foods Hi Fiber Delicious Baby/Kid is suitable for your baby’s diet. It’s made of ragi with several nutrients like calcium, which is perfect for a baby’s bone development. The biscuits also contain butter and peanut powder- and it’s free of preservatives and additives.

4)   Mimmo Tender Yuma

Here is a biscuit made from several organic ingredients like spinach, Apple powder, rice flour, cornflour, etc., that makes the biscuit safe for your baby’s consumption. The biscuit dissolves well when consumed, and it’s free of gluten.

5)   Early Foods Organic Ragi and Amaranth Jaggery Cookies Biscuits For Babies/Kids

The biscuit is made from organic whole wheat flour, and it offers vitamins and minerals to babies. It doesn’t contain sugar, preservative, or synthetic colors that can cause allergic issues in babies.

6)   Slurp Farm Healthy Wholegrain Cookies.

Slurp Farm Healthy Wholegrain Cookies is different from the biscuits made from refined whole wheat gluten with no nutrients. The biscuits are in two forms; the ragi biscuit and wheat biscuit. Both forms can be added to your baby’s diet and contribute to her growth and development.

Is Horlicks Biscuits Good For Babies? Not really. Thus, if you don’t like any of the above organic biscuits for your baby, you can prepare homemade biscuits. The homemade biscuits can contain oats, ragi, millet, almonds, and any other ingredients that won’t bring harm to your baby. You can also try whole wheat biscuits that aren’t refined as your baby’s snack. It’s also beneficial to try out other foods like Dal, chapati, and rice when it’s time for your baby to feed on solid foods. Therefore, it’s necessary to add nutritious foods to your baby’s diet for rapid growth and development.


Biscuits are well-known, and both the young and old love to indulge in them. They’re made from several ingredients and quite delicious. However, some mothers think feeding their baby biscuits is perfectly normal, but that’s not true. However, some mothers ask questions like “Is Horlicks Biscuits Good For Babies” to satisfy their curiosity about biscuits.

Biscuits might seem harmless, but they’re not the best solid foods for your baby. Though there are some biscuits made from organic ingredients, making them safe for baby’s consumption. Hence, to see the answer to the question about Horlicks Biscuits and other organic biscuits suitable for your baby, read the article above.

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